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  1. Don’t necessarily agree with everything you’ve written here, but this was extremely informative and helpful in understanding the power at play in American politics and, by extension, lawyering.
  2. Agreed. Personally, I was in a BCom program at a “lesser” university and ended up with GPA in the low 3s after only taking 8 classes in my first year. After transferring to a BA program at the “best” university in my province I took a full courseload and ended up with a GPA in the high 3s. My point is this: study something you’re interested in at the school you want to be at, that’s what matters. Think about what you’ll tell employers, colleagues, and even potentially your future kids when they ask why you went to the university you did. Do you want that answer to be “well I thought xyz university would be the easiest to get a high gpa at”? - I know I didn’t.
  3. Apologies, I was referring to the supporting documentation deadline (is this school by school?). Furthermore, in OP’s case the deadline is February 1, 2020 (11:59 pm ET) Deadline for English program, first-year applicants who complete courses in December 2019 to send their fall 2019 grades to OLSAS. so OP’s fall grades will count.
  4. What? No schools have their app deadlines in november and often people apply with grades from their first sem of their fourth year.
  5. Aren’t you only done your third year?
  6. My diagnostic was a 156 with and I have a slightly higher GPA than you (3.65 cGPA and an L2 of roughly 3.8 depending on how each individual school calculates it). I’m hoping to boost my LSAT to low/mid 160s by November and would think that gives me a decent shot at all the schools you mention + UBC, uVic, and Oz potentially. This is just based on my research and checking out class profiles.
  7. That’s really weird, with those stats you should be a lock at multiple schools.
  8. They’d be a lock at Queens and Western with a 165 and that L2, their averages are 3.75/160 or something.
  9. Agreed, mathematics majors consistently score the highest on the LSAT I believe. However, at least at my university, averages for math courses are consistently between 1.3 and 2.3, marks which OP should definitely be avoiding.
  10. If you know you want to do law and dont care about not getting the best internships over the summers I’d just take whatever you can do well in with the caveat that I’d mix in some philosophy/logic classes (for LSAT purposes).
  11. I thought it was a satirical piece for a moment after reading that one.
  12. The fact that admissions are (often nebulously) holistic does not mean you need to shoot for the median GPA and five points above the median LSAT, that's ridiculous. I think you're overestimating the value of softs, particularly those which 0Ls frequently possess.
  13. Why would OP need a 165+ when their L2 GPA is at / slightly above median.
  14. These aren't strong softs, that's a great LSAT though.
  15. Doesn’t have an option for pass/fail inputs.
  16. I thought it might be a good idea to get a thread going which could address this. For example, my own circumstances are as follows for my L2 (I think?): Fall 2018 15 credits / 5 classes (3.8) Winter 2019: 15 credits / 5 classes (3.8) Spring 2019 3 credits / 1 class (3.67) Fall 2019 15 credits / 5 classes (3.73) Winter 2020 9 credits / 3 classes (mandatory credit aka pass/fail grading [all passed]) I'm mostly looking at Dal / Queens / Western / Alberta... UBC would be great but seems like a long shot with the way my LSAT studying is going. Previously I had figured my GPA was going to be considered as around 3.75 for admissions purposes but now I may be fucked as my second year grades only netted me a 3.5 and idk how my fourth year grades will be calculated. That is, I don't want to have my second year grades included and didn't think they would before this covid fiasco! Any help / updates on the GPA calculation situation in light of credit/no credit (aka pass/fail) would be helpful! As I see it the best possible outcome if you're like me would be if schools take this past semester's credits but don't them for the purposes of GPA calculation (i.e. only using my Fall 2018, Winter 2019, and Fall 2020 grades but still counting the Winter 2020 credits) if that makes sense. All input appreciated. Cheers.
  17. Cheers, just read your more lengthy reply on another post RE: ECs.
  18. In your opinion how important are ECs at all? I don't have much personally in the way of involvement aside from sports and working in the summer. I get that at UofT / Oz it's a factor at least to some degree, but what about at other schools? Leaving aside prestigious scholarships and *ahem* actual achievements how important is it that "Firstname Lastname 0L" was the "VP something or other" in "insert club here"?
  19. Same boat checking in - my hope is that schools (B3 / L2) will count CR/NCR as credit towards L2 but not in the actual GPA calculation, if that makes sense.
  20. I'm aware that the way I've been studying has been suboptimal. However, I have around half a year to actually write this thing since I'm not planning on attending til 2021, so I'm not too concerned and if I have to put it off to study more then so be it.
  21. Ha, same. Funny because I've been manually writing out my answer selections for each question (and have thus not been physically crossing out answers). This is awesome even though I'm writing in March (and probably April).
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