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  1. Hi guys, I wanted to know your thoughts on things that every student should have going into law school. Would be really helpful for future 1L's. What are some things that you find incredibly helpful but something somebody would not think to purchase? Anything from personal items to paper supplies and everything in between...
  2. @jahis Can you please link the Lakehead community ? Thanks
  3. Hi friends, Was hoping I could ask some questions to ease my anxieties about law school: 1. I'm not super interested in aboriginal law. I feel sympathy for the plight of Canada's indigenous populations and communities but I certainly don't want that to be the focus of my law education. How much of the education is based around aboriginal law? Is it difficult if I have no background in the subject matter? 2. I'm from Toronto and did my undergrad in downtown Montreal. I'm concerned about rural living and the change of pace. How have people from similar backgrounds adjusted? 3. What is there to do in Thunder Bay? I know that there are a ton of winter activities but I'm interested to know about the restaurant/bar scene, social aspects of the law school, hobbies I could take up etc. Thanks all,
  4. Has anyone gone ahead and made a facebook group for admitted students to communicate?
  5. Hi guys, Got in about 2 weeks ago. I had a 3.6 GPA from Mcgill, graduating in 2016. I also have a sport business degree from Durham College LSAT was 159 - wrote about a year and a half ago -Strong ECs, work experience If anyone wants to chat PM me.
  6. 165/176 on the Waitlist. 160 LSAT on first write. 3.2 GPA. Strong ECs/References. Honestly so disgusted with the anti-inflation measures at my undergrad university. Ruined my chances at getting into Law School.
  7. I Still haven't got a number. Jeez this process is miserable
  8. Don't worry, neither have I. Hang tight!
  9. I havent got my rank yet! Does anyone have any idea roughly how many people they take off the waitlist?
  10. Waitlisted today. Not letting myself get overly optimistic LSAT - 159 CPGA - 3.1 L2 - 3.2
  11. Hey Folks, I know its slim but I was wondering what you guys might think of my chances. LSAT = 159. CGPA: 3.2, L2 = 3.5. Went to McGill which prides itself against grade inflation. Not sure that matters to Osgood. Lots of extracurriculars. Thanks!
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