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  1. Prospero

    Am I competitive?

    Why quit med school to pursue law?
  2. I remember my own feeling distinctively. Anxiously and compulsively browsing these forums somehow looking for clues as to my chances of admission, haha. I would be very surprised if you didn't get in. Remember, though, that personal statement is considered as a whole 1/3 of your application package so it's important to make sure that is as robust as your GPA/LSAT. If you make it good I don't see how you can be rejected Good luck.
  3. Very high likelihood you will get in, don't sweat it
  4. Prospero

    Second attempt.. Any advice appreciated.

    Apply in the discretionary category and really focus on using your personal statement/discretionary claim to explain why you didn't take on a full course load. Don't rewrite the LSAT, 167 is amazing and even hitting 170 won't really change the problem they had with you. Maybe reapplying will really show UVic that you are actually dedicated to this project of law school and they will look upon it favourably.
  5. Prospero

    Chances? 3.3CGPA, 154 LSAT

    Same. Unfortunately that approach will not get you very far with the LSAT. But I retook and improved 15 points so if I can do it so can you. I would highly recommend a retake.
  6. Don't write in September. Just cancel BEFORE you write the exam, it will never show up in any capacity. Study hard and write in November. If you take an hour to finish a section and still screw half of it up, there is no way you will end up with a competitive score. I wrote my LSAT in December and I am currently sitting in the UofT Law Library , there is no problem with writing a later LSAT.
  7. Prospero

    Chances? 3.3CGPA, 154 LSAT

  8. Prospero

    OLSAS Sketch

    None of my verifiers were ever contacted by any school. Don't worry about it just do whatever is the most reasonable way of doing things.
  9. Only bit of trouble you might have will be UofT since they weigh your application package as 1/3 LSAT, 1/3 GPA, and 1/3 personal statements. But, your stellar GPA and (hopefully) very good LSAT should be enough to overcome mediocre PS. You will get into McGill 100%.
  10. Prospero

    Chances? 3.29/4.33 LSAT: 156

    I would seriously recommend against doing the dual JD at Windsor. But, I was waitlisted at Windsor with a 3.56/4.0 and a 155 LSAT, and rejected from all other schools, and I had a very strong application package.
  11. In at all schools except UofT, where you are probably still in but it isn't as certain.
  12. Prospero

    Chances LSAT 160 and, cGPA 3.65

    Write the LSAT. Not to scare you, but I was routinely PT'ing in the mid-170s and I managed to bomb my write and got a 161 due to nerves and lack of sleep. So you'll only know where you stand once you write it. However, assuming you manage to achieve a 160, with the 3.65...I'd say you have a good shot at Queens/Western, probably like 75% chance. Windsor you're in, Ottawa you have a very good shot too. Osgoode would be possible but more of a longshot, I'd say 50-60%. I don't know about Calgary.
  13. Prospero


    Protip: use your ID to slice open the sticker that seals the LSAT test booklet. Everyone around you will be dying to gently remove the sticker and will rip half the page off, just slice it open with your ID card.
  14. 1. It's confusing. I hear that they want you to take the full 5 courses, but when they say "full time" that only means "not part time" which is anything over 3 courses, so 4 or 5 will do. If you have the opportunity to, take a full (5) course load, they like that better. However, I was accepted after only taking 4 courses per semester almost all of university, so how important it really is is debatable. 2. They will see the Fall (September-December) and Winter (January-April) grades, you have to submit them to OLSAS after you have already sent in your main application by November 1st. They look at these to make sure you are not slacking off, basically. If you are bombing courses they will be unhappy to see that, however, they calculate B3 by taking your best 3 full years of study, so if you're in 4th year that would be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year grades. They exclude all spring/summer classes from their calculations.
  15. Prospero

    Is it fun?

    nice word, love that