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  1. Wow. Its amazing how you all provide such thoughtful and genuine responses. You guys have definitely inspired me to help others on here.Now I have a better idea of how to express my circumstances. Sometimes, its tough to give advice that's not all positive, but it's way more important to be truthful. Thank you guys again.
  2. I really want to thank you, ThirdGenLawStudent and Diplock for taking the time to answer my question.I agree that my explanation is vague, Its just hard to give you guys a better idea of special circumstances without getting personal. To give some more insight, i had to defer several exams in my 3rd year because a family member passed away. The family member was the only extended family I had in Canada and I grew up in their house, they supported my mom, me etc(my mom was an immigrant and visible minority, but I was born here), so we were very close. In terms of my uni, the school gave me a schedule to write these deferred exams that didn't fit with their policy, and I had too defer them again and go through a strenuous administrative process that shouldn't have happened in the first place ( supported by letter from guidance). Thats what I meant by the school not supporting me.During this time ( span of 5-6 months) I fell very ill and was diagnosed with depression( this impacted me physically i kept getting fevers, my immune system was weak, and experienced significant weight loss). I had to defer a total of 5 exams citing my illness.My gpa was really good ( 3.6-3.7) in first and second year, but after third year when my uncle passed it dropped and now im trying to get it higher again as I have a semester left. i am at a 3.17 now. By the way i have all the documentation to support my claims. Hopefully this gives you guys some more insight, but I guess the best option is to include these circumstances in my PS rather than applying as access? I understand that in order for you guys to give your best judgement, you guys require more info. Thanks again for replying everyone I really appreciate it!
  3. I have contacted some schools ( Windsor and Sask) they said how my circumstances were considered special given my explanation, but I've been reading a lot about how a death of a family member shouldn't be used as a reason for applying in that category as everyone faces hardships. Since my family member passed away, I also had to defer some exams and my uni ended up giving me a lot of trouble( I have supporting docs from guidance supporting this) also impacting my GPA. Also, in the past year I have fallen very ill I have had to defer six exams that are still pending. Collectively, do both ( death of a family member and illness) provide more merit for applying in the access/special applicant category.
  4. My B2 IS 3.6 and I'm considering whether I should right my LSAT. feel like windsor, alberta, NB and sask are my best bet. I have a 3.43 CGPA with drops for most schools Im in the process of completing a finance degree, worked at a well known law and accounting firm, had about five part time jobs and a lot of volunteer experience . I was wondering how much weight would be given to my degree and EC's. I did really well in first and second year( i know the opposite for most), but a family death and illness caused me to defer several exams and get bad grades in my third year. I was wondering if this would be considered "special consideration" and if all Canadian law schools have this category. Also would this cGpa be competitive for most schools given special consideration? Thanks again everyone!
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