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  1. Hey! I was there for my last semester (this past winter term). It's not bad. They have a shuttle service that takes you to alumni hall (across from the law building) and it runs frequently in the morning. It also runs until 5pm (I think) - so I often take that to get home. If you don't manage to catch the shuttle, you are about a 10 min walk to the nearest bus stop (which isnt too bad). The closest grocery store is a 10 min walk away and you are close to lots of the bars law students hang out at. The building has a pretty good gym, a study space and lounge area. Overall, it was okay! I did find the walls a bit thin so you can hear your neighbours (esp when they party) and yes tons of law students live in the building. If you have any other specific questions you can always msg me. Good luck with 1L!
  2. Hi! I'm currently in the process of getting a PSLOC with RBC. I was wondering if anyone had luck getting prime minus with RBC? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm moving to 205 oxford. I was wondering if anyone living there uses the WiFi they provide (on the website it says WiFi provided). I heard its slow so I should get my own? Also is there a forum or fb page I can join to buy furniture from other students. I am not moving there until the end of the summer but I dont see a lot of postings of furniture on craigslist at the moment. Thanks!
  4. Oh I wasn't aware, I'm new to the forum! Thank you, I'll look around
  5. Hi all! I'm from BC and I'm hoping to attend an Ontario law school (got accepted into Western but waiting to hear back from others). I was just planning to apply for BC student loans but after I used their online estimate calculator I realized the loan they will most likely issue will not even cover the tuition for the year. I'm now shopping for a good bank to get a line of credit. I currently bank with RBC. Do you guys have any suggestions on which bank offers the best rates? I'll also do my own homework but if you have suggestions please share :). P.S I'm thinking of applying for bursaries too but they want me to put down info regarding my student loan amount and LOC so..since I don't have any yet I thought I'd apply shortly after I get both those sorted. If you have experience with this let me know! Thank you so much!
  6. Hi everyone! I have just been accepted in Western! I am waiting to hear back from the following schools: York Ottawa Queens UVic Dal (got an email stating I wasn't competitive enough currently but will be reviewed again at a later date) UofC (waitlisted) I have a background in science with a masters in genetics. I am hoping to pursue a career in law related to science technology/health/IP. I'm also interested in policy (health related) as well! Currently, my first choice is Dal because they have a technology and law institute and a health-related law institute. Western also has a technology and law focus. However, I'm not certain other law schools I've applied to have a focus on the topics I'm interested in. I am hoping someone who is also interested in this field could provide some insight! Thank you I also posted in the school comparison section.
  7. Hi everyone! I have just been accepted at Western law! I am still waiting to hear back from some other schools but I am very much interested in attending Western. I have looked thru the forum and haven't found anyone talking about campus culture so I thought I would ask. I am 28 and technically considered a mature student - I was wondering what the campus culture is like. If anyone could also suggest which neighbourhood I should live in that would be awesome too!
  8. Hi everyone I've been visiting this site for some time. It's been so helpful during my prep and answering all my questions. First time posting! I got accepted on the 16th! cGPA: 3.21 L2: 3.4 LSAT: 162 I have a masters degree and great references as well as lots of extracurricular. But I hope this post will give hope to people with a lower GPA (too bad they don't count post graduate grades!)
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