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  1. That's good to know. So it is helpful despite not seeing which questions you got right/wrong? I've found that to be the most helpful when reviewing my practice exams so far
  2. This may be a silly question, but hoping that people who know more can share their guidance on this - how does it work with the different sections of the bar exam? Once you finish a section can you go back to it at all or is that it? Like if both criminal and family law are during the first section of the exam before the break, is it possible to flip between both? Is there some indicator to tell you that you've finished one section and the next section is starting? What about after the break? At that point, I am assuming you can't go back to the sections that were before the break? Thank you in advance!
  3. Do you know how many times you can do the ontario bar prep exam? is it just once?
  4. I didn't receive the email with the link but luckily heard about it from others. How is that fair that some people just don't receive the email at the same time (or possibly not at all yet)?!
  5. Do people know when we may receive updated indices from OLE based on corrections that were sent in by the June 15 deadline? I want to print my indices soon to start practicing with them in hard copy but haven't heard anything from them so was wondering if anyone else had an idea
  6. Has anyone heard any updates about when OLE will be releasing their indices? Their notice said late May but now that it is June I'm wondering when we can expect them considering the July exam is not that far away now?
  7. Lots of articling jobs get posted later in the year for smaller firms that don’t participate in the formal recruit. Keep an eye out for those, this isn’t the only way to get an articling job!
  8. Have people heard from Vancouver firms for articling 2020-2021? Any ITCs or PFOs?
  9. Can anyone shed some light on basic skills/experiences I should highlight in my cover letter for a government articling position? Looking mainly at different MAG branches. Are these cover letters a lot different than the format for firm articling positions? Thanks!
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