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  1. When is the latest one should expect an offer for a second interview/a lunch/something on Tuesday (if you first met on Monday)? And would it usually be scheduled or offered over email or the phone? Or does it depend heavily on the employer?
  2. What do you think it means if I met someone at a firm I will be interviewing at who asked where else I'm interviewing at and if they are my first choice? Or does it depend on who's asking? Is it common to be asked this in an informational interview/coffee chat kind of context before the actual interview?
  3. Any guess as to how many people are seeing Loopstra Nixon?
  4. 1L at UofT here. I'm wondering what marks I need to have a decent shot at getting interviews with some NY firms. I would appreciate if someone were able to translate this to the UofT grading system or a class percentile. Thanks!
  5. If I recall the initial estimate correctly, I ended up getting a few thousand more this year.
  6. Between L and T. Not a mature student.
  7. Got in on Thursday. cGPA/B3: 3.61 LSAT: 168 They must have liked my essays. Average ECs with some publications.
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