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  1. Thank you all for the help, it's much appreciated. 'Thetiebar' works perfectly and I'll be ordering some ties from there tonight! Didn't know it existed until now. Thanks again!
  2. Hi. Honestly not sure if I'm allowed to ask a question in these forums. Not at all a lawyer, not even remotely close - just a 1st (2nd?) year undergrad that's used to wearing jeans and whatnot. I luckily got a job with a ministry in the Ontario Government this summer and when I met with my boss last week she recommend I wear a button up and a tie on most days except Fridays. I currently only own one tie (from prom...). Do any of you know where I might be able to pick up ties that aren't uber expensive? Everywhere I go they seem to be $75 and that's just not in my price range I live with my mom/aunt and they've got just as little of an idea as I do tbh, so I was hoping one of you might be able to help. They said if worst comes to worst they'll just foot the bill for some of the nicer ones but I'd rather pay through my own savings (they already have to pay for other things like shirts, pants, go bus, etc). If anyone does help, thank you!!
  3. Goodyear-Grant! She seems hella cool from what I can tell. And I'll definitely see my TA when I can! My essay writing is kind of shitty atm so me and the people working at the writing centre will be seeing each other a lot. Thanks for the heads up about the grading!!!!
  4. Wait, seriously? I was so excited for POLS110 and now I'm terrified..
  5. Are you at Humber College or University of Guelph-Humber specifically? I believe that Guelph-Humber is a recognized university according to this(?): https://www.ouac.on.ca/unilinks/ If it is an option within your program, you can try to upgrade your diploma to an honours degree by transitioning from Humber College to GH. One of my siblings did this and was able to be accepted to some masters programs, but YMMV since law is still an undergraduate program. Also, I did a quick google search and found somebody on LinkedIn that did a Honours Bachelor of Applied Science at Guelph-Humber and is now completing a JD at Osgoode. (But this is just one example so take it as you may.) Calling individual schools is probably the best idea either way. Not sure if any of this is helpful to you but good luck.
  6. Thanks for replying! I don't know why, but I haven't fully considered that my future grades can limit me to becoming a lawyer (or psychologist and other careers for that matter). Well, I mean, I have now. After lots of reading I've found that most people believe there is little correlation between your high-school average and GPA in university, so I really don't know what to expect atm. Do you think that having lawyers within the family gave you a more realistic understanding of what lawyers do on a day-to-day basis? And do you know how one might go about shadowing a lawyer - this is something my brother suggested doing once I reach 2nd or 3rd year. And thank you once again!!!
  7. Hey! Sorry for the late reply! Preparing for prom is really time consuming . And thank you for this in depth response! If you don't mind, may I shoot you a PM and ask you some questions about Queen's that are completely unrelated to law and law school? It's good to hear you think so highly of Queen's. I've actually yet to meet anyone who has had a bad experience attending the school (although I'm sure they exist). May I ask how one exactly attends these conferences and speeches? I've always perceived conferences as these fancy get-togethers that graduate students attend where they get name cards and stuff. Do you have to be invited or can you just casually walk right in? And thanks for all the advice! The one particular quote about working hard and being impressive really made me think. As of now I don't think I have anything else to say! Mainly because this was so helpful that all I can say is thank you, and if I say anything else I think I'll just end up reinforcing what you've already said. With that being said, I really appreciate your response and even taking the time out to write it! My nerves have definitely settled after reading this and all the other posts written, which I think is what I originally needed more than anything. Once again, thank you!
  8. ..........You're a musically-gifted lawyer? That's actually really cool and a TV series waiting to happen. But seriously, thank you! That is pretty much why I procrastinate every single assignment I get. I've only been able to get by because most high-school classes are really straight forward (except for biology). Any-who, I realize now it's still early as many of you said so I'm going to try and think a little bit more before I confine myself to one thing. With that being said, I do expect to go into school next year psychology focused and if happens that I do want to go to law school I'll just apply. I think the complications were really arising from my fears and doubts. I don't know if I actually love law yet to see if it's worth pushing myself through, but I guess I'll know within the next few years. Thanks a lot and have a good 1
  9. Thanks! I will surely aim for a high GPA no matter what. Lab experience is definitely something I'm interested in and I'm glad it could be beneficial if I do decided to go to law school. And I will take your advice on speaking to lots of people in the industry. Right now I am speaking with my school's law teacher who used to be a practicing lawyer about what it's like. They said they spent all day explaining things to people; it actually did not sound super exciting, but there's lots of types of lawyers so I won't let that entirely crush my dreams. Thank you for taking the time to respond!
  10. Well, I did not know you could use the word "abortive" in a non-medical way and I'm glad you did that because I learned something new today. Also, thanks! For all that typed btw, and not just this one part. Everything you wrote helped, this specific part just really stuck out to me. I really hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I'm glad to hear that you became a lawyer without having a structure/plan for it. It's nice to know that it's doable. And thanks for that part on mediocrity and risk/taking. I don't think I can articulate myself well enough to respond without basically repeating what you said, so I am just going to say that I am thankful.
