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  1. It was alright. Quite a bit of it was a sales pitch to convert students who were sitting on an acceptance. But learned some interesting things about the profs, some of the students, and the general culture of the law school.
  2. Actually, I applied Access in round two but was declined and switched into General because of lack of medical records. They did, however, state they'd take some of the personal issues I outlined into account and emphasize my last 20-25 courses more than in a General category.
  3. Got the email late in the evening. cGPA: ~2.6 L2: 3.9 LSAT: 161, 163 No ECs. Some decent work experience. Second application - first one was waitlisted.
  4. Rejected last night (April 26th). cGPA: ~2.8 L2: 3.8 LSAT: 161; 163 No extracurriculars and no work experience (that did me in for sure). For clarification, I did about 7 years of undergrad (had some serious issues that lowered my first 5 year average significantly; didn't apply to Access category though). I'll volunteer and rewrite the LSAT for next application cycle. Good luck to all waiting!
  5. Rejected this afternoon, likely due to lack of ECs/work experience. Shows "Not Admitted" on my.windsor's application page - and got a follow-up e-mail as well. cGPA: 2.31 [according to uWindsor] L2: 3.75 [OUAC] LSAT: 161 (Sept '16), 163 (Feb '17) No EC's and no work experience. 4 year BA in Philosophy, if that's relevant. No other rejections yet; and no acceptances
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