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  1. I imagine so! I suggest contacting your law school’s financial service department and ask them for any contact details for people at major banks. I know several schools have contacts for multiple banks. It just makes the process smoother as these people already know the student type they’re dealing with!
  2. In my experience, CIBC is the worst bank to get a LOC from. I was with CIBC my entire life and when I went to apply for LOC’s they refused to match better offers from other institutions. They offered me prime plus 1%. They refused to budge on their offer and so I took my business elsewhere. I closed my accounts down and shifted my banking to RBC. RBC offered $120k, no cosigner and prime +0%. This rate also carries over into my articling time and I do not need to pay back the principle until my articles are done. The process was easy, the help was phenomenal and I would highly recommend RBC. My advisor actually just reached out to me to ask if I’d like to take advantage of the lower interests rates available now and has adjusted my interest rate accordingly.
  3. I cannot see a reason why it would help your chances. You've already expressed interest in their programs by applying.
  4. I mean, you need to be more specific as to where you're looking for a job at. What type of job are you looking for? For Bay, likely competitive but by no means at the top of the list. For firms outside of Toronto you're likely competitive but these firms don't praise grades as much as Bay. For Crown, you're likely not super competitive.
  5. Gotcha, yes the loss of clinical opportunity would be bad. That being said, the clinics you've outlined at Osgoode are already very competitive and largely, the big law firms you seem to want to get into are going to seriously value your grades. As such, moving online would allow you to save some money from not paying so much for housing in Toronto and would allow you to get those solid grades, since you project excelling online. In any event, I hear you. As an Osgoode student I think in large part we pay the tuition we do for Osgoode's reputation, location and to be taught by professor's who write the text books. Those benefits still exists even if Osgoode moves to online. Wish you the best!
  6. If you declined your offer at UBC for Osgoode because you wanted to work in Toronto, I fail to understand why you think Osgoode going online would reduce your advantage in the Toronto market. In large part, it sounds like you chose Osgoode and therefore the 26k in tuition, in exchange for an advantage in the Toronto market and not necessarily because of being in a physical Osgoode classroom. Osgoode will still provide you some sort of advantage with working in Toronto, whether classes are online or not. If your excel with reading information, then whether classes are online or in person seems to be largely irrelevant as you'd still be doing readings and self-studying. Lectures in large part, whether in person or online, would only serve to reinforce your learning and not be the primary source of it.
  7. I don’t think they’ll be rescinded. However, the quality of the employment/experience may be diminished as a result of courts being closed. That being said, we don’t need courts to do all legal work but they are a good portion of many practices. Maybe courts being reduced can promote settlement conferences!
  8. Speaking as an Osgoode student, Osgoode remains open but classes have just gone remote. I imagine admissions will continue and any distributions is likely to be minor.
  9. I don’t think such a change would be worth reporting as it likely won’t tick the needle of admissions considerations one way or another. I would imagine a particular medical diagnosis which may explain a depreciation in grade performance may be worthwhile to report or some other exceptional job/volunteer experience may also be worth reporting. I don’t want to come across as depreciating what you’ve accomplished, getting a promotion is really fantastic and congratulations for achieving it. However, I don’t think this sort of change would impact a admissions decision all too much. But hey, if you can I guess there’s no harm in doing so! Good luck with your admissions this cycle and again, congrats on the promotion!
  10. Yes, you have to submit the final transcripts. Even if you were accepted you’re required to submit them.
  11. The perspective classes are also small enough so that the normal grading curve does not apply. Profs generally don’t give out C’s in these course because they aren’t compelled too. I know of one person who took the legal theory. They enjoyed it.
  12. Thank you for clearing that up!
  13. I believe provisional acceptances become firm acceptance at a certain date. I recall during my cycle that any provisional acceptances became firm on April 1st. As such, provisionally accepting will only keep you open for consideration at other schools until the acceptances becomes a firm one (which can either be through your own action or operation of the rules) You’ll need to know when provisional acceptances will be converted into firm ones to make an informed decision. Contact OLSAS about this date. I’d also suggest that in a few weeks time you reach out to Osgoode if you haven’t heard a response from them and explain the situation.
  14. I mean it’s possible but I think it’s highly unlikely. In any event, I found It helpful to just assume they didn’t come out on weekends when I was going through the cycle.
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