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  1. Yes. There is a 'tryout' process, or at least there was (new) last year, but it is very easy. We had to read a journal article, answer some questions about it, and perform some citations work pursuant to the McGill Guide (legal citation guide) within a couple of days. It actually takes longer than you might think, but not long. Around 45 people made it on to law review, they wouldn't tell us how many 'tried out'.
  2. Very shortly before school starts. Not before the Legal Methods intensive during orientation.
  3. No one knows anything about Ryerson Law. In any event I can pretty much guarantee you'll be fine. If you are worried call them and ask.
  4. L2 is your most recent 2 years of school. So that would be the 3.69 from York. If they were to look at your cumulative GPA they would see the 2.78.
  5. No, grades are not equal across law schools. PM me if you want to know more, otherwise I'll try to explain myself publicly and everyone will have a conniption because it's taboo around here to say anything other than "all schools are great."
  6. UofT will not look at summer courses under any circumstances. Osgoode will.
  7. UBC Sauder is extremely difficult from what I've heard, it is very difficult to attain a high GPA there compared to other business schools. I would avoid it if law school is the endgame.
  8. Law school is really hard. Really really hard. If you didn't like school during your initial BA or your "renaissance", then it is highly unlikely you will enjoy it now.
  9. If you are applying in your fourth year, they will look at your first three years; you will have to submit your 4th semester fall grades after you have applied but you may get in before they have a chance to look at them. And even if they do look at 4th year fall grades, it's not nearly as determinative as your first 3 years. If you have already graduated and all your grades from all four years are already in, they rely on your B3. If your cGPA is trash compared to your B3 you'll have a rougher time of things presumably but for all intents and purposes it's a B3 calculation.
  10. mid March if I remember from last year
  11. Great improvement, congratulations!
  12. Honestly I haven't met anyone "pompous" at UofT. Nor have I seen the "super competitive, textbook-page-ripping" activity that people like to attach to UofT. If anything it is much less like that since our placement rates are the highest in the province, so the stress is somewhat lower.
  13. I recommend reading a lot of books. Make yourself read them. It will help prepare you for law school, when you have to read, but might not want to. Also, if you have any bad habits, kick them. Now.
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