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  1. Damn, admissions bribery getting steep eh?
  2. Considering you're posting on lawstudents.ca, go to UofT law
  3. As far as I know, rejections don't show up on OLSAS
  4. It'll automatically be removed when OSAP is confirmed. If it doesn't change by September, then give them a buzz and they'll sort it out.
  5. Admissions are still going on, so until you get a rejection - have hope!
  6. Are you really upset at people replying with humour and honesty to your inquiry? You asked if you could make it to corporate law on Bay Street with your "plan". You got your response that it would be quite difficult, if not impossible, to do so. If you're too delusional to realize that and instead decide it's time to throw a little hissy-fit, then you will not fare well in the legal profession and I would suggest you click the X of your browser.
  7. If you want to go somewhere other than uOttawa, then yes firm accepting uOttawa will negatively impact your chances at any other law school because they will be able to see you firm accepted and take you out of their consideration. If uOttawa is your top choice and you don't want to see if other schools accept you, then firm accepting doesn't make a difference.
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