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  1. The discretionary category at Allard has no such questionnaire. It just asks that applicants submit supporting documents without getting into detail as to what they should be.
  2. My classmates at UBC who did the program said good things about it as well. Some of them met each other while in Saskatchewan, so that's a perk. The program is intensive though so just be prepared to spend long hours.
  3. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought there's always a need for legal aid support (unless "public interest" means something different and more specific than I understood it to mean). The legal aid clinic at UBC is always in need of students and there are quite a few PBSC placements for all years. There's also a number of summer public interest positions (collectively known as PIWPP) and these are listed on our job board annually. I am genuinely surprised to hear that these are "unicorn" positions. My understanding has always been that these are not attractive jobs for the reasons other posters listed (low pay, difficult clients, vicarious trauma, and often stressful and thankless).
  4. Interesting. Not sure if this will be helpful if other schools aren’t doing this. Allard only had this option in Spring 2020.
  5. I’m a 3L about to graduate and the feeling never left It can be a good thing in that it motivates you to take your studies and any experiential work seriously. Just don’t let it turn onto crippling anxiety or anything like that and you’ll be fine.
  6. A 3-year degree won’t be viewed negatively by admissions. However, a bit of maturity goes a long way in law school and reflects well on you when you’re applying to jobs.
  7. This question does seem unfair, lol. No one would expect this kind of angle.
  8. Sorry, didn't correct myself in time. I meant $1000 per semester.
  9. Technically yes but it's ridiculously small and expensive. There is more parking by the Rose Garden or thereabouts. I didn't park on campus but I heard a pass is about $1000 a month.
  10. Make some good friends and keep them close. It’s so much better than going at it alone.
  11. At this stage, undergrad grades won't matter at all. OCIs are a black box and many academically strong applicants strike out. The path forward is to keep up your law school grades and make sure you get relevant work experience.
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