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  1. Most people pay the difference through a combination of scholarships, bursaries, a line of credit and money earned by working. Law school usually involves a degree of taking on debt, with most students I’ve talk to are paying for school themselves. What the degree of debt is varies from person to person. As for your questions regarding dismal job prospects, if you think attending law school is a guaranteed way to employment I’d strongly suggest you stop thinking that’s the case. While law school certainly increases opportunities for work you still need to work hard to find a job and close the deal. This largely, but not entirely, depends on you and your abilities. If you have little in the way of experience, I think you’d be overlooked for those with experience. Law school will enable you to build experience but this will involve you seeking out opportunities to build that experience.
  2. For Osgoode students, taking the loan portion of osap is also important to show loans on your bursary application. I attend Osgoode. Don’t expect osap to cover the full tuition, you’ll have to dig around and come up with the rest. Hopefully tuition won’t be that high this year. The 10% cuts to tuition from what I know apply to law schools meaning Osgoode’s tuition will be lowered by around $2500. Note: We will see what tuition actually is soon enough.
  3. While this is anecdotal, my experience has been that Osgoode administration is relatively good. York’s administration is nightmarish.
  4. Yes they will. When first and second term final grades are available you must send them to the schools (I know paying for the transcripts sucks if you’ve been accepted early).
  5. I just got off the phone with osap and they confirmed once enrolment is confirmed in June it will be retroactively removed so long as you’ve applied for osap. If you aren’t applying for osap there’s a form you have to fill out to stop interest from being charged.
  6. Hi all, So I recently noticed that my OSAP loan has begun to accumulate interest. I just finished my first year of study, have already applied for OSAP for the 2019/2020 year, and will be returning to school for 2L. I am wondering if the interest currently being accrued will be retroactively removed once my school confirms my OSAP application or if I will be stuck paying this interest. From my understanding, the loan is interest free while in school but seeing interest being accrued on my loan now has me thinking something might have changed and I'll be charged interest during the summer months. Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated. As an aside, does anyone know if the OSAP aid estimator included Federal grants or if it does not.
  7. I asked all my references during the summer. However, as previously mentioned I knew them all very well. If you do ask early be sure to remind them as the application comes closer. But don't nag.
  8. I recommend asking at the beginning of term. I personally asked mine prior to September of the year I was applying. I did this only because I knew them very well, was on campus with work frequently, and I also wanted to give them lots of notice because they'll likely be asked by numerous students. But I'd say second week of term is probably good.
  9. What I’m going to say comes from a place of experience. My whole life I was consumed by how I performed on things. For 1L exams, and law school more broadly, I have settled on the fact that I do the best I can in the time frame I’ve been given and then however I’ve performed is how I performed. An exam is not indicative of my entire knowledge nor indicative of my importance. Me sitting in my home worrying about an exam won’t have any material effect on the grade outcome but will impact my health, much like it is impacting yours. So, I think about the exams for that night because I have a natural tendency to ruminate. But after that time I then let it go. I let it go by coming to terms with the fact that my time, mental energy and brain is better spent on other matters, even if it’s just leisure. If I now magically realize I missed an issue then so be it. While it sucks you didn’t put it on the exam the fact that you remember the issue post exam is indicative that you know your materials and that’s really what matters. We are at law school to learn, but I feel it is easy to go to law school to perform well. While I want to do well, I recognize that statistically that may not always happen and nor do I have to be at the top of my class to have a future. For myself, making law school about the learning and not the outcome is something that has helped me worry less about exams, enjoy school more and I think makes me a much more enjoyable person to be around. I wish I had taken this attitude on sooner. In undergrad all I did was worry about marks but I’m striving to not do so in law school. My focus is on learning and enjoying the short 3 years I will have in law school, one of which is gone now. As a result, I can say that I’ve loved law school way more than I did my undergrad, despite not getting all A+s and being challenged academically far above what I have ever been. So now as I wait for my marks to come in, I sit here knowing I did the best I could, I learned a lot, and that whatever is to come my future will still be okay.
  10. Do not worry! I received one similar to what you've described last year. It was a call from the dean who wanted to congratulate me, answer questions I might have and to invite me to the open house!
  11. I appreciate your response. I contacted the firm which gave me an outstanding offer and notified them that I had an interview at another place. I had not accepted their offer but notified them I wanted to wait and see what this other interview had to offer. They accepted this notice and thanked me for letting them know. They responded with holding my offer. For others, be open and honest and respect people.
  12. The duration of a perspective job is longer, closer to home and the pay is higher.
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