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  1. These threads will be helpful to comb through if you haven't already, although both could use some updating. Should be stickied IMO.
  2. It’s answered all over these forums. As I recall most schools do but a couple don’t (e.g. Oz)
  3. Pretty sure you’re wrong about how pass/fail or credit/no credit marks are evaluated. To my knowledge these are included in the L60/L2 calculation for the purposes of satisying the the credit total, but are not included in L60/L2 grade calculations. so, for example someone who pass/failed all 5 classes in their last semester (assuming they took the standard 5/5/5/5 classes their last four semesters) their GPA would only be calculated using their first 3 semesters, since there is no grade in their fourth.
  4. I mean, what else would you write your PS on if not your ECs?
  5. I would think so as your L2/B2 are above their median and their median LSAT is in the low 160s.
  6. Are you sure your L2 is right? I would think that with that L2 and LSAT you'd be a strong contender for Queens, Western, and Dal.
  7. Alberta or Calgary would also make way more sense.
  8. Dunno about you, but I’d consider 40-50 hours a week full time. I’m personally taking 2.5 months “off” and planning on studying full-time during that while working part time and I consider that a bit excessive. I also think people posting online are mostly exaggerating the amount of time they spend actually studying.
  9. I think it’s pretty rare for people to study 4 months full time for the LSAT.
  10. But General or Access? Softs? ECs? 4.33 or 4.00 scale cGPA? Mature Applicant? Alumni parents/donors? I NEED TO KNOW!!!
  11. I think that’s a perfectly valid reason to have struggled initially. Good on you for getting past it and pulling your marks up. I would think you’ll be a strong contender at all L2 and drops schools (cGPA schools will be more tricky) depending on your LSAT.
  12. The class profiles / averages agree with my statement re: OP’s cGPA screwing them. Your anecdote is useful and I accounted for it in saying that OP may have luck in schools’ access categories, as you did. However, as you note, this is an unpredictable black box in the admissions process.
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