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  1. I had a C- in my 2nd year, in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology LOL. I was still accepted to many ON schools. As long as your other marks are good (I, like you, also had nothing else in the C range) your average shouldn't be too affected.
  2. I think the key takeaway is that the bar exam (Ontario) is different for everyone. Some people say you MUST read the material at least X times, some say you MUST take X number of practice tests, some say you MUST use an outline, some say you MUST take a prep course or take the courses in law school... while others will disagree with some/all of those statements. Me: Read the materials once (but really in-depth, made sure I understood things, made little notes etc.), did 0 practice tests, didn't bother to make or use an outline (I used the detailed table of contents), didn't take a prep course, and didn't take some of the courses in law school. I passed both exams first try. So it is different for everyone! Do what feels best for you. It might help, it might not.
  3. bunnnnnnn


    If you want to go with Homestead, I would start looking now. They always filled up pretty quickly (I tried getting into the building near Metro but they were always full). I had 2 sets of friends that lived in the Homestead across from metro so I can answer some questions about it! Before 1L, I started looking around March for a place. I know some people that looked around that time, and then later. Some people looked in the summer as well. It seemed to work out for everyone. There were also quite a few places that did leases starting in September. I lucked out and got one (in 3L) from September-April, so I didn't have to pay for the 4 months I wouldn't be living there.
  4. bunnnnnnn

    Attention transfer students

    I agree with the above posts. When I was in law school at Queen's, in 2L we only had 5 or 6 students transfer in. Very small group.
  5. bunnnnnnn

    Staying in a hotel before the LSAT?

    I wrote the bar exams this past year and stayed at a hotel the night before/night after the exams that was a 1 minute walk from the test center. I didn't want to face driving or commuting, as who knows what can happen the morning of (accidents, bad traffic, etc.). Staying in a hotel was the right decision for me (and it paid off as I passed both exams), so if you think it is the right decision for you, I say go for it! I wrote my LSAT in 2013 at MAC and it was the weekend of their homecoming, so it was very loud during the last section/writing portion. I was really annoyed at the time..
  6. bunnnnnnn

    Ontario Bar exam - Solicitor Nov 2017

    SUPER happy I passed (Solicitors), especially considering I had a lot of trouble with the business section and had to randomly bubble in 15 answers in the last 5 minutes. Freeeeeeeeeeeedom!
  7. My firm is open except for Dec 25, Dec 26, and Jan 1. I am working every day except those 3
  8. bunnnnnnn

    Ontario Bar exam - Solicitor Nov 2017

    I was in the same boat -- for the Barrister I left early with 16 minutes left. The solicitor was such a different experience for me!
  9. bunnnnnnn

    Ontario Bar exam - Solicitor Nov 2017

    I felt the exact same way - I also had to skip 20 questions and come back to them at the end/guess :S
  10. I'd love to know more about this or similar experiences
  11. bunnnnnnn

    Exams / November Reading Week

    You'll be fine, as @CoffeeandLaw stated, a lot of profs cancelled their friday classes before the break. If you have a small section class on the day you're missing, just give your prof a heads up to let them know.
  12. bunnnnnnn

    Switch to a Kingston Area Code?

    Everyone I met from Toronto kept their Toronto numbers. I never changed mine either.
  13. bunnnnnnn

    Changes to Scotiabank's Offering

    Just an FYI to recent law school grads who are now articling, it doesn't apply to us.
  14. bunnnnnnn

    Changes to Scotiabank's Offering

    Really? My rep already told me I was denied...
  15. bunnnnnnn

    Changes to Scotiabank's Offering

    I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this. My advisor said this morning that I can't get the increase because I'm not a new student. It doesn't make sense to me that it's only available for new students, when tuition has only gone up $2000. Especially considering @ScotiabankHalifax's comments about people utilizing the entire $110 k ... so we use the full amount, but it is new students (and not us?) who get to benefit?