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  1. thank you for this. sometimes i feel like I am completing a race I have already lost.
  2. would others please weigh in on this? Do subsequent years of good work not merit a chance? Am I wasting my time? Areas of law I am particularly interested in include tax, immigration, and family. I would like to add that my first years marks were in part due to mental health issues that I spent the summer addressing. I do think that a summer gig is out of the question, but I was looking at reaching out to lawyers to find ways gain experience at a smaller firm, through unpaid work likely.
  3. Reporting back, have gotten some grades back this year. All in the B range. Definitely addressed my issues. Now Im wondering what that transcript is worth in terms of employability. A terrible first year followed by average 2nd and 3rd. Does my performance in 2L and beyond mitigate my first year performance? I have sought help and addressed the issues that led to the first year grades and seem to be on a good path.
  4. Just got my grades back. 3 D+, C+, C and B-. There are a lot of very knowledgable people on this site so i thought i would post. I feel so broken. How screwed am I? I am meeting with some students that did well this year and going over there notes and study methods to see where I went wrong. Will also be meeting with my profs shortly. But also, even if I can pull my grades up in 2L and 3L, how much will these grades haunt me? Being a lawyer has always been my dream and I am so afraid I just ended it.
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