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  1. LeoandCharlie

    Question regarding OLSAS and LORs

    They can send them anytime before the deadline and it’ll be updated to your application even if you’ve already submitted it.
  2. LeoandCharlie

    Visiting Law Schools

    Front me experience, having visited the schools I was extended offers to, it really was beneficial for me. In fact, upon visiting one school I left it knowing where I would be accepting my offer to. The value in visiting is that it allows you to prod the minds of students there and uncover details into student life and opportunities not captured in promotional materials. For instance, upon one of my visits I discovered that one school had minimal clinical opportunities for students. The scarcity of clinical opportunities could not be found anywhere in promotions materials. My recommendation is that you wait until you have offers and settle on two competing schools. Then go and visit each. Plus if you wait and get invites to tour days there’s always lots of free food. Best of luck in the coming cucle!
  3. LeoandCharlie

    Osgoode Chambers

    On the topic of housing. Am I correct in my understanding that our monthly rent charges will be posted to our "My student accounts" (i.e., the one where our tuition is listed)? Further, do we pay rent charges in advance (i.e., I move in on August 15 so I would pay my monthly charges on August 1st)? I'm just wondering as I'm yet to see any listing of charges for rent for the month of August.
  4. LeoandCharlie

    Osgoode housing

    Hi all, I just had a point of clarification. I recently received my leasing agreement from Osgoode and have read it over but am slightly confused as to how long I have to lease for. The agreement says it is for one year but say in the event that I stay from August to April, would I still have to pay for the remaining months of the year or would I just be billed for the months I am living there so long as I give them 60 days notice of my intention to end the leasing? From what I understand I believe I can vacate at any time so long as I give them appropriate notice, after which my billing will stop. Is this correct? I'll leave this post up but, reading the york apartment handbook answered one of my questions. You can leave at any time so long as appropriate notice is given. However insights into my second question would be appreciated. Further, in regards to their specification that people obtain property insurance, are their any recommendation from students are to where a good place to obtain this would be? Thank you all.
  5. LeoandCharlie

    Schedules Posted

    Thank you kindly for clearing that up. I'm hoping whatever Osgoode sends my way will clear things up further but I greatly appreciate you assisting.
  6. LeoandCharlie

    Schedules Posted

    I am a section A student. With sections posted for some I have began compiling my schedule together and I have a question I'm hoping to get some clarification on from anyone with the appropriate knowledge. According to Osgoode's "First year at a glance", in Fall term we take the following course: Ethical lawyering, Legal process (full year), State and citizen (full year), Tort, Contract, Criminal. However, on my schedule I have noticed that for both State and citizen and Legal process I only have lectures and tutorials in the Winter term (Ethical lawyering is no where to be seen on either schedule but I'm chalking this up to the fact that it's a two week intensive). This is where my confusion arises from. I was under the assumption that we would be taking these full year courses throughout both the Fall and Winter terms (i.e, lectures scheduled throughout both for State and citizen and Legal process) but it appears as though this assumption would be inaccurate. Is this the case? Am I missing something about how we are going about taking the 7 courses? As it stands right now, according to the auto generated schedule available through York's website I have Contracts, criminal, and torts (Alongside ethical lawyering) in the Fall term and in the Winter term I have property, State and Citizen, and legal process (Alongside ethical lawyering). Is this actually how my schedule will be; three course per term (In addition to ethical lawyering and of course the legal theory seminar/prospective option in either first or second term)? Thank you all for your kind help. I'm just confused because the section timetable shows way more classes on it than the York generated schedule shows and I was under the assumption that we would be assigned to a section and then be taking all the class times that appear in that section. Alright, thank you to the kind soul who ferrets through this question and provides their gracious insights.
  7. LeoandCharlie

    Volunteer Work: How important is it?

    That’s hardly realistic. There’s been a number of people accepted this cycle with lower stats than a 3.8 and 175. Don’t get me wrong, Toronto is a hard school to get into but, it doesn’t require a 175 LSAT with a 3.8 cGPA
  8. Thank you ever so kindly. I really appreciate you providing clarity on these matters.
  9. Hey all, I just had a few questions that I was hoping to receive some insights into from anyone with knowledge pertaining to paying tuition, paying for Osgoode Chambers, and Osgoode's bursary application. My first question is, where do we access the bursary application for Osgoode? I know the application has yet to open up and isn't due until early September but I was wondering if anyone could provide insights into when it opens up and where we will access the application itself. My second question is, where do we go about paying for tuition? Here again I know tuition fees haven't been posted and aren't due until August 27th but, I am curious as to where we are to go in order to pay for it. Is there a website the Osgoode has which shows tuition fees/balance owing? Lastly, how does paying for Osgoode Chambers work? Is it similar to tuition fees (i.e., can be done via online payments sent to the University) and does it have to be paid month to month or can it be paid in lump sum? I am sorry if some of these questions have obvious answers but the scant information received from Osgoode thus far has left me no other acceptable alternatives but to ask for insights from my peers. Thank you for your time.
  10. LeoandCharlie

    Do Law Schools check social media??

    If you’re considering compromising potential future employment, admissions, or are willing to just continue with dishonesty ”because of all the followers”, I think you should really reconsider both your respect for honesty and your pursuit as a lawayer, or any profession at that. Seriously, either you’re trolling or nobody has told you how virtually irrelevant it is to have a bunch of social media followers (outside of course if you’re able to monetize said followers. However, I would still say having a bunch of followers to the compromise of your honesty makes you a fairly selfish person at best and at worse someone nobody should associate with. Either way, followers on social media do little for lawyers). Clean up your lies, don’t continue lying and work hard to actually be the person you want to be.
  11. LeoandCharlie

    Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    Thank you kindly for noting this to me. Cheers.
  12. LeoandCharlie

    Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    Does anyone know if it is possible to access an archive for the live-stream event Osgoode held today for incoming students? I was unable to attend due to my work but was hoping to watch a recording of it, if it is available.
  13. LeoandCharlie

    2018/2019 Sessional Dates Posted!!

    Does anyone have any idea why we are unable to receive emails from outside email addressed to our Osgoode email account? (I tried emailing myself from an alternative account and the email does not appear in my Osgoode inbox). Also...really hoping Osgoode sends details about matters soon. Sessional dates are great but I'm curious if there is a website where we will be able to see which course we are registered in, where we submit course work etc.
  14. LeoandCharlie

    Sending final transcripts

    Thank you all. I contacted my institution and was informed that my official grades are appearing on my transcript although they have not been posted officially on their online database. Nonetheless, I sent my transcript request through OLSAS today. Thank you to all.
  15. LeoandCharlie

    Sending final transcripts

    Hi all, I find myself in a little bit of a baffling situation that I would appreciate some insights into. In short, I have recently graduated from my undergraduate degree and had my degree conferred on June 12th. However, oddly, my Winter 2018 official final grades have yet to be posted. This is where I find myself confused as to what I should do in regards to sending my final transcript to the school I have accepted my offer too. Should I wait until my Winter 2018 grades are officially confirmed or would it be sufficient to order a transcript request now given that I have already graduated? The school I was accepted to placed no conditions on my offer but, I do not want to waste money ordering a transcript to only have to then send another transcript request through OLSAS. Thank you for your advice.