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  1. I got in to UofT with 3.62 and 170 in 2018 - I was somewhat surprised I got in, though. Osgoode you are def in. UofT will be more of a struggle but make sure your PS is good - since it is worth 1/3 of your application. You have a shot
  2. Lol you lucky guys - BACK IN MY DAY (2021) we had the recruit in Feb-March, so they were able to see our first semester 2L grades đŸ˜­
  3. My advice, as someone who studied something similarly 'impractical' (non-STEM), would be that you should double-major - get into sociology for your own enjoyment, and pair it with something practical like economics, math, engineering, business, statistics, etc. I very much wish that I did this - and now that I am doing the JD/MBA I realize just how important a technical skillset is in the workplace. Sociology will get you to law school, but if that turns out to now be your goal it will possibly be more difficult than you imagine to find a job that you enjoy with such a degree.
  4. I agree with this mostly. Queens has become less crim oriented as far as I can tell, and you shouldn't go to Ryerson for "technology and entrepreneurship" if you wanna specialize there, nor Lakehead (they are specifically for small practices/Northern stuff). But I agree with this overall.
  5. Admissions are so effed up this year
  6. You would be a maniac to not go to Osgoode
  7. Tablet is not necessary, but I do find it helpful sometimes to annotate slides or annotate my outline/course map when I'm studying.
  8. May - September (wrote Sept LSAT). I actually bombed it in September on a 161 but that's cuz I didn't sleep the night before, had to rewrite in December. But if I had slept properly I would have got my December score, which was 170.
  9. Do we really think that working hours will return to less-than-NY levels once things go back to normal? The firms have seen what associates are capable of and they know that they'll put up with it if salaries are increased (see: NY). Now that the firms are doing so well they can pay for it, who knows what'll happen. Will be interesting to see if the retention bonuses lock associates in or whether there's still a flight.
  10. I'm at UofT but I don't think it is seen as a disadvantage, if anything it's very impressive. The only thing is most people opt not to do it - it's nice to ride out university, you mature more than you think. And law school is really hard, no need to rush into it too soon. Plus, you realize that if you do this you don't leave university with an undergraduate degree under your belt - you'll forego a BA/BS. If it turns out you don't like law, that might be a problem.
  11. Matters far less than you would think either way - just do what you're interested in.
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