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  1. No clue, try the UofT and Osgoode reps... should be the same ig
  2. The constant usage of "a**" showcases just how great UChicago is at expanding their students vocabulary!
  3. Meh, not relevant... it's really the skills you develop in your undergraduate of being able to gather lots of info, condense, summarize, and articulate your point. This can be gathered in any program.
  4. To apply yeah, to withdraw most ask for proof of enrollment
  5. Most apply for April/June, though if you already know where you are going - apply for the PSLOC and get it done now. The interest only accrues when you pull $$ from the PSLOC anyway.
  6. As many on the forms have stated, check out Scotiabank's PSLOC. They have an entire sheet of contacts that are familiar with law school and the PSLOC process of each school, check out the contact for the school you're going to... god I should get paid by Scotibank as this is the 2nd time I've posted about them LOL Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf
  7. Just a suggestion, check out what Scotiabank has to offer - Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf. Several on lawstudents have utilized it, prime at 135k with an Amex Gold is standard.
  8. When you get an offer, there is a date you must provisionally accept and pay a non-refundable deposit. The benefit of a provisional acceptance is that you can still be considered by your other schools, up until the deadline (I think July 1st?? Check OLSAS important dates for this one) when it automatically converts to a firm acceptance. The firm acceptance is when you cannot be considered by any other law school. Example... - You get into Ottawa and on April 1st you provisionally accept on OLSAS - You get an acceptance to Windsor on June 25th - You can firm accept Windsor, but you lose your deposit for Ottawa
  9. Well normally they say non-refundable, so yes. If you do put your deposit and provisionally accept somewhere, you will not get that deposit back. Reasoning? The school wants your commitment and they'll make you essentially increase their confidence in you attending by at least getting some cash if you end up changing your mind last minute.
  10. Great to hear there was diversity in your law school's technology. Also great to hear that there were no particular issues with your exam software on your machine. This is not always the norm. Most libraries will have a few Macs and a majority of PCs, the breakdown of students OS is also varied but still predominantly Windows, which is something every student should consider. As for document transfer, it is not always easily transferable if you dig into file format for drives... which I won't bore anyone with. But, just know that for cross-OS USB transfers, you'll want to research some more before finding out in real-time when you need to move a large file for example on Fat32 from Windows to Mac. I do know that Microsoft Office has been available since Suite 2016, but there are still compatibility issues that arise when dealing with versioning that MS has only been working on patching 1yr ago... and it's still wonky! Overall, my opinion still stands for OP to choose Windows. But, the advice pertaining to his/her question - go with the MacBook for a full experience compared to an iPad.
  11. Heureux est un concept relatif et il change franchement de jour en jour. J'ai eu une journée terrible, ce qui m'a fait le contraire du bonheur Dans l'ensemble, 10/10 comme la loi. Pas aujourd'hui.
  12. Yes, can confirm. I would like to speak the baguette language.
  13. Tablets have come a long way, but frankly even with the iPadOS - it is not on par with a full PC (windows/mac). I would always urge Windows over Mac for Law School because of exam software sometimes being wonky on a Mac and a good portion of your fellow classmates will be using Windows or have Windows running machines in the libraries. This means that you would have to account for file types and transfers across OS's! To answer your question, go with the MacBook over the iPad. To add my opinion, look into a Windows device instead.
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