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  1. Ontario: UofT Osgoode Queens/Western Ottawa - go here if you want government Windsor Ryerson Lakehead This is mostly from the business law perspective/placement rates btw. UofT, McGill, UBC, and Osgoode are the 4 best schools, in that order, and will get you the farthest across the country; though you should go to school where you want to practice.
  2. Schools respect working through undergrad, ultimately it's a sort of privilege to be able to not work and focus on extracurriculars, and they know that. Then again, it would be nice to show involvement. You have a few months inbetween now and your application - go volunteer and get engaged somewhere. Don't waste time!
  3. Yeah I think I did it 2 or 3 times. Plus you can fudge it and say COVID blah blah
  4. Yeah something definitely went wrong with your submission, this is very abnormal. Chances of this organically happening are suspiciously low - a 30-firm strikeout with an A- average. Unless you were a total clown on your cover letters something is off about this.
  5. That's whack man, maybe they didn't receive your apps? I talked to a bunch of firms and they said this past year was their most profitable year ever, so I don't imagine much of a decline in students being hired.
  6. Nah man many people didn't show up to my welcome day in person, don't sweat it at all
  7. Probably Osgoode but Queens has a better student experience - and Queens has placed strongly lately in Toronto. But Osgoode is your best shot from a professional point of view.
  8. I suspect it'll be half-WFH and half-in-person from now on. The environmental benefits are huge, as is the peace of mind that comes from not having to rush to work in grotesque Toronto traffic each day and waste all that time. On the other hand, no one has figured out how to interact virtually in a non-cringe manner, and lawyers I've spoken with really miss being in the office. But then again, much of Bay St had their most profitable years ever last year, so a lot will come down to the actual empirical benefits (if any) WFH brings the firm itself.
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