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  1. Semantics. "were" because I was speaking in past tense, referencing the conversation I had with her. Effectively, there were over 600 people on the waitlist, as of the time I spoke with her/last week.
  2. I spoke with a representative who advised that there were over 600 people on the waitlist. Given that fact, and the above, I'm moving on with my life plans...
  3. That's agony! you should...and then let me know how it goes
  4. If you don't accept Western with scholarship now, and don't get into Os this cycle, would you simply go to Western without scholarship, or would you consider sitting a year out, upgrade and re-apply, hoping for Os? I think the answer to that question answers a lot...
  5. I tend to agree. I don't think calling is a bad idea. You could explain that it's your first choice, but that you're getting scholarship offers with timelines, and ask if there was any way to have your application reviewed. It couldn't hurt to try! ps. I can understand your predicament - 20k will not cover your living costs there, if you have the option to go to Oz, which is nextdoor...but still, it's a pretty good problem to have - either way, you're in!
  6. My suspicion is you'll get in somewhere! Good on you for being so dedicated to change that you'll relocate to anywhere in Canada for law school. Keep us posted about where (not if) you get in
  7. I imagine it's just absorbed as a bogus fee of sorts... And something tells me this is just the beginning of stuff like that .... lol
  8. With 158 LSAT, mature applicant, experience in the industry, and post-grad studies...I'd say your chances are pretty decent... there are over 4 months until classes start, so there's plenty of time for movement on the waitlist...GPA is just one part of the application, and you still had a B+/A- ...did you apply anywhere else, and have you heard anything from elsewhere? Interested to know what field you worked as a paralegal in.
  9. I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say that it's because he wants another spot to be open in Windsor, to increase his odds of acceptance .... You didn't ask for my two cents, but I'll offer them up! Ottawa is a more politically and legally-saturated city, and it is more competitive to get into. I think it's reputation and location would be good for a resume, and the networking and articling opportunities might be greater.
  10. CONGRATS!!!! wondering if you were waitlisted first? (and if so, do you recall when?)
  11. YAY YOU!!!! wondering if you were waitlisted first? (and if so, do you recall when?)
  12. I'm a little unclear about this ... were you wait-listed for single JD, then rejected after being waitlisted? As a general inquiry, is that a movement that people know of taking place? (Waitlist, then next movement is rejected ... or is next movement, if any, generally accepted?) I tend to think that being wait-listed at this point is a good sign (almost 5 months until classes start), but perhaps that's just wishful thinking if it is possible to be rejected from the waitlist...
  13. YAY YOU!!!! Thanks so much for posting. I'm a mature student - this story brings me hope!
  14. YAY you!!!! were you regular or mature/access?
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