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  1. I emailed Mary about this yesterday. She got back to me and said that the Registrar Office is planning to register us for our courses next week so once we are registered we will know the exact amount to be paid. Just an FYI and to confirm what was stated ^
  2. Is anyone still looking for a female roommate? I will be starting the Single JD program!
  3. Hello, I just received a rejection from Osgoode. I knew it was coming lol and I am just happy I got a response so I don't need to be waiting. I am not shocked at all, if you want to know my stats send me a message! Just wanted to let everyone know as they might be sending out a batch of rejections today! Good luck to you all! If anyone is curious, it updated at 9:05 am this morning!
  4. That makes sense! Thank you so much for your input.
  5. Hello, I just have a question about the sketch on OLSAS. I have heard conflicting things about this and just wanted to get more opinions. Regarding the sketch, I made the Dean's list and received several scholarships which are listed on my transcript. Would it be repetitive to still add it under the sketch entry? I've been told that since it is already listed on your transcript, you do not need to put it under the sketch. Others have then told me that putting it under my sketch would not hurt at all. I might be overthinking this, but I would like some input as this is my first time applying, so everything is very new to me. Thank you for your help! Also putting "scholarships" in the sketch is considered an academic achievement right?
  6. I'm still waiting. Did anyone get their mark yet? It seems like the curve is -9 and a lot of people seem disappointed. This is making me very nervous
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