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  1. Secured Trans, at least at Allard (at least with MacDougall) doesn’t touch on mortgages but is an otherwise interesting take on property law. 1L Property helped me understand it but it’s also a very narrow subject matter - namely who has rights to collateral and what their priority ordering is.
  2. Isn't the max at Allard 90% anyways? And even then, the prof will need special permission or file some kind of paperwork. I know people who got 90s.
  3. Are you from a law school that implemented mandatory P/F? If so, I understand why you might be anxious. But in my experience (as an incoming 3L), people are generally anxious about OCIs around this time of year. COVID year is probably just going to heighten this anxiety. Nothing you said so far indicates you "need help" with you anxiety issues. This kind of chatter was abundant among my peers last summer. Based on what I know, in hindsight, no one really knows what recruiters care about when it comes to work experience or extra curricular activities. What is brought up during interviews may surprise you. No one really knows why recruiters might ask about some random volunteer position you had in undergrad as opposed to the "volunteer work at a legal clinic" you might have done. But it happens. Generally speaking, recruiters tend to have grade cut-offs but can be flexible depending on the applicants' other experiences. This may or may not hold in the next recruitment cycle and no one knows. There's no point in stressing over this. Just do your best in 2L and see what happens. If you have something to do this summer, great. Do the thing and do your best at it. RA positions are not all the same. Some involve pretty mundane, mindless stuff. Even if you don't get a job from OCIs, there are plenty of interesting law jobs out there. Not getting a job through OCIs may be a blessing in disguise. 1Ls, especially those from corporate-focused schools (like mine), tend to see things through a very narrow lens. It's the unfortunate result of having big firm names in our faces all the time. It's hard to convince them otherwise until they see what's out there.
  4. Why not consider doing 1 in 2L and the other in 3L?
  5. I’m still a student but I’ve participated in law-related hiring. I suggest tailoring your applications wherever you can. Little things matter: get the name of the recruiter right, get the name of the organization right, know what their mandate is, know something about what they do, etc. Follow instructions. Don’t send a writing sample if it’s not asked for. Employers can tell when you’re sending out something generic and will likely pass you by. We sure do. As an example, “fit” is a key factor for us. Grades not so much. We want someone who genuinely enjoys working with us and is willing to learn and grow. We want someone who will stay. We’re also wary of those who apply to us because they can’t “get something better.” Those candidates usually aren’t selected regardless of their grades or ECs. If your CV, courses and ECs scream corporate/commercial and there is no indication otherwise, we will likely mark you as a flight risk and not select you.
  6. Gainful employment in something I hope will not become boring.
  7. You can try to get your LSAT score higher if that's the issue. Otherwise, get a job and save some money.
  8. Moots and for-credit clinics are not available to 1Ls at my school anyways. I think a couple of Allard clubs are still running as well as PBSC and LSLAP.
  9. A few of my friends are in their 30s. They are doing very well academically and are more emotionally well-adjusted than most people I know in law school. They seem to know what they want and are less influenced by the mainstream, corporate-focused culture that sometimes feels like a plague at my school. They're also the people I feel I can trust the most. Being in your 30s during law school could very well be an asset for you.
  10. This is the cookie-cutter advice given to 1Ls but not always the most efficient way to do well on law exams. I discarded most of this in 2L and got better grades with less time spent studying.
  11. You are starting 1L in September, right? Generally, 1Ls are given a set schedule with little to any choice as to whether you get exams or assignments. You'll also learn how law exams work during 1L and you'll see why they're considered "hard." After 1L, you'll likely learn what works best for you and hopefully that will inform your choices in upper year when you get more of a choice.
  12. Makes me wonder why they're offering to refund the April portion of the Upass through student services (by phone).
  13. You may want to reach out to the orientation coordinators. I am not an ambassador but I know orientation will be online.
  14. In your shoes, I wouldn't P/F average grades. See if you can get feedback on your performance and try to do better in 2L.
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