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  1. A few minor typos aren’t going to make or break an application in my opinion. The dominant force behind your application will be your stats and extenuating circumstances. At this point in time I would advise you refrain from reading over your application materials. It’s just setting you up for worry about things which cannot really be changed, which in my view is not helpful. Best of luck this cycle.
  2. When Osgoode and Western start providing logins you’ll see others here post about it. When I applied Osgoode, Western and Queen’s provided there login details a few weeks after applications were submitted. Further, schools would have just started to process application materials as the deadline was just a few days ago so the “incomplete application” is probably normal and just a placeholder. It is extremely early on in the cycle. I understand the nerves and excitement but I think it’s advisable that you try and distance yourself from the applicant materials. If you applied properly through OLSAS, now is not the time to worry. Worrying over details outside your control is going to be exhaustive and a waste of time. You’ve applied, so now you can relax knowing it’s outside your control. If by the end of December you’ve seen no updates on anything from schools regarding their online systems, then I think an email would be in order. Until then focus on something you enjoy and do your best to distance yourself from studying your applications! Good luck this cycle!
  3. Did you just not submit the application as a whole or did you just not get to revise your small mistake on your application? If you didn't submit the application as a whole, contact OLSAS and explain the circumstances. If they can help, then great. If they can't help, then they can't. At this point in time worrying about it is not going to change anything. If you just weren't able to submit a revision to a small mistake, but you're application is otherwise submitted, then you really shouldn't worry about this. If you think a small mistake will make or break an application I think you're in need of some perspective.
  4. This sentiment needs to be taken to heart by more students. In my experience approaching doing well in this way will make you enjoy law school that much more, make you more pleasant to be around and help you in the long term of your life.
  5. The real question is, do you trust a government website enough to wait until the day of to complete your application?
  6. There’s already numerous posts on this issue one of them being...
  7. You can chill a little bit. However, to answer your question, yes fourth year marks matter. If you receive a conditional offer, they will matter. Likewise, if you’re not given an early unconditional admission then they’ll most likely be considering your fourth year marks to determine admission. Finally, 1L summer employers will be considering your undergraduate marks and to a lesser extent some employers will consider them during the 2L recruitment. On the balance I think you’ll be accepted early and unconditionally to some schools. Nonetheless, while you certainly can chill a little bit finish strong and keep up the good work!
  8. From my experience law schools don’t really care what level of course you take in fourth year. During my undergraduate I took course which were in the 300s and 400s during my second and third year. When it came to fourth year I took 2 course in the 300/400 range and the remainder were 200 level course. I did this and had no problems being accepted into numerous Ontario schools.
  9. If they ask for your transcript then you should probably provide them your complete transcript...
  10. I wouldn’t include that. I would say only forthcoming or published works should be included.
  11. As a general rule, all your grades are important. Now, if you receive an early unconditional acceptance prior to the release of Winter grades, then Winter grades are largely irrelevant as far as admissions is concerned. However, if you do not receive an early acceptance and or your acceptance is conditional upon maintaining a certain average then your winter grades now can be extremely important. Further of note worthiness is that many schools have discretion about rescinding offers. So even if one gets an early admission offer, the school still may have the authority to revoke the offer. Not giving schools a reason to revoke an offer, namely though poor Winter grades, is a good thing to do. Lastly, even if Winter grades are non-important for the purposes of admissions because you got an unconditional early offer, they still will be important in your 1L job search and even your 2L job search (although to a lesser extend). Therefore, Winter grades are important. How far down will this tricky course bring your GPA and is the perspective grade you’ll be getting in it a bad grade? I ask this because in an all A/A+ transcript, technically an A- would bring a GPA down. It would be foolish in my opinion to drop the course if the drop were a negligible one and or not indicative of poor performance.
  12. You will need to send your transcripts by the deadline, again after fall grades are released and again once winter grades are released. It may impact when you receive an acceptance depending on whether your current grades, and the remainder of your application materials, are strong enough to have you be accepted or not. As for sending your updated transcripts even after acceptance is received, it is not pointless. It is not pointless because you are required by some schools to send updated transcripts. Further, failure to send your updated transcripts as they become available may result in having your admission revoked. As such, send in your current transcripts showing your current available grades. Then once final grades for Fall are updated send in an updated transcript showing these grades. Finally, repeat the process for Winter grades.
  13. The advice given to me from me at the beginning of law school was, "Ignore the lore of law school". There are so many stories and over exaggeration in law school which, as a result of hive mentality, permeate throughout the building and enhance student anxiety. For some reason students love these stories, they feed into them and perpetuate them. I suspect students do this out of some desperate attempt to find security but I really am unsure as to why this love of lore is so common. Nonetheless, no where have I seen more nonsensical lore in law school then in the job hunt.
  14. That early form is just to be considered for the loan program and to get a general response of whether you’d be eligible for bursaries or not. The actual bursary application opens up the first day of classes.
  15. From what I gather I think this is very manageable. I’m not sure of your circumstances exactly but I will assume you’ll be eligible for OSAP and will be able to work during the summer months with little in the way of costs. If this isn’t true, well just substitute facts for my assumptions. (The osap assumption is likely not applicable since I’m uncertain whether you’re from Ontario and will be attending school in Ontario). Nonetheless, you project your total costs for law school will be $25,000 per year, for a total of $75,000 over three years. Should you be eligible for OSAP and were to receive the maximum amount then you’d get roughly $12,000 in bursaries and $27,000 in loans over three years. The loan portion is useful for reducing how much interest you are charged per year on LOC. The bursary portions brings you debt load down to roughly $63,000. Assuming you work in the summers, you likely will be able to make $5000+ each summer. This would mean, at minimum, you could earn $15,000 over three years. This would bring you debt down to $48,000. I think $48,000 is actually a fairly manageable debt. Now this of course is dependent on the above being true. If the above is true, I think you will be able to manage and your debt will not be as high as your project. That’s just my two cents....since we are talking about money.
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