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  1. Is there a way to quantify the value of a good reference letter, strong work experience, leadership awards etc.? Does Special Facts work in a similar way? I've heard certain factors give you "points" in an index score. Is this the case, and if so, what degree do they "Bump" you up? Does anyone have anecdotal experience on this?
  2. I am a Legal Assistant and did a two year diploma in Legal Assistant at a local polytechnic. I had a 3.8 GPA over 20 half courses and I also have two years work experience in a Law Firm. If I do well on the LSAT do I have a chance of applying straight from my current position or will I have to go back to finish undergrad?
  3. Im asking wether TRU has become more competitive in recent years? It was considered the law school with the least competitive standards a couple years ago. Is this still the case? From other posts it seems like applications have gone up dramatically. By more accessible, I was trying to be polite. Is perceived as the "4th Tier Law School"(https://lawiscool.com/2009/02/17/canadas-first-fourth-tier-law-school/) or it TRU neck and neck with "established" schools in terms of selectivity?
  4. Basically- do you have a better chance than the average if you are not white
  5. L2- 3.4, CGPA:3.0 LSAT first write 162 Special Facts: Caretaker for mothers with chronic illness ECs: Recognized for Community Leadership, Worked in a Law Firm, Co-founded Consulting Group, Co-Founded Indigenous Legal Aid Clinic References: Reference from Professor who remarked on ethical judgement, leadership and academic ability. Character reference from Faculty Dean.
  6. Seems like the TRU board is pretty active-more so than Lasking or UNB and same as Sask and UofM. TRU used to be a more accessible law school, is this still the case?
  7. Do I have prospects of getting on the waitlist this year? cGpa:3.0 Last 2: 3.2 LSAT:162
  8. With a good reference letter and and a good statement, do I have a chance at admission?
  9. With a good reference letter and and a good statement, do I have a chance at admission?
  10. Combined with solid references and a unique personal statement, do I have a shot?
  11. Cpa:3.0. GPA L2: 3.2, LSAT 162, first try. Rejected off the batt.
  12. Yup stats are correct. Good essay and references aswell
  13. I have a 3.2 and a 162, didn't get accepted anywhere.
  14. Rejected: GPAc: 2.93 GPA Best 2: 3.2 LSAT:162 Anyone get in with close to these stats?
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