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  1. Waitlisted yesterday; 3.13, 3.67, 160
  2. General category, wasn’t really expecting to get in tbh.
  3. 3.13 GPA, 3.67 GPA, 160 LSAT. Got in this morning at 7:03AM
  4. Did anyone get in today through the access category?
  5. Makes sense. For me at least, the variations on PTs were pretty small. And if there were any occasional high scores, it was mainly because the test was tailored to my strengths, perhaps a straight forward LG section or the latter RC passages being science based. I feel like if you do enough PTs your scores become even more consistent as you are less reliant on things you’re good at and just become good overall if that makes sense. Besides that, no matter how well you attempt to replicate test day conditions, it’s always going to be slightly different and I think that impacts everyone as well. Take more tests + review vigourously, and if you’re seeing improvement, just re-write.
  6. I didn’t use Khan Academy to study, but I’m confused at how the grading could be inflated if each test is scaled. Do you mean you’ve seen some of the questions before or maybe another reason you’re scoring less ?
  7. Yea that makes sense. I was also advised on the phone with Queens to not retake so I think I'm leaning in that direction. Some stats on last cycle's waitlist and denied pages kind of got me scared tbh.
  8. Sorry to be another one of these chances posts. I wanted advice on whether or not I should rewrite the LSAT or not. My cGPA is 3.13, B2/L2 is 3.66, and LSAT is 160 (November 2018). Do I have a good enough chance at Queens to just leave my application as it is, or should I attempt to retake it in January? I also applied to western and Ottawa, but Queens is my first choice. Also, does anyone know how entry scholarships work? Would getting close to 165 significantly impact any $$ options? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you for all the support guys. It's unfortunate that there these types of people in the profession. Wish you all the best.
  10. My status has been the same since December.
  11. Scrolling through a bunch of stuff, I noticed that some applicants had interviews last cycle. I was just wondering if anyone has been contacted for one this year and if so, was it through phone / email / OASIS?
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