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  1. Do not worry! I received one similar to what you've described last year. It was a call from the dean who wanted to congratulate me, answer questions I might have and to invite me to the open house!
  2. I appreciate your response. I contacted the firm which gave me an outstanding offer and notified them that I had an interview at another place. I had not accepted their offer but notified them I wanted to wait and see what this other interview had to offer. They accepted this notice and thanked me for letting them know. They responded with holding my offer. For others, be open and honest and respect people.
  3. The duration of a perspective job is longer, closer to home and the pay is higher.
  4. Hi all, I am seeking general advice in regards to accepting a summer position and then revoking acceptance of it for a different job. I do not like screwing people over and my view is that this would be a pretty terrible thing to do but I am just asking for other people's views on the matter. Thank you.
  5. @dn1055 and @Mycousinsteve, thank you for your words. I have managed to secure a 1L position at a firm after applying broadly.
  6. Last year when I attended the reception at Osgoode it was pretty laid back, so wear what you want. Wear something that makes you feel good, it'll make your experience more enjoyable than forcing yourself into something uncomfortable. Bring a guest to Osgoode, nearly everyone does. As for the actual event there are a host of programs run throughout the night. You will be able to select which ones you wish to attend. You'll also have lots of time just to talk to your fellow peers, walk around the school building and see what Osgoode has to offer. There is also some selection of foods (do not treat this as a dinner supplement).
  7. Hi all, I'm seeking any information in relation to 1L summer position prospects in Southwestern Ontario (Waterloo, Hamilton, Brantford, Guelph). I have little interest working in Toronto. From what I've seen on this forum very little information exist in regards to jobs in these areas but I thought I'd reach out. This term at Osgoode I received a B+, B and C+. This makes me an average student. I've applied to a host of jobs in Southwestern Ontario, ranging from small firms, larger firms and some MAG summer positions. Any feedback or insights would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I had to speak to IT about this this term and was told by them that the @osgoode.yorku.ca email automatically forwards to your primary email account given to the school. If you want to change what email it forwards to or stop forwarding as the default you have to email IT. This will be changing once they switch to outlook completely. The outlook email addresses to not automatically forward though so this will manually have to be done.
  9. Probably just for some statistical calculations, not necessarily discriminatory as you put it. Requiring accomodstions does not mean you necessarily have a disability. You could require accomodstions for other factors other than a disability. Further, it would not serve as an aid to getting you in as this would presumably compromise the integrity of the admissions process.
  10. No conditions appear in the digital package. Lol. You should really try to worry less about being accepted. Whether you’re given conditions or not I don’t see why this would alter how you conduct yourself. If your told you have no conditions are you going to just stop doing what you do? Just act like your offer can be revoked at any time, which it can, and continue working hard.
  11. When I asked this question last year during their winter tour I was told conditions appear on OASIS if there are any. Keep in mind though, the school has full discretion to reverse their decision if they want so even without any formal conditions do not let your grades tank and don’t do anything stupid. Chekxntour OLSAS email account and your spam folders. I recall when I was accepted on the first day of admissions the acceptance went straight to spam. Also, if it’s not there don’t worry. There’s nothing you can do or have to do right now. Try to relax too. If you’re like this now you’re going to be in for one hell of a ride come September. I recommend that if you find yourself with a question wait until you have other questions and then ask them all at once. It’s far more efficient.
  12. Your osgoode email will automatically forward to whatever address you used for OLSAS. Don’t worry, you won’t be missing anything form not having that Osgoode email address. Whatever address you used for OLSAS is the one they communicate to. They will set it up as term comes closer I was in you position last year. Even as a 1L that osgoode email address rarely serves a purpose right now.
  13. I've read it, and I've been admitted to the school. This quote should be taken in the context of Osgoode's own admission policy (Found here). Further, there still is a process which the applications have to go through to be allocated to their categories. This process takes time and there is bound to be lower stats and higher stats mixed in during the original sorting process. Anyways, best of luck this cycle!
  14. There are a host of reasons. For instance, applications are reviewed in different orders, thus acceptances are sent out in different orders. Further, it is a holistic admissions procedure, not strictly one based off of stats. No where does Osgoode say they auto admit people based on stats. This holistic process is probably the reason for the unpredictable nature of admissions.
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