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  1. Mine is blurry as well. Based on what everyone else has said, it should be fine - I hope. P.s. good luck to everyone tomorrow, may the odds be ever in your favour (and mine eeepppp)
  2. Congrats to all and you!!! Mind sharing your stats for those of us still waiting?
  3. This may be a silly question but for each section on test day, do they give you an exact number of "bubbles" on the bubble sheet rather than the practice bubble sheets I've used while PTing that have more "bubbles" to fill in than needed. For some reason this is stressing me out haha and knowing so would give me ease of mind.
  4. Hey everyone, I was wondering for those of you who have written the LSAT before, is there any tips that you have for the day of the test? Is there something you wish someone told you before test day? Thanks in advance!!
  5. I just tried to log in and am able to successfully see my application status - I am not sure if that helps but thought I'd let you know!
  6. From what I know, when calculating the last 20 courses, if the 20 courses are accumulated in the middle of a semester, so lets say from September 2016 you only need 2/5 classes to fulfill the 20 last courses, they will go over the 20 courses and include all classes from that semester when calculating L2 and not solely just those 2 classes. Hope that helps and makes sense.
  7. also wondering something similar, what if you're currently enrolled in classes - does this effect your chance at entrance scholarships as we've been advised to hold our transcripts til after these grades have been received?
  8. Hey everyone! So I am a little confused about the deadline to have your LOR's in? I know it is November 1st but I have seen others say +/- a few days from this date is fine too. Is that correct? Any clarification would be nice. Thanks!
  9. That is nice to know - thank-you.
  10. Hey there, I am also applying to UofA and this is what they have written on their website - basically, you are required to mail it to the below address before February 1st. All documents must be received in the Faculty Office by February 1. Please have the above mailed to: Admissions Office Room 128, Law Centre University of Alberta Edmonton, AB T6G 2H5
  11. My CGPA isn't as high or competitive as I would like and that is why I am leaning more towards holistic/L2 schools. However, I am also a BC resident hence why I am applying to all 3 in BC despite UVic and UBC looking at CGPA with drops (worth a shot). However, I think UofT, Os and Ottawa may be out of my range.
  12. Hey everyone, So I'm fairly new here and am not sure if this has already been asked but I was wondering if applying to 8 schools could be considered "applying broadly". I'm applying to Alberta, Calgary, Western, Queens, UBC, UVic, Dalhousie, and TRU and possibly Windsor. Do you think these schools that I have selected and that number - 8 are sufficient enough to allow me to apply broadly? I'm writing the LSAT in December for the first time with a B3 3.58 L2 of 3.79 and good EC's and LOR (I hope). Due to the lack of a reportable LSAT score, I just want to be sure that I increase my chances of being successful this cycle. Any comments or thoughts would help! Thanks in advance.
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