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  1. Rejected just now. 3.2 GPA and 153 one write LSAT. Access Category. BA, B.Ed, M.Ed Decent amount of extra curriculars and volunteering Disappointed but not shocked
  2. Reply with a thank you for the admission offer 😂
  3. omg my heart was beating so fast when i saw this! i got so excited and checked everything. still under evaluation
  4. I self calculated (which I think/hope is correct) that my CGPA with drops is 3.53ish, LSAT one write is 153.
  5. Self calculated my CGPA with drops to be between 3.52 - 3.6 Discretionary category LSAT one write at 153 I'm a grad student without an Atlantic connection. Would I even be waitlisted?
  6. Congrats!!! Did you find out through email or through updated status on the site?
  7. I was unfortunately only still hitting high 150s on practice tests. I think i might begin studying early again just in case im reapplying next cycle
  8. I've worked with yoni as well and he is pretty patient and helpful!
  9. Someone in another thread posted this: I received an email from Wanda this morning confirming that they are now setup to process our credit card (deposit) payments remotely. Hopefully this means more movement will be happening. I had honestly given up on religiously checking my email, thinking acceptances wouldn't be going out until May, but to my surprise I was accepted last week. Fingers crossed for everyone still waiting! Maybe there is some movement now?
  10. I believe I was once told on the phone that they were? I might be mistaking UNB for Manitoba or another school. Does anyone know the answer to this? Thank you!
  11. Hey! That is very helpful thanks so much! Looks like this is quite the unique year.
  12. Oops! My stats were 3.2 cGPA prior to drops (not sure what it was after drops) and 153. I was in the discretionary category as well. Not surprised as I dropped the ball on the actual LSAT compared to practice tests. Will likely re write and apply again.
  13. Totally pumped to announce my.... rejection 😭 I was rejected last night. Applied discretionary
  14. Are any other discretionary applicants still waiting for a response? I haven't been waitlisted at all. Does anyone know if they are still reviewing discretionary applications and if there's still hope?
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