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  1. Per OLSAS you must submit them. Whether schools look at them depends on their admission policies/if you’ve been accepted with a conditional offer.
  2. Given this, I cannot recommend going to Osgoode more. Like @Deadpool said, unless you have a reason to stay in Windsor (which you don't by the looks of it) there's no reason to go there. I am just finishing up 3L exams this week, but if you have any questions at all about Osgoode shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to answer them! In any event, congrats on your offers - that alone is a great accomplishment!
  3. Osgoode has a general bursary program and applications open up in September and money is distributed in December. The application is simple to fill out. It really is just a financial disclosure document and corresponding documents substantiating what is written. Generally, if you can show a deficit you'll like get something. The exact particulars can be found here. From my time there, year over year the amount of funding I got increased. This makes sense as my debt load increased year over year. Another expense is housing. In my view however, this is an expense that is not as drastic as some might think. You can easily find others to live with and if noise is a concern, the campus is open almost always so you can study away from the noise (extended hours occur during exam times). This can contribute to great cost savings. In the alternative, Osgoode's student housing is very affordable and as close as you can get to the school (i.e., a literal stone's throw away).
  4. I think Osgoode is the best choice. I attended Osgoode, but had the option to attend other universities. Academically I think it presents one of the best learning environments. The faculty are absolutely phenomenal, the extra circular actives are diverse and expansive and the reputation of the school coupled with the general placement of the school is incredible. I can't speak for Windsor, but I personally do not think it will position you anywhere near as well as Osgoode will. Osgoode is often talked about in relation to costs. While it is expensive the school has a great bursary program. It's based on financial need and is very generous. Over the three years I was there I was awarded just over $18,000 in bursaries from the school. On the whole, I think Osgoode is the best option both for career purposes and learning purposes, but also for getting the most for your buck.
  5. Based off this year, it cost $460.00. This covers both semesters.
  6. I'd also recommend perhaps just watching a few Youtube documentaries on Canadian history. The history of Canada is often infused into our legal landscape (especially when it differs from our American friends). While this may not seem academically rigorous, I've always felt these sorts of YouTube videos enjoyable and educational. I trust your reasoning skills in searching for such videos.
  7. Nope, you haven't missed anything. Familiarize yourself with MyOsgoode.ca if you can as you schedule will be posted here. However, that doesn't occur until the summer months. You'll be contacted by email likely sometime in June/July.
  8. It is not included in tuition and ancillary fees.
  9. Definitely apply for housing. It's month to month leasing so you can leave at any time. Better to get a spot and leave later than to not have one to begin with.
  10. Tentatively. As far as I'm aware, faculty has been asked whether they're prepared to teach online next year if it is available to do so. My understanding is no firm decision has been made regarding the Fall or Winter semesters. I expect Osgoode will at the very least make a decision regarding the Fall term sometime June/July.
  11. For 1L your schedule is pre-determined. The only option you are given is during the second semester you are allowed to select a seminar course. For 2L and 3L you are given full choice and control over your schedule.
  12. In my opinion, travelling by bus is the most cost effective form of transportation. Driving a vehicle involves maintenance, gas, insurance and a parking pass. I cannot remember the exact cost of the transit trip from Square One to Osgoode but I do not think it exceeded $13.00 one way. Either way, the cost of the parking pass alone is likely a semester's worth of bussing. Once you get into 2L and 3L the cost of transit can be greatly reduced by virtue of you being able to organize your own schedule to minimize trips to campus. But even in 1L the cost/benefit analysis in my view weighs in favour of transit. I'll add this too, get a Presto Card (if they're not already mandatory). You will get a student rate for your transit travel which saves roughly 30% per trip!
  13. It is not a thing. Osgoode does this digitally. They use to give packages out at the tours but those are not going on at this time.
  14. This is a sound view. I'd also like to add, be cautious to not over emphasis this particular matter in a personal statement. Try and incorporate other valuable experiences and attributes of yourself into a personal statement.
  15. The downside is that a provisional acceptance means you will effectively be rejecting the other schools you’ve been accepted to at the time of provisional acceptance. There’s no need to provisionally accept earlier than the deadline. If you know what school you’d like to go to if Ottawa does not accept you then I’d provisionally accept to that school only to open up spots for other applicants. But, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do this.
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