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  1. kitty77

    Accepted to Queens 2019

    Accepted today! GPA: 3.0 L2/B2: 3.91 Lsat: 161 General category!!!!!!!! I can't believe I've been accepted in one of the first rounds. I applied to the MA econ/JD program and really focused my PS on why I specifically wanted to go to Queen's for that program. I started bawling when I saw the acceptance because I really couldn't believe it! It's my first choice so I will most likely be accepting Good luck everyone!!
  2. kitty77

    Incomplete Application?

    Mine says the same thing.
  3. kitty77

    Under evaluation?

    I saw that mine went under evaluation earlier this week when they got my Nov LSAT score but then I just checked now and it said last updated yesterday (dec 13th) does that mean they've looked at mine? Would Ottawa really go through them randomly?
  4. kitty77

    Shocked By OLSAS GPA

    Were the degrees from different schools? Some have different OLSAS conversions. Also if you repeated any courses, did you include the original and repeated? Were courses full year vs. half year weighted appropriately? I used Ryn's calculator and had a weird transcript as well but it came out with only a 0.01 difference. If you think you calculated it correctly I would say try calling to figure out how they did it/verify it's correct.
  5. kitty77

    LSAT Location and Write

    It was held in the big rooms in Montpetit (202-203). As for system/policies/format everything seemed the same as normal. I've heard before that they usually have it in the first floor rooms in DMS so maybe they were occupied in November.
  6. kitty77

    What are my chance 3/3.88

    Yeah 3.88 is my OLSAS l2
  7. I did horribly my first year and a half of university and have improved quite a bit. I failed multiple classes and repeated some and by the end of my degree I should be a a 3.4, however I realized that GPA calculations would include all the original marks as well putting me down to a 3.0. My L2 is going to be around 3.88 and I'm just wondering whether it is possible and what are my chances? I wouldn't want to go outside of Ontario and also what kind of LSAT score do you think I would need to compensate? Thanks!