  11. Before I single out this one part of your post this is me saying thank you for typing out the entire thing! It was really in depth. I really like this idea of setting personal goals rather than just exactly planning everything and hoping it works out (at least that's what I got from it). So I'll definitely try this; I think I will try to restructure my 'plan' into a series of goals and that may be less taxing on me. One non-academic goal of mine has always been to start a WordPress blog where I post about fitness and motivation (It's cheesy I know but I love that stuff) and I actually just created a page yesterday! I am going to try to take it slowly and then steadily improve, akin to what you did in terms of publication. In regards to point 1: Exactly. I really can't type anything else because this is what it is. My parents/aunt are: MSW, accountant, and nurse and they keep hitting me with this "We did it with no help as immigrants so you should be able to do - insert career here - without any trouble!!!" propaganda. Although I know it's because they just want the best for me and all that junk. Anyways.....to be a bit more optimistic.... I set up an appointment with my guidance counselor at school to further discuss this, and like you said, there are cool opportunities I don't know about yet! He was telling me about jobs that I would actually like but never even considered, such as working for the ministry of natural resources, being a case worker, policy-related gigs, etc. I'm aware you all also told me this already so thank you. I'm going to try to achieve my initial goals while also learning about some new stuff. As for point B: I will definitely try to get involved on campus. Everyone says Model UN is so school and I think I would enjoy it so I'm going to try and join next year, however that may be. And it's an added bonus that I can develop a great social life through it! I had some medical crap throughout HS that kind of disallowed me to drink lots of alcohol and whatnot so I'm definitely going to take advantage of my health now lol Thanks for this and have a good day!
  12. Hi. Thanks for the responses and taking out the time to help!! Sorry for not replying quickly. I am indeed reading all the advice you have given me.
  13. Thanks! I didn't expect someone to answer every single one of my questions, there are a lot floating in there after all. I appreciate you answering what you can. Anyways: I want to have fun, I really do lol. You're definitely right that fun and hard-work are not mutually exclusive. I've believed that for so long that I wasn't really sure how to handle university next year since everybody says it's supposed to be the best years of your life and all that stuff. I also wanted to avoid my parents paying a bunch of $ for me not to succeed, that would really suck. I think I just have to get over this and force myself to go out and have fun?? Also GL in law school next year. Thanks for this and giving me a different perspective. Are office hours a time slot that you can just walk in and throw a bunch of questions at the prof? Because that's my idea of it, and if that is true then I'll surely go to office hours. Thanks for the help!
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. I hope I didn't imply that arts degrees are lesser than ~whatever other degree. I think I will heed your advice try to follow the psychology path for now and put more thought into being a lawyer. From my personal experience a lot of the people I know applying to law school have some kind of extracurricular in model parliament or in some kind of pre-law society thingy, so I wasn't sure how research experience would look in comparison to others. But, if you think that it would be equal to any other extracurricular that would be awesome. I'd get the best of both worlds that way. And I'm glad you're in a career you like. I haven't really put much thought into other careers because I kept telling myself throughout high-school I would do something Psychology-related, but I'll try to look out for some other things as the years go by. And yeah I agree balance is key. I'm mainly scared to do something and then regret forfeiting the other tbh. I think I'll try to make some kind of schedule where I can study and party, with studying being a bit more of a priority. Thanks for taking the time to respond, this actually helps :~ )
  15. Hello. I've been lurking on this forum for a while, but I actually have a question of my own this time. I will be starting my first year of undergrad next year at Queen's University and I have absolutely no idea what to do, so, I am here looking for advice. My questions are as follow: Did you have some kind of passionate eureka moment in which you decided you would become a lawyer? Or did you just critically assess your situation and concluded that law school was the best overall option for you? Did you always want to be a lawyer or did it occur to you later on in your studies? I’m aware that at my age I have a lot of time to think, and planning on getting into law school itself is unsafe, but I absolutely cannot function without structure. I kind of need a plan at all times. Because of this I have outlined two different academic routes that I can try and pursue. More specifically, I am very much interested in being either a lawyer or a psychologist. I’m aware both of these careers are extremely hard to pursue, and because of this I am scared out of my flipping mind. I see that they are placed very differently on the career spectrum, however I have a natural inclination to both, plus some other personal reasons for being interested in psychology. With all of that being said, I have 4 enormous fears: (a) I’m not sure my interest in law should exactly translate to the pursuit of a career in law? I am very much interested in legal philosophy, the relationship between minority groups and the legal system, and a bunch of other theoretical stuff that is (apparently) irrelevant to the actual practice of law. (b) The criteria and requirements for admission to grad school for psychology vs. law school appear to be quite different. If I do decide that I want to aim for a PhD in Psychology, I expect to be completely dedicated from day one. I would be trying to get as much research/lab experience as possible and volunteer in some kind of clinical setting. However, if I decide that I want to apply to law school I fear that I will regret not focusing more on attaining a high GPA and being involved in extracurricular activities around the school. (c) I despise failure. I know that failure is unavoidable, and I’m about to contradict that statement, but I would like to avoid it at all costs. I don’t want to gun for law school and then realize I'm not competent enough to maintain a GPA high enough to actually get into law school. Then I will be left with trying to leverage my bachelor's degree in the job market. On-top of that, my mother and aunt are footing most of the bill for my education, so I really don’t want to let them down. (d) I don’t want to miss out on drunken university experiences because I am overly concerned about getting into grad/law school, however, I also don’t want to be 40 living in a tent wishing I had buckled up in university. Any advice would be great, and If you've read through all of my teen angst, thank you! I have just about no clue what to do with my life :')
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