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  1. I have seen at least 3 reports so far on Facebook groups about domestic students being charged the international rate ($50K). Needless to say, all reported shock and anguish. I personally felt mildly sick when I saw this on my account. I reported this issue and was asked to submit a copy of my passport as a proof of Canadian citizenship. I did and still waiting for the issue to be solved. This is either basic staff carelessness or some sort of a system glitch. So far, the errors I have experienced with registration and fees keep mounting and mighty undermine my faith in UofO's administration. It feels like you always have to check everything they do. They keep saying the final statements will be available at the end of July but why show wrong numbers in the first place?! Why add stress and uncertainty to the already stressful law school application and registration process? Simple, don't show the numbers until they are final. Check your account, I doubt this will be solved unless reported. Remember, systems and institutions are slow to change unless they are steadily pushed to do so. I see this as a basic injustice - something we, as future lawyers, have duty to address.
  2. The four week timing seems to be awkward. So I guess you first have to pay full amount our of your pocket by Aug 23rd and then the amount will apply to the next semester. The mechanics seems to be funky here. Why don't they just subtract these 2K right away?
  3. Got to love UofO's bureaucracy! They charged me $24K for the fall semester at the international student rate when I am not an international student. Trying to get them to rectify this. Check your invoice with the amplifying glass.
  4. Thank you for the answers! This is super helpful!
  5. Hi, current law students! How good is the WiFi connection at Fauteux? Is it free? How is the speed and connection quality? Any security issues with so many people using it? I have never been there before so would be interesting to know more about the logistics? How busy is the library? Are the common areas crowded and what are the good spots for study and quiet time? How about the gym? How about food costs and locations? Any other info that could help a new student. Thank you!
  6. Hi, after a few error messages and glitches, I am finally registered in my first-choice small group section, yey! Could someone please explain how tutorials work and their purpose? I have four of them in my new schedule and couldn't find any info about these.
  7. Hey, Did anyone hear back re: their scholarship or bursary applications? 1Ls, when does this usually come out? Any experiences regarding potential amounts? I am about 6K short now on my first-year tuition so really hoping to get some. I got about 10K in OSAP and would prefer not to take on bank loans. Thank you!
  8. Yes, I did apply for OSAP but still in the approval process. LOC is my plan B to cover what OSAP won't. Apparently, OSAP is getting better and better. Feel fortunate to have access to this service. Regarding any LOC specifics, your best bet is to talk to the bank directly. As far as I understand, they are only concerned with revolving credit.
  9. Hi, they (Scotia) want you to pay off and close all your revolving credit facilities (LOCs, credit cards) no matter which institution. I have these with TD and Tengerine and they asked me to close both. They don't care much about non-credit accounts (checking accounts). I guess it is their risk management technique. For investment accounts, not sure if they consider margin trading accounts. Those could be a huge credit risk. Also, I don't think they factor in gov student loans as to them this is not revolving credit.
  10. Lol, they will even throw in a Enjoy your UE BOOM2® Wireless Bluetooth Speaker! Law schools it the time to party! How about something more humble like a tablet Yes, it appears we had two completely different experiences. All he knew about me was that I am a TD client, going to UofO law. That's all it took him to give me the response. He obviously misinformed me about the rate as the only way to judge this is through credit history and the level of debt - he didn't even check mine. I suspect there is a lot of subjectivity and bias involved in these decisions which is troubling in and of itself.
  11. I believe this is a systemic issue, but some might disagree. From what I have seen so far, a lot can depend on the rep, though there is only so much flexibility they have with the bank policy. Give it a shot and post here In my situation, the rep did not even do a credit check before he gave me the answer. All he asked was which school I was going to. Would the answer be different if it was UofT or Osgoode, I don't know.
  12. Serious, the problem? Where do you want me to start? 1) Don't advertise you intend to serve a clientele if you truly don't. Wasted my time. 2) How about interest in your client's success? They have made thousands of dollars of me. 3) Making your clients feel unvalued and unwanted against all tenets of good business? 4) Only interested in you if you make a load of money in medical or dental? Is a bit of social responsibility too much to ask from a business? This country lags in innovation for decades now and helping build an educated workforce through supporting students seems to be something a major institution should be interested in, not just reaping the fruits of their success when they graduate and find lucrative jobs. Anyhow, it's a values question. Indeed he was candid, albeit too much. Maybe I expect too much from a bank, but seeing such a contrast for an identical product between two banks is slightly disheartening.
  13. Hi, I have been shopping around for a professional LOC and wanted to share my experiences. I had a chance to talk to Scotia and TD. My Scotia experience was utterly positive - quick, responsive, great terms. After filling a single page form with absolutely minimal requirements, I was approved for 100K at prime + .5 with the condition to pay off and close all my other credit products. Reasonable. So nothing but high marks for Scotia - a humane lender. My experience with TD was not only dissatisfying but also somewhat humiliating. I have been a TD client for 12 years, so thought they might show a faint interest in my business. I met with a rep at the Eagleson branch in Kanata who basically said: Their professional student line is mostly designed for doctors and dentists. There is a low chance to be approved for a Law program (reading between the lines - less prestigious). To them, I am like any other undergrad student with no income. The best rate they offer to those fortunate mere mortals to be approved is prime + 1. Interest and repayment start immediately. They do require cosigners in all cases. The rep was candid and said I should take the Scotia offer as there was no way they would even try to beat it. He also said during his time there he only approved a couple of law students at the max of 72K. Bingo! I said that I would have to close all my TD credit accounts if I go with Scotia, and the rep basically shrugged that off and said it shouldn't be a problem. Reading between the lines, they don't give a hoot about my business after having me as a client for a decade. Cannot wait to be done with TD for good!
  14. Hey, just wanted to say thank to everyone who took the time to share their experiences. I found this thread tremendously helpful, sure filled many info gaps on the UofO website. I have talked to a couple of people who graduated from UofO and both said their first year was absolutely tough - curving, crazy hours, tonnes of reading and getting used to the fact that they have to compete with the big fish. After getting used to the A average during their undergrad it was difficult to cope with Bs and such. Apparently, quite a few people end up dropping off during the first semester. So yes, reading this thread sure made me feel much better! Keep it up.
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