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  1. From my understanding, Osgoode’s actual bursary application does not open until the first week of classes. The early bursary notification application, which is filled out prior to the start of law school, only tells you whether you are likely to receive bursary funding should you apply. It doesn’t tell you the likely quantum of funding. As such, missing the deadline for this early bursary notification program should not exclude you from receiving funding since you actually apply for this at the beginning of term. Unless the process is different than last year or the year prior, there’s no need to worry!
  2. Without and LSAT score no one will be able to give you any meaningful advice. That being said, with an average LSAT score, I don’t anticipate you being admitted to Ottawa with your current cGPA. You’d need a strong LSAT to be admitted.
  3. I noticed this too. I've come up with two possible reasons for this. First, I think this may be because of the association Osgoode has with York. I do know you can take course through York contemporaneously with your law school work load. Perhaps this can explain the ability to register in up to 21 credits. The second reason is that it's just a mistake...of which I have absolutely no basis whatsoever to conclude a mistake such as this would be made. Can you get away with it? Your guess is as good as mine.
  4. This won’t negatively impact your application. Even if it did, there’s literally nothing that can be done about it.
  5. I was admitted to numerous schools when I applied and went through a similar question. I’ll echo what Diplock said and add a little to it. Cost is a major factor when deciding a school. While in law school and upon graduation, money will be a compelling factor for many decisions you will be able to make. Whether you can afford to start your own practice, where you will work, what area of law you will work in, whether you’ll get married, buy a house or make any other number of decisions will greatly depend upon your financial status. Being a student at a school which charges some of the highest tuition fees in the country, I can attest first hand to the decisions students make, such as where to work and what area of law to practice in, being governed by debt considerations. My advice is to minimize your debt load and ideally eliminate it if possible. This will enable you to do much more with your time and life. That being said, some schools do historically place more students in “big law” than others, of which the earning potentials are high (and so too are the burn out rates). However, I’m not so convinced that the institution itself is the reason for this. I think there may be a tad bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy with these institutions and that students likely to be attracted to big law may be attracted to the branding of Toronto schools. On the balance though, consider the cost of law school. Budget it out and compare the value of a degree from one institution to that of another. Every law school in Canada has something valuable to offer. Each school is fantastic and will give you the same degree. While I’m not naive enough to suggest Lakehead graduates are equally as better of as an Osgoode graduate within some markets, I am cautioning against over-weighing just how much the school you attend matters. On a similar note, my advise is that you also ignore the notions of prestige, top ranking, and “the best” law school. These categories are meaningless in every sense of the word. This is not to say the institution you attend does not matter, as some schools offer far more opportunities in various areas of law than others do, but I say this to caution against making a decision based on what people think the ranking of your law school may be or whatever prestige one might think exists. Whatever prestige is garnished from a particular institution won’t matter if you can barely make ends meet while trying to pay down a mountain of debt. A further factor to consider is whether you’ll enjoy being in a particular institution. This is hard to determine for some but really try to consider whether a particular school is what will make you happy. For some, moving to Toronto is the most exciting thing in the world. For others, the thought of doing so it frightening. Think carefully about what environment you want to be in while you study, think about what you want from the school you attend and go with the one that best matches it. Perhaps you’re a family person and moving across the province is not something you’d like. Consider these factors when making your decision. I’ll end with my own considerations. I had a decision I narrowed myself down to between accepting an offer from Osgoode with a scholarship and accepting an offer from Western with an even better scholarship. I visited both schools. I calculated the approximate costs of all three years, considered the lifestyle I would have and asked myself where I would be happiest and whether the other aspects of my life that are important, such as family, would be sufficiently provided for. In the end, I found Western and Osgoode financially would be the same over three years. I then found Osgoode would best meet my other considerations I had, was closer to home for me to visit my family and was ultimately the school I had always dreamed of going to. I elected to go to Osgoode after this assessment. Consider what you want out of law school. Don’t buy into the marketing ploys but look at the data, consider your own personal preferences and go to what school will best satisfy all the complex factors you might have. Then, once you’ve made a decision, seal the deal and never doubt that you made the right decision! Good luck! Feel free to PM if you’d like!
  6. I mean...that's kinda a given. I more made that comment to suggest that if one is slow at logic games, they should worry less about logic game like tasks in practice. Outside of a handful of time frames which every lawyer should know off the top of their head, time isn't as bad as on the LSAT. But hey, maybe a colleague of mine will be able to run faster and register before me when all electronic systems are down.
  7. I can confirm this. In fact for my exam dealing with securities I wrote out notes which looked similar to that of a logic game diagrams. Keep in mind though, in practice you won’t be given the time restraints that are present with the LSAT.
  8. Yeah that’s completely normal! I remember olsas was slow with updating my acceptances on their end. It’s nothing to worry about! Congrats for your acceptance and if you’ve got any questions about Osgoode, send me a message and I’ll happily answer them!
  9. Schools send acceptances to students who haven’t competed their fourth year all the time. Further, schools also routinely send acceptances to fourth year students even prior to first term grades being released.
  10. There are plenty of posts on this topic. Your grades may matter for some matters and definitely will matter for others.
  11. I don’t think less than a 0.1 change will significantly benefit your chances anywhere including at Osgoode.
  12. In 2017 I got admitted the first day of offers and I asked administration about whether it was conditional. I was informed that if your offer was conditional the conditions would be outlined in your acceptance very clearly. I was also told early acceptances don’t usually come with any conditions at all so there was no need to worry. So no news is good news. That being said, I was also told not to let my grades just completely bomb. I was never told exactly why but I reason it is possibly for two reasons. First, many universities do still retain the right to revoke an acceptance at their discretion. I’m not sure if Osgoode is one such school but if it is then perhaps grades bombing can lead to a revocation. Second, and I think this is more likely the explanation, the administrator could have just been looking into the crystal ball and advising me to help with 1L jobs. It would be pretty odd if my grades just tanked after receiving an acceptance and this would set up red flags for a prospective employer. In fact, during a 1L interview I had and was extended an offer for, my consistency in my undergraduate grades was remarked on. Just keep your grades at a decent level but relax and enjoy your final time in your program!
  13. I wouldn’t hold your breath for too long. I received notice of my scholarship in June the year I was accepted.
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