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  1. Are you saying that a Windsor student would need to be an “all star” in school, all else being equal, to be on the same playing field as an okay U of T student? I’m having trouble interpreting “slightly above average.” In your opinion, does this mean that the average U of T student would have equal chances to a “slightly above average” Windsor student? I’m seriously wondering as a 0L highly considering Windsor Law.
  2. I have a 3.73 L2/B2 and 158, following for any opinions. Fingers crossed for the both of us!
  3. First Ontario acceptance! 3.4 cgpa, 3.73 L2, 158 LSAT Extensive ECs and work experience. PS tailored to Windsor.
  4. I received the Meet and Greet email too and mine says “Referred-ad com” ...
  5. I feel slightly more concerned because it’s supposed to reflect my writing skills in French specifically... hopefully not too big a deal but I will think about it.
  6. Hi guys, I’m looking for some insight on my situation. I actually submitted my PS a few days ago and I now realized that a bunch of spaces and apostrophes had been removed when I clicked submit. Should I contact the admissions department at UOttawa? I don’t want this to negatively impact my chances/I don’t want admissions to think that I can’t write properly.
  7. I haven't heard back from Windsor yet, but this really sounds like an acceptance! It also takes OLSAS a few days and I've seen from other users that their UWinsite Student didn't update right away. When were you referred to Admissions?
  8. Congratulations OP! Does anyone here have any insight on how law schools look at a poorer score in general?
  9. My to do list completely disappeared but Windsor is giving me some serious trust issues after all the emails and status switches. Still hopeful nonetheless!
  10. I know it doesn't feel great to have your score drop, but I've heard from others that those schools take the highest score no matter what and so I think as long as you got 159 you should be okay. Also, Windsor doesn't even consider the Jan score so it definitely shouldn't affect your chances there. You also applied access and I'm no expert but I believe both of those are still competitive? Best of luck.
  11. Message me if interested, it's completely unused! I'm looking to sell it for about $30 (the 2019 bible is currently $48.65)
  12. I can sell you the Powerscore 2017 Reading comprehension bible if you are still interested! I can meet in Toronto. I can give it to you for $30 (it's completely unused too) as I took a Powerscore online course shortly after buying and the books for the course contained basically the same info.
  13. Would you mind sharing what your last 2 years GPA was? I know you posted the percentage, but if you know it in GPA format (e.g. 3.75) I would love to know as we have similar stats
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