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  1. Application fee, not application feedback. As far as I know, none of them return your fee.
  2. Agreed. Obviously this is outside the scope of OP's question but without a solid score in hand, I strongly suggest they apply more broadly.
  3. What’s the point of pulling your apps? You won’t get your application fee back. The only thing that’ll save you from is the sting of rejection emails. Edit: To anyone else reading, don’t waste money on services that claim to spruce up your PS.
  4. There's a difference between stories that help inform people asking questions on this site and sufficient evidence to bring a case before the Human Rights Tribunal. If you're curious about what it takes to bring a successful application, I suggest you read the cases that have gone before the HRT. In my province, that'd be the BCHRT.
  5. Rarely is discrimination overt (ex: "I am not hiring you because you're too old"). Rather, any kind of discrimination is generally ascertained indirectly. Sometimes it's a change in tone when something indicative of your age comes up, or you check the firm website and all the students look to be the same age, or whatever. Yes, you can make the argument that one never really knows they've been discriminated against based on age, but if enough people having similar stories, it's not unreasonable to deduce that age discrimination is at play.
  6. In my experience, interviews with most OCI-participating employers are about “fit.” This is less true of government employers though.
  7. Your school job board should have listings as needs arise. It’s hard to predict who needs articling students and when outside of the recruit. And yes, grades get you in the door but don’t guarantee a job.
  8. If you're lucky. I mooted in choir robes 😔
  9. UBC is having its Vancouver OCIs this week. ITCs won't be rolling out just yet, at least not for UBC students.
  10. Ryerson doesn't have 2Ls yet. This is their inaugural year.
  11. This as well as the assumption that those who do the LPP weren't able to get articles.
  12. This is basically the criticism of the LPP and why there is a general stigma around it.
  13. I reached out to a lawyer once for a coffee meeting in advance of OCIs. It also happened to be squarely in the blackout period of the articling recruit at that time. Her initial response was she couldn’t meet with me. Then she realized I wasn’t participating in the then articling recruit and agreed to meet.
  14. It wouldn’t necessarily hurt to reach out, but blackout likely means you can’t get meaningful interaction with participating firms. As I understand it, this is meant to level the playing field. Some firms won’t even let their lawyers meet with students during blackout. It’s not a bad strategy to ask your questions after a first in-firm. It might even work in your favour if you make a positive impression at the in-firm stage.
  15. Congrats on your acceptances! I appreciate the growth TRU had gone through in the past few years but you’re not missing out by going for UVic.
  16. My understanding is that it's generally rare to get hired from UBC but not impossible. Also, my school doesn't advertise NY as much as it does Canadian firms. All we see is the job listings on our school message board. No hype or anything.
  17. I'm at UBC and in my year, 2 people were hired at NY firms for 2L summer. Apparently it's not the norm and there are years where no one from UBC is hired.
  18. Which law school are you at? At UBC where I attend there are lots of different PBSC placements, most of which are at organizations local to the greater Vancouver area. It's fine to be honest about your experiences at a placement. In fact, it's helpful info for others as well. While it may be true that these experiences are "resume boosters," lots of people have clinical experience on their resume so you're unlikely to stand out by much unless you're in a leadership position or you founded a clinic. If you're unhappy with your placement, you might want to talk to your supervisor and see what your options are. You're better off doing something you enjoy and that might free up space for someone else who may enjoy this placement a lot more.
  19. 1. "0L" is not really a thing. It's used as a stand-in for anyone who has been accepted in law school but hasn't started yet. But it's still not really a thing. 2. A "court clerk" is an officer of the court who maintains court records and performs other functions in support of courts of law. A "judicial law clerk" is someone who conducts legal research and writing for judges. Court clerks don't need to attend law school. Judicial law clerks have law degrees. 3. "Big firm" can mean a law firm with lots of lawyers or a national/international firm with multiple locations. It depends on the context. 4. In Canada, the "v" in a style of cause is read as "and" not "versus." So "Allard v UBC" is read as "Allard and UBC." 5. Osgoode may or may not be in Toronto. It depends on who you talk to.
  20. Yeah, sounds like some kind of issue with your application submission. You should probably contact your CDO ASAP.
  21. As someone who does RA work, I'd gently caution you against coming across as too inflexible or demanding in how you do the work. Being asked to be an RA is a privilege and a sign that the prof trusts you. You're on their good side. Chances are, this is important to them and they are seeking someone who can do the work well and meet certain timelines. Unless the prof has no one else in mind, you may want to consider letting someone else have this opportunity.
  22. Do you want to be called to the Bar in BC or Alberta? It's better to go to the province you want to get called and practice in. Neither school will give you a better chance at a 1L summer job. While Alberta participates in a 1L recruit, those are notoriously competitive and heavily based on excellent 1L grades or an exceptional background. You can participate in this recruit from either BC or AB. Other non-recruit legal jobs are out there. I know BC has positions ranging from WorkSafe to law firms to LSLAP. You can also pick up an RA position with a professor, which is also very valuable and desirable work experience in 1L. So, for the purposes of choosing a law school, you might want to look at the end goal of where you want to work.
  23. Having witnessed this issue last year during April exams, I was curious as to how it would play out for OCIs. Sorry to hear that this year was extra tough.
  24. I agree with CleanHands, Tagger and Starling. No doubt the current 1L climate is primarily attributable to remote schooling. I did perceive some low-key competition, especially during OCIs. There is a rumor that some people, either my year or the year above, kept a spreadsheet of who got jobs where. It was not for an explicitly malicious purpose per se, but apparently it was used to determine who was "worth their time." Again, just a rumor. As to the April 2020 exams issue, there was a movement, primarily driven by the then 1Ls, to push for mandatory Cr/D/F on the basis that people were disproportionately affected by COVID and remote examination. Those who opposed had various reasons, like employability, clerkships and so on. It got heated then died down as people got their grades back and found out they did better than expected 🤷‍♀️
  25. I assume coincidentally having the same last name as a partner helps
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