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  1. Interesting, I haven't seen any particular "law school prep course". All the courses I know of are geared towards the LSAT. You might honestly be better off saving the cash you planned on giving out for the course, make a trip to the law school you are planning to go to and talking to some students/professors if you really think you want to. Personally, everyone feels this sense of "oh shit." with law school. But, they do inform you quite a bit on how to be successful during 1L. Hope this helps!
  2. @zzyxk Anytime! In that case, you might want to pass on writing until you take that course and do some PT'ing to see where you would be at currently.
  3. Oh no worries, snark just arises from misunderstanding! My point is simply that there are reasons for why OP might not want to re-write and that Alberta being the only school that averages is not the only determining factor OP should take into consideration for why not to write
  4. Apologies, I see you were trying to mention that only Alberta averages - so the assumption being there is no other reason for why OP shouldn't re-write. Personally, I asked OP two questions to gauge how they're doing LSAT wise. If you are PTing in range of the score your received and believe you plateaued, then it is simply a waste of the mental and financial costs of going through another write process. Hope this clears things up!
  5. Absolutely not. It's your nervousness talking and creating this cloud of doubt. Think about it this way, you paid for November for approx. $300 bucks that LSAC has already put into a bank and re-invested to make more money. If you withdraw, they'll give you $50 bucks. Might as well use this opportunity to do a write, see what you get and heck you might surprise yourself! If you feel this way, simple purchase a write for January and then you have the best of both worlds. Best of luck!
  6. Considering you already paid for the November LSAT, simply write it. Then, promptly schedule for January. If you score well in November, cancel January and treat yourself with the mere $50 LSAC will refund you out of the $300 you dished out. Disregarding my little scoff at LSAC, you already paid and think you can do well. So write it and secure a spot for the January LSAT. Best of luck!
  7. >Looks at thread category >Confirms to myself that it does indeed say "University of Ottawa >Looks at @easttowest's comment on the thread speaking about Alberta >Me: 😕😕😕😕😕
  8. Do you think you can improve on the LSAT? Or was that score within range of what you were PTing? If you answered yes to either of those, then you should rewrite to put you in a much better place chance-wise. A lot of people seem to forget that people can only give arbitrary assurances in "100% in", etc. I know you mentioned you needed that, but they aren't admissions and don't know your file - not to say that you have to worry, just don't get too comfortable either. tl;dr - rewrite if you think you can improve! Best of luck
  9. As long as the amendment was sent and confirmed by OLSAS, then law schools will receive the LSAT score you write in November. Best of luck!
  10. They do not. However, it makes for good conversation when others went through the same undergraduate program or institution. We all enjoy relating to people in some way or another.
  11. Doesn't matter the law school per-say, just check the course breakdowns for each and pick the one that has more options of things you like. In this case, youth criminal law.
  12. Purchase a home... Then furnish it with enough bare essentials and Netflix - you can re-enact my pfp.
  13. Chrome or the unspoken orphaned child - Microsoft Edge. Now, there is also the question of your actual CV. PDF sometimes will not upload depending on the render size (could be above what is accepted), change the file type to various types such as .doc or .docx. Here - https://support.office.com/en-us/article/change-the-default-file-format-fbb8d68b-d117-4753-b17d-ca756e5fe7ba
  14. If you don't have a writing sample, you don't have a complete LSAT. So yeah, not doing one until Jan 1st is kinda gonna affect your application...
  15. Ok, did you pass though? As that gives consumers confidence in your notes
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