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  1. I've talked to admissions and they've indicated that there has been movement, but very little and decisions are on-going. You would think increased enrollment at Queen's would lead to more waitlist offers...
  2. I would seriously doubt that the prestige or assumed bias against the Canadian law school one attended would impact partnership or judgeship decisions in the future. So the "full-cycle" analysis here is insignificant for determining anything. IMO it is far more practical to study law in location that suits the personal needs of the applicant. Lots of BC applicants seem to have left the province for study because the two law schools available in the province are far from being considered holistic; they don't even look at references. The greatest benefit from going to a more established school is the network that will endorse you in the early years when you begin to establish yourself. Afterward, it comes down to personal competencies.
  3. Accepted a couple weeks ago: OLSAS: 3.4 / L2: 3.7 / 149, 157
  4. Keeping with the spirit of LS, I thought I would provide an update rather than disappearing: Enrolled in an online course. Wrote the September 2017 LSAT and scored 157. Waiting to hear back from schools (uOttawa, Queen's, Dal, TRU).
  5. The thought of having to go through this is hilarious. However, I would only do it if you were a certified anxiety stimulation specialist, with testimonials from anxiety prone applicants.
  6. I'm aware these exist already, however I'm no longer a student and so they aren't advertised to me. For those who are, or those in a law society type club, this seems like a practical way to generate some funds and help members of the community such as myself. (and for the record, I wasn't directing my "throw that on your application" comment to @ericontario - I meant for it to be generalized)
  7. @ericontario the level of attention that this requires is too absurd for me, but I'm sure it would make all the difference. I'm surprised that regional mock LSATs haven't been arranged through this forum. One could simply advertise a mock test here, book a room at a university, charge $5 and then use the proceeds to support some sort of club or cause.... Throw that on your application
  8. I acknowledge exaggeration in saying my admission "rides" on taking a course, but its reasonable to assume a course will increase the probability of a successful LSAT - especially considering the status quo isn't working for me and its the closest thing to realistic conditions I can think of. Also, given that I have only one shot left, if I do not take the course and score a 149-153 I would forever regret not taking a course. So, it may not be coercion, but there is definitely pressure, which I assume others can or will relate to. I think my problem is anxiety, in that I become too distracted thinking about the test taking process rather than having confidence to answer each question. In each test I missed 3 or 4 questions, without rushing myself and because I wrote in February, I only have feedback from one test. My scores for each section were distributed evenly (12-16)
  9. Diagnostic: 147 PTs: 157-163 for the 5 most recent PTs LSAT: Dec, 149; Feb, 149 After investing 6 months into studying Manhattan Prep and the Bibles (during full-time work I should add), taking over ten PTs, I had no considerable progression on the LSAT. My thoughts are that I require realistic test conditions, which is principally offered through a course. I brought my games section up to a consistent 18+, with LR 16-22 and a large RC variance 14-23. During the later end of my prep before each test I was scoring ~ 160, which is where I would like to be for the most part. PT conditions were timed using a proctor app, but were taken alone in study rooms <- is this the problem? My thoughts are that I require realistic test conditions, which is principally offered through a course. Does my admission to law school ride on paying for a course? (considering my other stats seem at or above the average applicants' -- 3.5/3.75 + MSc + interesting and well rounded volunteering and work experience). I have one attempt left, for an application to next cycle, thus I feel almost coerced into taking a course. Seems a bit unfair, given that those who can readily afford these courses do so with little to no financial anxiety.
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