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  1. There were people last year who got accepted just a few days after being told they were waitlisted. It could be any time from this week to August; such is the unpredictable nature of the waitlist.
  2. No. Last year, they added people to the waitlist starting in late May and continuing into mid-July. There's definitely still hope.
  3. I received an email this morning informing me that I have been placed on the waitlist and asking me to confirm whether I'd like to keep my spot there. Like last year, they're not telling people where they rank on the list. NL resident. PM me if you'd like to know my stats.
  4. It should be much easier to get accommodation if you haven't written it before (assuming you have all the necessary documentation).
  5. From what I've heard, LSAC isn't likely to approve accommodations, no matter how sound your ADHD documentation, is because you scored so well without accommodation. I've even heard this from people who scored in the mid/high 150s. LSAC's argument is basically "you scored better than a substantial percentage of test takers, you couldn't have been disadvantaged that much." It's frustrating if you know you're capable of a better score and you're being held back by a condition + lack of accommodation, but that's been the pattern for people who've written without accommodation, scored decently (or very well, in your case) and applied for accommodation for a subsequent test.
  6. I was told back in August that they'd review discretionary applications in April, which basically lines up with what @Esco455 said.
  7. I believe the governments of NL and PEI have agreements with NB and NS that guarantee a certain number of seats for students from those provinces every year. If you're concerned about a lack of guaranteed law school seats for Manitobans, you should probably take that up with the provincial government.
  8. In my experience, they won't tell you what your official adjusted GPA is, but if you tell them your calculation, they might tell you that it's more or less the same as theirs (or significantly different, if that's the case).
  9. What province are you from and when did you apply? If you're from outside of Atlantic Canada, they might just be assuming that you're certain to get into another school and are not likely to end up going to UNB. There have been past threads with people from outside the region who have good stats but don't hear back for a long time. If you're from one of the Atlantic provinces and your application has been complete for a while, there might be a problem and you could contact them to make sure everything is in order. You can obviously contact them regardless of which province you're from and it might be an idea if UNB is one of your top choices.
  10. It's not a done deal yet, but Memorial University is pushing ahead with plans for a law school. https://gazette.mun.ca/teaching-and-learning/law-proposal-endorsed/
  11. Unless they've changed the application process recently, I'm quite certain they ask for your LSAC number.
  12. Your stats are pretty much right on in terms of their medians, so that combined with the fact that you live in NB will make your chances quite good.
  13. If your personal statement is ready, you can upload it when you're applying. Otherwise, you can email or mail it to them. After you've completed your application, there's a page where you can check the status of the required documents and if a few days have gone by and something you intended to upload isn't there, you can always email it to them, although that's not likely to be necessary.
  14. Congrats! As someone who was added to the waitlist shortly after you, this gives me hope that the time when one was added to the waitlist doesn't necessarily correlate with one's waitlist position.
  15. Finally got official word today that I'm on the waitlist.
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