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  1. Wow, nice, thanks again so much for the reading material. To probe further into the question of IP specifically, what level of science education is considered the "right" background? For reference, I have a BSc in the life sciences, an honours thesis in the protein engineering/orgo chem/biochem sort of area, couple of scholarships for the sciences, and both summer and school year research experience and an NSERC USRA. Been out of school for a few years doing other gainful things but I haven't forgotten much.
  2. I have acceptances in "both" categories, and Columbia beats HYS for big law hiring. What's wrong with asking for the opinions of others?
  3. Thanks for the in-depth reply. Georgetown is definitely the worst T14 based on placement, and that was a pretty eyebrow-raising comparison you pointed out there. Unfortunately I haven't got anything close to the French proficiency for McGill, so that's out of the question already. Regarding US schools specifically, assuming I do decide to do IP (not for sure yet), how would you weigh the relative advantages of Harvard/Yale being somewhat bigger names with Columbia/NYU being in somewhat more advantageous locations (really location, singular, because Manhattan can't be beat)? Not to mention, both Columbia and NYU seem to actually have better firm placement rates than Harvard and Yale do. Thanks again for the advice.
  4. As stated, U of T or first-tier US school (think HYS/CCN)? No particular attachments to location. I know I'll be taking on more debt at the US school, but it's my understanding that I'll also have better prospects at higher incomes from the US schools. Open to most areas of law practice, science background in undergrad may be a small advantage for IP. Thanks all.
  5. cGPA: 3.67 before drops LSAT: 175 Status: offered admission GLHF all.
  6. So, I've found myself with a free summer, and I'd like to make some spending money. I have teaching experience, both paid and as a volunteer tutor, and a 175 LSAT. I live in the GTA. Does anyone have any experience teaching prep courses in the area? Thanks!
  7. Ah, I was hoping I'd misread that part on their website haha. I wouldn't mind it at all, other than the language problem.
  8. Doesn't McGill have a French language test? My French is...dismal
  9. Thanks for everyone's advice. I did see Ryn's predictor, but I wasn't sure how strange my stats are. Relatively speaking, my cGPA is clearly the weakest point in my application, but how weak are we talking - from "your LSAT makes up for it" to "anchor"?
  10. cGPA: 3.58 EC/Work: hospital volunteer, research assistant, school club exec, peer tutor, student guidance advisor and course designer LORs: good, I hope? LSAT: 175 (wrote this Feb) Target: Ontario schools, preference for York and Queen's. Thoughts? Thanks everyone!
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