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  1. uOttawa has tons to offer because of the size of the faculty, students (therefore more clubs, etc.), and the capital location. Privileges such as Supreme Court Interventions, having profs from the Department of Justices, retired Supreme Court judges to as guest speakers because of the profs' connections, a Supreme Court Reception for 1Ls (we were blown away) etc. are just a few of the uOttawa perks. uOttawa is also known for consistently beating even the Ivys (+ Oxford, German unis etc.) in mooting - definitely helps if you're keen on litigation. If you're willing to learn French and take advantage of the largest bilingual uni in Canada, you could also opt to take a bilingual course in 2L/3L which would make a huge different for employment opportunities I assume - opens a whole new market to you. I'm a 10mins walk away from campus with a bus stop right in front of my doorstep and I pay rent between the range of $550 - $590 depending on seasonal utilities so you just have to look around in advance. One thing I've come to love about Ottawa, it might not be as cosmopolitan as Toronto but it's pretty centralized. You've got the Supreme Court, Rideau Canal, Byward Market, National Art Gallery, Museum, Parliament Hill, City Hall, Rideau Centre, downtown and suburbs all roughly in the same area (all within 20mins walking distance from me). There aren't too many clubbing scenes around but the pubs are nice. Lastly, I've heard horror stories of the nasty competitiveness in Toronto (UofT and Osgoode). Not sure about Western. Students sabotaging each other for grades, ripping out pages from library textbooks so others can't do the readings, hogging the books when mass assignments are due so others don't have access etc. I was considering transferring myself, but now I'm not so sure because I've come to love the environment I'm in and opportunities available here. Other upper year students I've spoken to have all had similar opinions.
  2. General tips: Fair warning to all new 1Ls - the 1st sem can be hellish. If you can't keep up with your readings, you won't fail but do try your very best to because they're crucial for the the classes. If you don't do the readings at all, well don't expect to cram at the end before the exams to catch up on everything cause the volume in law simply won't allow that. Manage your time effectively from the beginning of the sem so that you can manage November which is usually the worst for those taking on the moot as well because the moot date conveniently comes during the same week as all big assignments due and quizzes (some profs will have quizzes others won't). My moot partner had quizzes and assignments, I had only assignments but I compensated for having Dec midterms in EVERY subject while he only had 2 midterms and finished a week earlier than I did. Look up reviews of the profs if possible, good profs made a world of a difference in the subjects for me especially for subjects you might end up finding dry. Give every subject a fair chance. I was least interested in property, contracts and to some extent even criminal law but those turned out to be my top picks or at least near it. I chose Torts as a small group because of the great prof reviews, suitable timing schedule and the fact that I had no idea what a tort is. Small groups are more intensive learning environments because of smaller class sizes allowing the prof to answer every student's question in the needed detail. Personally, if I didn't have that I doubt I would've been able to keep up with torts. It also surprisingly increased my interest in tort law - something I never saw myself getting into initially. HEALTH IS KEY. Nutrition, sleep, mental health, exercise. Falling sick, losing motivation at the peak of stress, and burning yourself out before exams is the last thing you need as a 1L student. Missing classes with certain profs can be fatal. Don't underestimate the power of eating right or even walking to uni (within reasonable distance) to get a healthy dose of fresh air and exercise on a daily routine. The law school has a specific resource for mental health for law professionals and students - if you feel you need it USE IT. You're not alone, it's a difficult path, and it can be hard to connect with others when everyone's busy trying to make it through. Don't get me wrong there are those who manage party as well (I know a few), those who are used to the stress of 7 courses in a sem, and those who return to studying after a long break from academia where such an environment can be a shock and overwhelming. Feel free to PM if you have any more questions - I'm still a 1L student currently going through the DRPR Jan intensive term.
  3. I'm starting law school at 22 (would've been 21 if I hadn't deferred). And if we could learn law school topics on our own (even if it took 5 instead of 3 yrs) I'm pretty sure that would mean the collapse of the law educational system. I do however agree with this - 'if you only want to be a corporate lawyer, then the UT/Osgoode debate takes a very different tone than if you want to be a family lawyer.' It's easily assumed that UT/Osgoode/Western are the strongest law schools if people want to walk into corporate law with among the biggest factor being that they are all based in Toronto but there seems to be a complete lack of knowledge on which law schools would be preferable for other fields like criminal, environmental, IP etc. Any insight on this? I personally feel like law schools need to be ranked on which fields students will eventually want to end up in regardless of the state / city - especially the JD/Masters in Laws programs where students have already earned a bachelors or in some cases even a masters degree.
  4. your LSAT pretty much trumped everything in order for it be considered a quantifiable application (:
  5. welcome to the post-Trump era where Canada is more appealing than ever before (:
  6. Wow that was pretty late. Mind sharing your stats?
  7. Sorry I guess the whole admissions process was so painfully long I got a little frustrated knowing I'd have to wait even more despite getting an acceptance. I'll definitely try giving them a call thanks (:
  8. Creating this topic since I haven't seen anything else around. My request for a deferment to 2018 got approved last week and I requested for an official letter stating the very same. However, I haven't heard back from them except that I will receiving the new offer letter in Dec 2017. Even my OLSAS account shows I 'Firm accept'. I'm not sure what else to do beyond this. Has anyone else been through this? Any guidance on what to do or how to go about this would be highly appreciated.
  9. Can everyone please share their stats? Also, did anyone apply to transfer with a new LSAT score? does the LSAT even make a difference in the transfer?
  10. I may be entirely wrong, but I don't think they really have a wait list option. It's either accepted or rejected.
  11. If you're referring to the min requirements mentioned on the website then it might not be the case. I guess it depends on the competitiveness of the applicants each year.
  12. You'd be surprised. In the Osgoode thread people are receiving wait listed notifications in the past month or so as compared to those waiting since the beginning of the year and then getting Accepted notices soon after (: You never know what these admission committees are up to or how they work!
  13. It seems like their class is mostly full since there doesn't seem to have been many acceptances sent out in the past month or so. We'll only know after 4th July since that's the deadline for all provisional acceptances (: seats will fill up or empty accordingly.
  14. Based on the students getting acceptances in the Accepted thread for Osgoode 2017 it seems like they prefer a higher LSAT score over anything else including CGPA. Not sure how that's considered as holistic...
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