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  1. Have people heard from Vancouver firms for articling 2020-2021? Any ITCs or PFOs?
  2. Can anyone shed some light on basic skills/experiences I should highlight in my cover letter for a government articling position? Looking mainly at different MAG branches. Are these cover letters a lot different than the format for firm articling positions? Thanks!
  3. In my articling applications, if I have three really great reference letters, and the application only asks for two letters, is it bad to just include the third too? Will this be frowned upon? Particularly wondering for a MAG articling position, however would be open to know what people think about a firm articling application too. Is there a difference between the two?
  4. Has anyone had criminal law with Kiyani previously and has an outline for the course?
  5. Anyone apply to london 1L summer positions and hear back with interview calls or rejections?
  6. Ah okay that makes sense, thank you!
  7. I applied to both the regular JD program and the JD/JD (USA) and I was just given the same number out of 176 for my place on the waitlist. That can't be right can it?
  8. What is the nightlife at UVic like? Not really looking for a major party scene, but I'm just curious what the general scene is with the law students
  9. Are there others who still don't have their ranks?!
  10. Just rejected my offer for Windsor in favour of another school, hope the spot goes to one of you!
  11. Does anyone know when orientation start dates for 1Ls are? The website says that September 6 is when first term classes begin for all faculties, but just wondering if this is also the day that everything starts for 1Ls, or do things begin before that? Can't seem to find any info for that online...
  12. I also got accepted to UVic but unfortunately not UBC. Will likely be attending UVic in the fall and am thinking I'd like to consider apply to transfer to UBC for 2L as well, so I would also appreciate any information or thoughts people may be able to share about this! Are compassionate considerations a major factor in being accepted to transfer? Or can people be accepted just for the sake of wanting to transfer schools?
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