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  1. lawndromat

    Summer Student Salaries?

    Van standard for large firms was around 960-1000 per week I believe. Some firms go up to 1100. Not sure if this will stay consistent this year but no changes on NALP so far.
  2. lawndromat

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    Any UBC students hear from firms other than Fasken and Osler? (Toronto)
  3. I had the same GPA (4.07/4.33 - I’m assuming your gpa was on the 4.33 scale) and I got in with a 162 LSAT. Having said that, I heard that this year’s 1Ls had higher stats than average. Take that as you will. The calculator above is pretty accurate too.
  4. I'm pretty sure this just means that any courses that are not completed/that you don't have grades back by the time you put your application in, it won't count towards your GPA. This will be because they will only have the grades on your transcript. So it should just be your final semester that is not counted.
  5. ^ this sums up most of the reasons I have heard during my first year from classmates.
  6. lawndromat

    1L Grades Feedback For NY

    That is my understanding as well (based on my career services office). They did mention there is a way you can "challenge" that your curriculum covers the ABA requirements, but it was made to sound like you would be most likely unsuccessful in doing this. Seems a bit more complicated to head down to CA. Haven't heard of any Canadian students summering at firms in CA, although NALP does show that some firms technically accept summer applications from non-US law schools.
  7. First year law-related summer jobs are not easily found in Vancouver (other than a couple internships, no large Vancouver law firms take on first year students). There are a handful of legal internships at various companies and you may be able to get positions at smaller law firms (but these are usually not advertised and many times you may have to convince them to create a new position for you). For second year summer jobs, I hear there are more positions - I wouldn't say they are "easily" found though. It is a competitive process - at Allard, about 25-30% of students seem to land big firm summer jobs in their second year. Talking to some firm representatives, there does seem to be an upward trend in hiring for the legal market in Vancouver right now, but take that as you will. Not sure what it's like for smaller firms/other areas of law though.
  8. I know for sure that they used to give them at the very least.. but they are not advertised through the Allard website. Firms seem to give them individually (for example, http://www.ahbl.ca/students/student-life/scholarships/). Not sure how they compare between small groups either
  9. lawndromat

    UBC vs UVIC vs QUEENS vs DAL

    conge's advice is most likely the best one you'll get. Personally, my decision to attend UBC was motivated by the tuition price + the fact that I would get to stay at home - this would mean I would be graduating with much less debt than students at other schools. I don't think any of those schools are particularly more focused on corporate law than others. UBC does have a business law concentration + a few types of business law clinics but I wouldn't be surprised if other schools had similar types of options. I do see quite a few non-BC law students get summer/articling positions in BC and vice versa so I don't think you will be closing off doors to other markets if you end up wanting to work in a different province in the future regardless of what school you pick (but for networking purposes, it will obviously be best to attend the school in the location where you want to work).
  10. lawndromat

    1L book costs?

    I think it would depend on what book your professor uses. There was a lot of variety between small groups in my first year class. Ranged from 300-1000
  11. lawndromat

    Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    I noticed on NALP that Cassels Brock in Vancouver offers 1100/week salary for summer students/articling students and 110k first year associate salary. Can anyone confirm this? This would seem to make them the top paying firm in Van.
  12. lawndromat

    1L Paid Summer Opportunities

    Not sure what market you are in. In Vancouver there are not many opportunities. No 1L recruit, only two big firm positions, RA positions, various inhouse legal internships at different companies, clinic positions. At Allard, most of these positions were posted on the student career website and most of the postings came up in the weeks leading to finals. I know of a few students who got legal jobs at companies/small firms through their own research/cold calling/connections.
  13. You probably have a pretty good chance. Got in last cycle with similar stats and saw quite a few other people with similar stats get in this cycle in the accepted thread. Also the calculator up above and the index formula in the thread are pretty accurate in terms of determining your chances so check those out!
  14. lawndromat

    2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    PFO from Blakes and Davies, but received nothing from A&B and Dentons. Applied on a whim, but not expecting any ITCs based on grades. Do firms usually send out PFOs to everyone they don't offer an interview to?
  15. lawndromat

    1L Grades and Summer Jobs

    I am at Allard but looking at and open to options out in Calgary and Toronto. Thanks for the response! I figured as much but thought I would post just in case