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  1. I have an index score of 907 and have not received an offer. Is this odd? How holistic is the admissions process? Am I likely to get in? Thanks
  2. The stats of people who have been accepted for early admission this year seem to not be a high as those who were accepted for early admission last year. This may suggest that the applicant pool is not as strong this year? Again, I am not sure about this.
  3. Yeah when I use the chances predictor I get similar results. However, if you look at past threads like the Osgoode "Accepted 2017" it seems as though there are definitely people with worse stats with than me that were admitted. Also, I am not sure about this, but I heard it was going to be less competitive this year based upon the stats of people who have already been accepted.
  4. Do I have a chance? Upward trend in GPA: L2 3.65 Probably middle of the road extracurriculars / personal statement / references. Definitely not weak but also not amazing. Thanks
  5. These are probably odd questions but I want to know what to expect: 1. Do law students carry many textbooks around with them from their home to the law building? Or do textbooks stay in lockers at the law school? Or are most of the readings online? 2. Do all law students use backpacks? How big do they need to be (consider question 1)? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the response. I hope my chances are this high however the Ontario Schools predictor only says I have a "mediocre" shot. Then again, the predictor does not take into account L2. So is you assessment of my chances based upon my L2?
  7. Probably slightly below average extra-curriculars, although not terrible. Will not be re-writing the LSAT. Upward trend in GPA. Do I have a shot? When in the cycle am I likely to hear back? Thanks.
  8. In general, would taking an LSAT course be useful if you already have basic knowledge of the LSAT, or would it just be a waste of time? Do they begin teaching as if you know nothing about the LSAT or is it also useful for students who have already taken the LSAT but just have not scored very well and would like to try an option other than self study? Also, if you take a Kaplan course (or similar) but have studied based upon the Bibles then will that matter? Do they only teach one approach? Thanks.
  9. Thanks. I am worried I may be isolated if I live there and most/ all other law students live in other buildings. Do you know if any law students live there?
  10. Do many 1Ls live at HUB? I know it is a monthly lease.
  11. If I were to pay the deposit for the school and then find out that I got into the school that I prefer, I would abandon the deposit and go to the law school I prefer. I am worried contacting the law schools I prefer about the upcoming deadline may put this option at risk.
  12. I have been accepted into a law school that I will likely want to go to if I do not get into two other law schools that I have not heard anything from yet. The deadline to accept my offer is next week and I must submit a fairly large deposit. Should I contact the two other law schools that I would prefer to go to about my chance of admission? Should I tell them about my upcoming deadline to accept an offer from another university? I think my stats are fairly borderline for the the two schools that I would prefer to go to. I do not think my chances are good. Could asking about my chances and telling them about an upcoming deadline jeopardize my chances? Could it lead to a swift rejection that could otherwise have been an extremely late--yet eventual--acceptance? Thank you.
  13. I would really like to attend UBC Law but was rejected this cycle. However, I got into several other universities. How difficult is it to transfer to UBC Law after first year somewhere else? Is it difficult if you were rejected the first time? I really want to attend UBC law (for personal reasons), but would not like to wait a year for the next cycle. Obviously my stats were not good enough to get in this round. So, how much weight do they put on your first year law school marks and updated reference letters compared to your LSAT and undergraduate transcript? Thank you very much.
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