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  1. I really want to get into law school but im in the same boat. When your stats are too low and you feel like you got 0 shot of getting into law school. It really is devastating.
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to know since people have been getting rejected and I haven't got rejected yet. How do I know if anyone from the admissions team has looked at my application?
  3. Hey guys, I received an email from admissions saying they will not look at my file until I upload a non-academic reference? Even though I have a low LSAT and a 3.7+ CGPA. Does that mean they are still considering my feel without giving me an outright rejection? The secretary told me that they needed another non-academic reference. Thanks
  4. Not for me, someone else. I am asking on their behalf for any potentials to Ontario Law schools
  5. Hey guys Just wondering what my chances will be with these stats?
  6. If I was negative, I would probably give up. This year wasn't meant for me, next year for sure!
  7. I would have deferred for a year so I could finish my degree. I just wanted to try my odds but I know my LSAT was an extreme outlier. Not disappointed just going to do better!
  8. I went into queue on March/8/2017 The date I got rejected was on April /12/2017 as per OASIS but saw it this morning at 10am. The email notification was received at 11:06 am.
  9. Hey guys, Okay I am going to start this forum with my head high. I am currently a third year student completing a four year degree. i knew I had a long shot but I wanted to try it. I did my LSAT in Feb and got a pretty dreadful score (that's why I was a long shot for acceptance). I had received an LSAT of 148. My cGPA is 3.78/4.0 scale. I am going to finish this semester (hopefully a bit higher). I knew my LSAT would bring me down and I am studying my ass off for the next one (June or September). Strong LOR's, average EC's and average PS. This was definitely a learning experience. I have always wanted to get into Osgoode, this IS my dream law school. I am here to say that though I was dinged on OASIS and through an email notification, i will be applying for the 2018 admission cycle with much stronger stats. Email thread looks like: On behalf of the Admissions Committee we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission to the Fall 2017 entering class. As you know admission to Osgoode Hall Law School is highly competitive with approximately 2,700 applicants competing for 290 places. Every effort is made to ensure a thoughtful thorough review of eligible candidates’ accomplishments and to comparatively assess candidates accordingly. Please note that we will not be able to comment on your application until the conclusion of the 2017 Admission cycle. After August 31st, you may contact us with inquiries regarding your 2017 application by sending an email to [email protected] Please accept our best wishes for success in your future endeavours. Keep your head up guys, though my LSAT was low, I was also a third year applicant (not finished my degree). I had slim chances. For all of you waiting, be positive and hope for the best. Looking forward to the 2018 admission cycle!
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