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  1. They were never out of compliance, or I would not have been able to take classes.
  2. Just wanted to let you all know I got offers from 2 Ontario schools
  3. I am also applying to transfer for a 2L position. My file is under review. I spoke to admissions yesterday who said they are actively looking at applications.
  4. omg NO why? Even if I have good grades and recommendation letters?
  5. Does anybody have an experience transferring from an American Law School to a Canadian one? Or know how many spots will be available at Queens, Western, York, U of T or Ottawa open for transfer students this year?
  6. thats insane wtf accepted to WESTERN which is so much more difficult to get into. Ottawa is all over the place this year
  7. Also denied last night. 146, 3.75 strong RL and EC's
  8. My friend got his rejection email almost 4 weeks ago!
  9. Did not offer me a timeline but said they are very busy still reviewing files and said they still have so many to get through. So she did not tell me the class was full but if they are still reviewing from the sounds of it, the class is not full! She said acceptances can come in as late as may
  10. Ottawa and Windsor have already started sending them out.
  11. I just spoke with Vicky from admissions and she says tons of people are accepted that are not put on the waiting list, and if you are put on the waitlist and the chance is still high that you can just be removed from the waitlist at any time. So really no advantage or disadvantage to either. Just a long waiting game
  12. I have been searching through these posts over the last few hours and it is looking like a lot of people who are being accepted to Osgoode are being placed on the waiting list before their acceptances come. If I have been in the queue since February 15th and not heard about the wait list should I start to be worried? Confused how this works
  13. wrote twice, first time 145 and second 146. studied for 6 months and did prep courses. Not sure what happened just was unable to make a difference. I have great letters and ECs. I got accepted in the states but would much rather go here obviously.
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