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  1. Prospero

    Courseload importance?

    They look at your Best 3 years, not including summer courses. If you are applying in your fourth year, they will look only at your first three years (obviously), and you will submit your fall 2018 grades when they are revealed after your fall exams. Within your Best 3 years, they will look at patterns in your GPA (upward trend, downward trend), and they will see what courses you have taken, so don't be taking first year courses in your final year. They also want a full course load, but like I said the extent to which that really matters is questionable. Don't take less than four courses. Five is preferred. Semester means one half of one school year (fall semester = September to December, winter semester = January to April).
  2. Prospero

    Personal Statement Length

    It sucks, but you have to cut it down. Good practice, anyway, since in law school you will have very stringent word count limits.
  3. Prospero

    Courseload importance?

    I almost always took four courses during undergrad as opposed to 5 and it did not seem to affect me negatively one bit.
  4. Prospero

    What are my chances?

    Ottawa, Windsor are very open to you, Queens and Western are too but that LSAT will hurt your chances somewhat. Rewrite, with a 160+ you're golden for all those schools, likely would have a good shot at Osgoode too.
  5. Prospero

    Should I re-write the LSAT?

  6. Prospero

    Just went grey!!

    163 is a very good score, you should be proud.
  7. Wouldn't hurt, but wouldn't make you immensely more attractive.
  8. Prospero

    u of t jd in 2019 or 2020?

    You can get in in third year without finishing your degree. It would require you to apply by this November 1st through OLSAS, indicate you are writing the LSAT in January, and hope for a killer score. It is rare that they will allow this, though. You must be exceptional.
  9. Damn man, that's a pretty brutal situation. You could concoct a very compelling personal statement because of that, and your amazing LSAT/stellar healthy-year GPA definitely shows that you're capable and intelligent. Apply access everywhere and see where you end up, I wouldn't put any school past you, seriously. UofT/McGill might be difficult just because of the GPA but seriously any school that accepts Access claims, you'd be golden for. I really wish you the best.
  10. Prospero

    School recommendations? 162, 3.7 cGPA

    UofT will be difficult with that LSAT. Osgoode is widely regarded as the 'second-best' Ontario school, it has strong Toronto firm connections, both contemporarily and historically. Queens/Western are essentially the same in terms of repute and opportunity, as I understand it. Good legal education, but they are not UofT/Osgoode, do not have the exact proximity to Toronto (where all the big firms are, obviously), and I believe they have fewer days of OCIs, UofT has 4, Osgoode has 3, Western/Queens have 2. That being said they are respectable schools and you can get where you want if you do well there. Also, Western has a big business focus these days, I believe they let you take business law in first year, which may help in securing corporate work more than some other schools. Ottawa's a big public interest and government school. If you want to work in the government, go to Ottawa. Don't go to Windsor.
  11. UofT does not offer merit-based aid, only needs-based. With a 3.95/170 you are virtually certain to get in. It's a good time here, I recommend attending
  12. Prospero


    I reapplied to all Ontario schools, for Windsor I used substantially similar personal statements. It does not seem to have affected me negatively in any way. For UofT I used literally the exact same essay the second time around and got in. My LSAT score was massively improved, so I don't know if it was actually a detriment but my LSAT score made up for it, or what, but I really wouldn't worry about it. Chances are slim that they're going to remember your personal statement from last year, and I doubt they'd look down upon you for having it remain the same even if they did notice. They understand you're the same person as you were the year previous, and probably not all that much has changed. That's what I'd imagine, anyway. Don't worry about it.
  13. Prospero

    I messed up

    I called Windsor a year ago and they basically "wink wink nudge nudge'd" to indicate that they take the highest score. A big improvement may even look favourable to your application.
  14. Queens, Western, UofA, UofT all consider your L2/B2 or B3 for UofT. You should write the LSAT, you have a good chance.
  15. Prospero

    Am I competitive?

    Why quit med school to pursue law?