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  1. CW27

    Chances? 3.75 CGPA 165 LSAT

    I’d say you’re probably in everywhere! Congrats!
  2. CW27

    Accepted to U of T 2018

    Last initial?
  3. CW27

    OASIS Information

    It seems I was also queued back on the 15th! Glad to see that happened before they bothered sending confirmations. Anyone know/remember how they organize it?
  4. CW27

    OASIS Information

    I just got in a few minutes ago. There's really not much to be said for the other end as they say they won't have apps in the queue until Dec.
  5. OASIS says it's 2860 for 290. That still might also be 500 or so offer letters. Think of all the people who turn them down to go to McGill, UofT, UBC, or even a handful to the US. It's not quite as bad as it seems!
  6. I think you're probably good for Queens and Western, and probably Ottawa as well. Osgoode MAYBE, and UofT probably not
  7. It was before drops, and as I'm not sure how they look at my exchange transcript, I'm not quite sure how much higher my GPA was after drops. I had a reasonably smooth transcript though so I don't think it was MASSIVELY inflated with drops. Maybe to a 3.6? Certainly no more than 3.65
  8. @theycancallyouhoju don't leave us hanging!
  9. CW27

    OLSAS LSAT/LOR/ Transcript questions

    1) As far as I know you can’t. It’s up to the school, but maybe email OLSAS about this 2) They’ll get it before it gets sent to schools, don’t worry 3) Generally no. It’s up to schools though 4) Not quite sure the answer to this one. I’d email OLSAS and/or the schools if OLSAS can’t help you
  10. CW27

    LOR help - URGENT!!!

    Based on what I've heard from OLSAS, I second @chaboywb's recommendation of not panicking. It'll probably get in before the app is even sent off to the schools
  11. You sound like me. I'm an obsessive long-term planner, who wants all this stuff figured out. Maybe I'm naive as well, but here's my view: First of all, it is the greatest thing ever to have found such genuine interests. Congrats on getting to the end of your second degree, and good luck on the job hunt. As far as your future concerns for law school, I wouldn't worry too much about it. UBC and UVIC are both fantastic schools that will give you necessary exposure to Natural Resource law (if that's still your bag in a few years time). UBC even has a specialization certificate in Environmental and NR Law. Graduating with your JD in your early 30s doesn't seem weird at all, and working for a few years might even allow you to save some cash for the (comparatively low in BC) tuition. As far as your personal goals are concerned, that's stuff I think will just happen. Maybe you'll get married then, maybe you'll have kids, but law school shouldn't massively impede that if you're motivated (which you seem to be). None of this seems crazy, and if your work ethic is correlated to your enthusiasm, you'll probably be fine doing anything.
  12. CW27

    Anything need to be done on LSAC site?

    @Hockey5200 Yeah just as long as the info is in the app when you submit it, they'll get it around mid-Nov. Do not fret
  13. If you're wondering what constitutes "proof" you should just email them with your specific scenario and they'll help you out.