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  1. Psychometronic

    Second attempt.. Any advice appreciated.

    Firstly, it's news to me that UVic cares enough about course load to exclude you altogether (your bare stats would have been at the very least a high waitlist number, if not an auto-admit) but I guess this is something I'll keep in mind if anyone asks. Secondly, depending on how many years you've worked/been out of school, you may qualify as a Discretionary applicant at UBC under the mature category (they say 30+ but that's not a hard rule). You'll need to get two reference letters for this category and employment letters are accepted (although not ideal) if you can't get academic references. Thirdly, if you really want to go to a Canadian law school, apply broadly. As already mentioned, UBC and UVic are tough schools to get into and you have a great chance at being accepted elsewhere.
  2. Psychometronic

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    I imagine this is to give the appearance of fairness without actually being fair. Kind of a waste of time to interview someone without seriously considering them though.
  3. Sorry, I meant, "Why wouldn't you include your first year marks in your cumulative GPA?"
  4. I wouldn't you include your first year marks in your cumulative GPA?
  5. Psychometronic

    Third Retake?

    I can’t tell if OP is flying to another country to write the LSAT or not (original post didn’t say) but this seems like a really unnecessary step just to get in a relatively early write. November (domestic) is just as good. Having said that, I think you should find out where your weaknesses are, work on those, then write again if/when your PT scores improve. Otherwise, it’s just another money sink (and a huge one at that if you’re also buying a plane ticket).
  6. Psychometronic

    Are lawyers still using typewriters?

    This is just my own observation. If lawyers claim to use it for something, I’m not really in a position (as a student) to dispute it.
  7. Psychometronic

    Are lawyers still using typewriters?

    I’ve seen typewriters used as decoration - like a globe or set of encyclopedias.
  8. 2016 should be fine.
  9. If you've already paid, you may as well get the experience by writing. There is always the opportunity to cancel your score if you don't want it negatively affecting your chances in the future (there is value is knowing how you did and what you got wrong as well, which you won't know if you cancel). As far as I know, only UofA averages scores.
  10. Psychometronic

    February LSAT

    It won't hurt to take the Feb. LSAT. If you make UBC's index, you're in. Having said that, I think LSAT dates have shifted such that there's a Jan. LSAT now instead of a Feb. one. You should check UBC's admissions page to see if they take Jan. for the upcoming admissions cycle (they likely will since they take Feb).
  11. Psychometronic

    LSAT and Mental Health

    Joining an LSAT study group helped me immensely. It kept me accountable and motivated. You'll find that others might experience the same LSAT frustrations as you (ex: burnout, plateaus, timing issues, etc.) and it's validating to share these feelings with one another. Some of the people I've studied with are still my friends today. If you're with 7Sage, there are various virtual study groups organized on their discussion forum. They typically meet through GoToMeeting or Discord. The people are usually very friendly and willing to help out.
  12. Psychometronic

    Chances? (3.98 cGPA / 3.98 L2 / 167/ Poor ECs)

    The title of this post is misleading because you don’t have an LSAT score yet but I doubt you’ll have difficulty getting into an Ontario school if you hit your recent PT average.
  13. Psychometronic


    Don't bring your cell phone into the building. Leave it at home or in your car. I've personally seen someone kicked out for this. It wasn't pretty.
  14. Did you friend write the Feb LSAT? Median is 83% and 166. She would have been a relatively early admit barring an administrative error or late LSAT.
  15. Psychometronic

    What Should I do? [3.14]

    If you take a 6th year, that won’t negatively impact your app at UofA. You might not even need a full 6th year in order to get your L2 within comfortable range. Consider, however, how badly you want to get into an Ontario school. I’ve never applied to Ontario so I don’t know what the dos and don’ts are but this strategy might not carry over to Ontario. Also, how will you feel if you can’t successfully transfer after 1L? Can you see yourself graduating from UofA? A 6th year is not a negligible amount of time or cost. Edit: Your L2 is probably closer to the 3.4 than 3.2. OLSAS is specifically for Ontario schools.