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  1. Just got in today as a transfer student! PM me if you want any details about my app.
  2. Admitted to Windsor today! Was not on wait list just changed from Referred to Admissions --> Accepted Final CGPA 3.63 LSAT 152 Goodluck to all those still waiting! I know it's stressful.
  3. Mine says the exact same thing - I did everything the same as you and it says my transcripts are missing.
  4. Excited to be starting this topic off! Got the acceptance phone call today at 1:30p.m. LSAT 151 (still waiting for December 02, 2017 score) CGPA: 3.63 Northern connection. Good extracurriculars. GOOD LUCK to all those waiting!!!
  5. Just got wait listed this morning! Came in an e-mail around 9:20 a.m. So happy considering my LSAT score. LSAT: 151 CGPA: 3.58 L2: 3.69 Strong EC's and personal statement. Fingers crossed! Windsor is one of my top choices!
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