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  1. Do anyone fellow McGillians know what the grade cut off is for MTL/Toronto big law? I know it varies by firm and that other soft factors can come into play but i'm just asking for rough approximations.
  2. youarefakenews

    LOR - Am I screwed?

    Both of my LORs were submitted late. I was not even aware that none of my recommenders had submitted them, someone from the admission office actually called me to let know that that was the case. I had to chase both recommenders down and in the end, both sent them in about a week and a half late (Nov 18th). However, that didn't seem to compromise my chances as I was still admitted very early in the cycle. Hope my anecdote allays any anxiety or fears you may have :P. In all honesty, you'll be fine.
  3. youarefakenews

    CV guidelines

    Use default 1'' x 1'' margins, that's what I did and it worked out fine. Good luck!
  4. youarefakenews

    Chances - Getting Desperate [3.2, 3.5, 159]

    Your chances would be better at L2/B2 schools as opposed to schools like Osgoode which focus on your CGPA. I know that McGill undergrad along with U of T is infamous for grade deflation. However there are a few things to consider: 1) Most law schools, except perhaps U of T and McGill law, take your GPA at face value, meaning they don't really give a shit about where you went to school. All they care about whether you were able to excel while taking a challenging course load 2) Every year many students graduate from schools like McGill with near perfect GPA's in spite of active grade deflation and many of them apply to top law schools. Also, keep in mind that U of T/Osgoode/McGill have in the past rejected applicants who were undergraduates at top ivy league schools (I reckon their grades were not very competitive). With that in mind, I'd be surprised if attending McGill offered you any sort of discernable advantage in admissions, at best it may be concerned a soft..
  5. youarefakenews

    Accepted at McGill 2017

    Accepted a while ago GPA : 3.9X/4 LSAT : 17X Decent softs Also, do we have to confirm our acceptance before we can join the facebook group ?
  6. youarefakenews

    Oxford Masters vs McGill Law

    It's the Master of Science in Global Governance and Diplomacy. If McGill allowed me to defer then I most likely would, but if they tell me to go screw myself then I'll just suck it up and matriculate haha, I don't want to have to go through the trouble of reapplying. In retrospect why would you have done your MA before going to law school? Was it just due to academic curiosity? Do you think the MA program would have better prepared you for the academic rigour of law school ? Both ?
  7. youarefakenews

    Oxford Masters vs McGill Law

    You literally read my mind. Thank you. I will reflect on this in the next coming weeks before I make a decision.
  8. youarefakenews

    Oxford Masters vs McGill Law

    You're absolutely right. The program is only a year long but would still be quite pricey, however, I wouldn't have to take on any debt to attend, my parents would be paying for it, so cost isn't an issue (sorry if this comes across as douchey/elitist/entitled, not my intention). Even though I feel that I was very competitive this year, that by no means guarantees that I will be in the future, so as you rightly pointed out, I need to keep that in mind. I am fully aware of the fact that McGill's applicant pool is exceptionally strong and even if I reapply in a future cycle, I could be refused in spite of having a master's from Oxford. However, I do feel that attending Oxford would be an enriching experience.
  9. youarefakenews

    Oxford Masters vs McGill Law

    I was admitted to McGill awhile ago and I was also just recently accepted to one of most competitive master's programs at the University of Oxford. I know that I want to go to McGill law, but the opportunity to study at Oxford just seems too great to pass up. My options going forward are: (1) Request a deferral so I can go to Oxford, although I've heard the faculty rarely grants these, doing so only in case of emergencies such as pregnancies, health issues or what have you, so chances of getting a deferral don't seem great (2) Decline my offer of admission, go to Oxford and reapply next year. What do you guys think ?