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  1. Has anyone gotten in off the waitlist yet?
  2. Take it with a grain of salt. I'm just interested in having conversations, not actually fretting. Does the central institution matter? Probably. If Princeton opened a law school tomorrow it would be top 15 in the US( Im aware of the Can/US differences), whereas if VIU or University of Brandon opened one up, it probably won't be. A smaller/less established school limits the growth and quality a law school can deliver, to some degree. It can still be an awesome program, but its a factor. There's not absurd about that.
  3. If you have a 3.7 and a 155, you will be good for TRU. With a 3.7 and 160 you will be in a good place for UVIC, UofC and UofA also.
  4. Stark is correct, a Universities Law and undergrad programs can vary dramatically in terms of quality and rep. Osgoode is the classic example of this. Nobody associates an Osgoode graduate with the drab, lacklustre quality of York's undergrad programs. Lakehead seemed to catch onto this differential, which was presumably behind naming their Law School "Laskin". However, in general, exceptions prove the rule. The relative competitiveness of Ontario Law Schools is roughly identical to the relative ranking of the main institutions undergrad programs. Lets hope TRU becomes the Osgoode of the West! Overall, Im really excited to go to TRU. It seems like it has an awesome faculty, culture, and a great facility. But there is the institutional risk factor, which I've already embraced. I've spent years trying to get into Law School and actually wanting to go to TRU- and thats sparked a desire to want to know everything I can about the program before I commit three years and 60 grand. Its a risk overall, which Im more than excited to take.
  5. Not really, I just like information. I do appreciate the PM.
  6. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/education/canadian-university-report/british-columbia/article26898471/ Well, it matters in that TRU does not conduct research and is an open university. I believe this makes TRU the only non-competitive, non-research based university that hosts a Law School. It also indicates that the institution probably doesn't have much in terms of an endowment. Its access to education mandate and non-research based focus likely means that TRU is stuck as a regional teaching university that can't quite grow to something more then that. This is a concern for two reasons: 1) You can't bank too much on TRU's rep going up dramatically in the decades to come. When Calgary opened up a law school, the UofCalgary was seen as something of a TRU. UofC's capacity to conduct research and grow its endowment means it doesn't have that reputation today. Im not sure you can bank on TRU for those reasons. 2) TRU, VIU, Royal Roads etc are fairly new universities that have been restructured a number of times. The eventual restructuring usually resulted in entirely new institutions. If this happens again to TRU in the decades to come, the law schools brand will be at a loss.
  7. I'm from Alberta and people seem to want to stay clear of TRU for programs other than Law. Whats the overall impression of TRU as an institution in BC? Is it seen as comparable to UVIC or OBCO in quality or not quite there? @DougFromOntario I am more concerned with the program, which is why I chose TRU law over other options. I am just concerned that a weak central institution could impede the eventual success/quality of a good law program.
  8. Anecdotal Experience for Foreign Law Schools: Warnings: - Have a friend who graduated top of their high school class and had a Deans List average first two years of undergrad. Thought it wasn't worth their time to finish an undergrad degree from a reputable Canadian school. Went to a highly prestigious, but not oxbridge UK Law school. Took them 7 years after graduating law school to find/finish articling and write the bar. -Have a friend with a UK law degree who could not find articles and now sells real estate - Have a friend who has a foreign law degree from the most prestigious law school in a non-western common law country and clerked at that country's supreme court. Came to Canada with 10+ years experience and works at a mid level at a mid-tier law firm. Successes: - Have a friend from a highly affluent, well connected "old stock canadian" family. Went to a UK school, summered at his uncles firm and got a permanent position there and had a great time doing it. - Its no secret that many of the Law Students at UK schools,especially Leicester, are Indo-Canadian. I know many UK/Aus trained lawyers who have thriving law practices serving this particularly litigious ethnic community. If you are well connected in this community and don't mind practicing family/real estate law in South Asian enclaves in the GTA or Greater Vancouver, a Leicester degree might actually be advantageous for your networking.
  9. So I have heard great things about TRU law and that is reputation is getting better each year. However, I am somewhat concerned about the main campus of TRU. Unlike TRU, comparable law schools(Sask Windsor Lakehead), are connected to actual universities. You can be reasonably secure that the facilities, quality of instruction, endowment will be reasonably good. Thompson Rivers University, however, isn't really comparable to even Lakehead or Windsor. Its got a reputation as a shaky regional school that follows a distance and satellite model. They have also inundated their campus with unqualified foreign students who cannot keep up academically and default on their tuition. In a way, TRU is more like Sheridan College than Windsor, Brock, Lethbridge etc. While I understand the Law School is quite autonomous, wonder if this has any bearing towards its quality or its future growth?
  10. AJD, yes I have gotten in to a Canadian schools-but my interest in different ways to slice the law school pie has not yet died!(But it probably should) Personally, it seems like going to the University of Auckland would be such a better bet than Bond or Leicester. You can probably get in with the same grades, have a unique education and have an actual story to tell when you get back. Plus NZ seems like a great place to live, overall.
  11. I got accepted at TRU and waitlisted at the UofA with an L2 of 3.36/4.3 and a 3.2/4.0, along with a 162. It can be done with those stats-esp at TRU, but you'll need good softs, references and a statement.
  12. What are the pros and cons of doing a Law Degree in New Zealand vs Australia or UK? Why isn't New Zealand on the radar for Canadian Foreign Law Students?
  13. Tuition is not a concern for me.
  14. Im debating between TRU and Sask. My end goal is likely to practice in Calgary, I'm leaning public interest over corporate. While I recognize Sask probably opens more doors, I want to know how big of a difference this will make. I want to go to TRU because I like the program, like the culture, love interior BC and its close to my significant other in Vancouver. Sask would largely be a practical and opportunities based decision. If I chose TRU over Sask and eventually wanted to practice in Calgary, would I be giving anything up?
  15. It might be more useful to rank Canadian law schools by admission competitiveness. That's most likely what students are wondering about, a good heuristic of "prestige", and people on this forum should have a good ballpark intution for it.
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