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  1. My ECs, in my opinion, were average with multiple university research assistantships, law journal related experience, clerkship at the ministry, volunteers, and etc. I'm not sure as to what many would call "strong ECs" are like, but I can definitely say that my ECs showed diversity.
  2. Thanks for the clarification, and that does give me a relief from a panic attack. I'm glad Western seems to offer plenty of opportunities with regards to mooting, so I'll definitely try to take advantage of those. The reason why I thought mooting/advocacy skills would land summer employment was that those would be extra credentials to my resumé, along with stellar grades, of course. Is it, then, safe for me to assume that it's better to focus on getting the necessary grades than to worry about other credentials? What do current law firms tend to look for in placing students for summer employment?
  3. I've been panicking for the past hour or so because of how significant moot/advocacy skills are in building up my extracurriculars, and, ultimately, securing a summer law student position at law firms. I do not have any mooting experience whatsoever nor have I attended any oral advocacy sessions during undergraduate studies. The significance of mooting is really scaring me at the moment, and I would love to hear feedbacks from current students on how the training on oral advocacy skills is done at Western as well as its effectiveness. Also, I'd love to hear about the faculty's support in careers during law school (summer employment, to be specific) and after law school. I've yet to decide on the specific area of law I would like to study/practice. With that being said, however, I presume that I would be choosing one from the following: international law, criminal law, and litigation. Thank you in advance!
  4. I've always been lurking on this forum, but never thought the day I would deliver this exciting news would come! I received an email around 6PM to check the student as well, and I was incredibly thrilled to see that I was offered an admission! Regular applicant LSAT: 159, 160, 158 CGPA: 2.95 L2: 3.36 I messed up my first two years, but my GPA shows a very strong upward trend, ending with a 3.83 in my last semester. This acceptance means very much to me since this cycle is my second one after having been rejected everywhere during the 2015-2016 cycle. To those who have been growing anxious lately, don't lose hope! My profile, as you can see, is not the most appealing one for a law school candidate, but here I am, offered a spot to the first-year class of September 2017. I hope my stats give hope to those with low CGPAs and mediocre LSAT!
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