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  1. katt95

    Current 1L single JD, Ask me Anything.

    Yup, those Harbourview Condominiums, they seem nice in pics I'm hoping they are in person too lol. Thank you so much for the quick reply and advice, it's very helpful!
  2. katt95

    Current 1L single JD, Ask me Anything.

    @madmax7 Hey, do you have any insight on 3000 Sandwich St?? Looking into living there for next year but have read mixed things on here about that area. Going to be heading down in a week or 2 to see firsthand but just wanted some insight from someone who knows the city... online the units seem pretty okay but don't want to live in a sketchy area lol
  3. katt95

    Deferred Decision

    Status also changed to deferred decision today! It says "further grades required" beside it. No email, just on the site. Anyone have further insight on this??? Feeling anxious lol Stats: CGPA: 3.2 L2/B2: 3.6ish LSAT: 163 Average EC's, (I think) strong LORs + personal statement Access
  4. katt95

    Windsor Rejected 2018

    So sorry to hear this. How were your EC's/LORs? Was your PS tailored to social justice/windsor?