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  1. Hey Folks, Has anyone heard anything about where and when orientation for L1 is supposed to take place? I never received anything in the mail or by email about orientation, and the website has not been very helpful on filling in the details. -Orange
  2. I know small-timers who went to U of T, and I know judges who went to Windsor. It's not necessarily where you go, it's what you do when you get there and beyond. Grind, network hard, work lots, make your own opportunities happen (to the best of your abilities), and there's no reason why you can't be successful in any standard you hold for yourself.
  3. In yesterday morning around 11am! L2: 3.82 GPA: 3.3 LSAT: 155 Very strong ECs and work experience. Good LORs (I think, anyways) from EC /work supervisors and profs. My personal statement responses were written with an access to justice focus. Have already firm accepted - see y'all this fall! -Orange
  4. Hi folks, I was hoping a current Bora Laskin student could maybe provide an example of what a first year's timetable might look like. Thanks for the continued help and mentorship, - Orange
  5. I think what this user is saying is that, while there is a correlation between those who have received the Meet and Greet invitation having also received an offer of admission, it cannot be taken as granted that to receive the Meet and Greet invitation is a necessary or sufficient indicator of one's likelihood of being admitted... But it is probably a decent sign.
  6. I'm in the same boat. I had to provisionally accept at another school while awaiting Windsors response. I've been Referred to Ad Comm for just under a month now, which is a little frustrating considering they're pulling from the wait list and accepting other students who have been referred for less time (according to those students). But I'm assuming that it says "Still to be Considered" only to reflect the OLSAS portal. And I'm starting to believe that the UWindsor applications statuses don't really mean anything anyways; maybe that's just the bureaucracy skeptic in me. Best of luck!
  7. I think the appearance of this tab option is likely the product of UWindsor trying to bring the new portal up to full operational capacity. I'm "Referred - AC" and I have this new tab also, but it seems it has no correlation to status. Guess we'll just have to keep waiting - this has nothing to do with acceptance or declination, by the looks of it. - Orange
  8. Responding to LLawS: All of my to-do list is gone, yes. It has been for a month or so. I suspect they clear it as a means of tracking whether students have things left to fulfill. This is just my inference; I'm not really sure about that. But yes, mine is gone! Responding to Whocareshouse: I remembering seeing that somewhere in the forums also. I'm really hoping that it could be sooner, as I have to pay my seat fee for another offer soon if I don't hear anything from Windsor in time. Fingers crossed!
  9. Hi guys, My status changed this morning from Pending Review to Referred - Admission Committee. Just wanted to share for those who may waiting on and curious about status changes! Best, - Orange
  10. Hi Folks, This news is a couple weeks old, but I thought it would be nice to share with you all! Lakehead's Bora Laskin Faculty of Law took home the 2019 Arnup Cup, qualifying the team to represent Ontario at next month's Sopinka Cup. The winning team consists of Lakehead Law students Amanda Gallo, Austin Nix, Phaedra Olinyk and Nathan Wainwright, as well as Coach Kimberly Gagan. https://www.lakeheadu.ca/about/news-and-events/news/archive/2019/node/50463 For those students concerned about a lack of brand recognition associated with Lakehead in the world of law, let this stand as proof that Lakehead Law students can compete with students from even the most recognized schools in Ontario (including Queen's, and the two teams sent by Osgoode Hall). This is just the beginning! - Orange (Full disclosure; I'm not currently a student at Bora Laskin. But, I have been admitted and intend to accept. See you all in the fall!)
  11. I received a mailed invitation to the March 2nd Open house, but no email nor an invitation to the Meet and Greet. Anyone have this happen with them?
  12. Not sure, but I hope you're right. I was Pending Review for a month or so, until sometime after Christmas I was changed to Referred for Review. But now I (at a few others, it seems) at back to Pending. Who knows lol.
  13. Congrats! Quick question: what was your status prior to being accepted? Referred - Admission's Committee?
  14. I've changed to Pending Review from Referred for Review as well. Hopefully this means we're next up on their committee review docket?
  15. Of course. But my question is, will I have to update my transcript on OLSAS for my schools again to reflect my current schedule? Or does it not matter?
  16. Hi fellow applicants, I'm currently taking 5 courses in my final term of my undergrad. I only need 4 to graduate, and I'm considering dropping one that I really dislike. I've already sent my updated transcripts (with my Fall 2018) away to my application schools, and I'd bet this transcript reflects my current 5 course situation. My question is, if I drop one of my five courses - in favour of a 4 course term - will I need to update my transcripts again in order for my transcripts to reflect the course drop? The drop would happen before the deadline, and so no indications of withdrawal (W) would occur on my transcript. The only difference would be that my transcript would then show 4 courses currently enrolled versus 5 courses currently enrolled. I'll reiterate my question; would I need to send updated transcripts in the event that I drop a course I'm currently in before the drop deadline? Best, -Orange.
  17. Woah, you guys are fast to the forum! Yup, I just got it myself. Hopefully we'll be hearing in the next few weeks. Best of luck!
  18. Yup. I just got this email on Wednesday. When I spoke to an admission officer at UWindsor earlier this month, she told me they're a small team and process all the applications themselves. We'll just have to hang tight and see what they give us. Best of luck!
  19. Got the call this morning! I'm in! (Acceptance upon the completion of my degree/Graduation in April 2019) Stats Cumulative GPA: 3.19 (I changed programs - from Nursing into Philosophy - after year 2; my GPA is 3.76 excluding my Nursing program grades.) L2 GPA: 3.78 B3 GPA: 3.61 LSAT: 155 (Second attempt - September write date.) My ECs were strong IMO: 2 years as President of my major society, 1.5 years as a first-year student ambassador, 2 years of volunteering as a academic integrity appeals tribunal member with my Faculty's Dean's Office, I've worked either full-time or part-time every year of my life since I was 14 (I included my resume in my application). Letters were also fairly good, I think. Two of my seminar professors wrote my letters; one of them was a former attorney. I was born and raised in Northern Ontario, and I'm bilingual (French). Best of luck to everyone still waiting! There is hope for people with low GPAs, low LSATs, and a lot of life experience. Happy Holidays! - Orange
  20. I do believe, from my research, that it is as Danny257 is putting it. They're likely to dig into the next round of acceptances (Jan-Feb) before dropping any hard declination bombs on people. I wonder if the wait-list starts in Dec. when the acceptances come out, or later when the rejections start. Hmm. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see! Best of luck everyone!
  21. Ah! So it may seem that these things are initiated, and then satisfied, as records are reviewed. I won't panic then. Best of luck to you!
  22. Hey guys, Have your documents become "satisfied" by any chance? My GPA and LSAT numbers are up on MyUWindsor, but none of my documents are "satisfied" in the other tabs. There was discussion about this on another thread but no answers were really parsed out so I'm curious to know what you guys are showing considering you've been reviewed and processed to some degree. Best of luck!
  23. Hey everyone! Thanks for your comments. As to where I saw this value, I found when I clicked on my application in my MyUWindsor portal. The value was labelled "Law Admission Average". Ryn - your calculator is bang on. I even had a statistics professor of mine review my statistics manually to confirm the value. No worries there. Perplexed, I called OLSAS to ask them about it. Their answer was: "We have no idea what that number is - we haven't released any averages yet. They'll be coming out in December." I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens with it. False alarm, I guess? This process will surely have me on edge until the end of May. But thanks for the response folks. - Orange
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