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  1. I agree with the other poster. 50/50 at this point, maybe a bit less than that. 166 and you are in a much better spot.
  2. You are slightly below the UofT B3 Median (3.9) and you are definitely below the median LSAT (167). You still have a shot but it's not a sure thing. I would just sign up for January, so you can lock that in, and then if you're satisfied with your score when it's released you can cancel your reservation for January.
  3. Personal statement is worth 1/3 of the entire application. LSAT and GPA are each worth another 1/3rd. So that's precisely how important softs are.
  4. B3 at median LSAT slightly below. Good shot.
  5. I don't really know about the particulars of your situation but with those numbers I'd be surprised if you didn't get in.
  6. LSAT is an enormous pain and it's very difficult to get 165+. Personally I would put aside the time (I did, and got in, after going from 155 to 170). What is a 3.9/4.3 on the 4.0 scale?
  7. 1. Yes 2. For the schools you listed, aim as high as possible. 165+ with a 2.8. It also matters significantly what your best 2 and last 2 years' average GPA are, because those are the calculations used for Queens and Western respectively. So if you have a 2.8 cGPA but a 3.5 B2 (best 2) then you might have a pretty decent shot. That being said, you will have to ace the LSAT regardless. 3. I have no idea about this. Access is, I wouldn't say, easier, but rather more forgiving or understanding on the basis of some kind of ailment or disability you have. However ADHD and depression might not fit the typical Access profile. Moreover, while it is very unfortunate that you had depression and I hope you are doing better, I don't think the best advertisement to a law school is to tell them that you were depressed for four years. It just doesn't inspire confidence. Honestly there's a debate to be had over that but personally I wouldn't do it.
  8. Ottawa very good shot. Western and Queens both good shots as well but less certain. Good job on that GPA.
  9. Yes. There is a 'tryout' process, or at least there was (new) last year, but it is very easy. We had to read a journal article, answer some questions about it, and perform some citations work pursuant to the McGill Guide (legal citation guide) within a couple of days. It actually takes longer than you might think, but not long. Around 45 people made it on to law review, they wouldn't tell us how many 'tried out'.
  10. Very shortly before school starts. Not before the Legal Methods intensive during orientation.
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