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  1. I actually pulled the chute on Ottawa. Felt like I needed to get the ball rolling so I accepted Dal. I was ranked 38, so good news for people behind me
  2. Just declined the offer! Good luck all!
  3. Thank you! No, I didn’t do an interview.... and I am unsure if I will accept. I have some serious thinking to do! The deadline given to me is June 22.
  4. I intend to... I am going to have a very difficult decision to make come the firm date deadline though
  5. Correct, but in recent years the rankings have not been released until late June with little movement happening prior to this. Therefore people in the same situation as myself will have only a small amount of time to decide whether or not they want to firm accept the school they have been accepted to - and as a result, remove themselves from contention, or decline those offers and leave things to chance and hope they get in off of the waitlist.
  6. Waitlist - 159/3.6 ... Kind of disappointed as I really wanted to go to Ottawa, but will likely be accepting Windsor as I do not want to leave things to chance
  7. Thank you! And about mid November
  8. Accepted!! Sort of anticlimactic as they accidentally sent me an invitation to a meet and greet for later this month. I then called and got to the bottom of it and they explained to me they made a mistake and I was actually admitted. Nonetheless I am ecstatic!! 3.6/159
  9. Hi all, I just received an email from Windsor Law inviting me to a meet and greet in Toronto later on this month. The email reads "The invitation is extended to all students offered an acceptance for September 2018", yet I have not been accepted yet. Did everybody receive this email? I am not trying to get too excited, but I am dying to know if this means I have been accepted and there has been a communication mishap between different departments within the law school. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Misery loves company! I have applied to seven schools (5 Ontario, UNB & Dal) and have yet to hear anything from anybody. It's not like I am surprised or anything considering my borderline stats - 159, 3.6 - but still, the not knowing aspect of things is awful. I honest to God refresh my email/check my status' 10 times a day. I am trying to stay cautiously optimistic but it gets harder and harder every day.
  11. Is this done by simply requesting your transcript again?
  12. Same boat... wouldn't worry at all. There are still some individuals who haven't even received their confirmation emails!
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