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  1. svln

    Accepted Fall 2019

    Do they care for the grades you get once your accepted or do u need to keep your GPA the same:)
  2. svln

    Accepted Fall 2019

    Congrats! My stats are closer to yours so it gives me hope!
  3. svln

    Accepted Fall 2019

    was your GPA out of 4 or 4.3?
  4. svln

    Accepted Fall 2019

    Congrats to everyone! Will all of you be accepting your offer at McGill?
  5. svln

    Entrance Scholarships 2019

    Do you need to apply for need based too?
  6. svln

    Any international student acceptances?

    did your friend stay at U de M or did she go to McGill?
  7. svln

    Good extracurriculars?

    These are actually amazing ECs! I think you have a chance especially with your high GPA
  8. svln

    Chances? [3.7CGPA, No LSAT]

    I think they accepted someone with a 3.6! I think your chances are pretty good!
  9. svln

    TFI experience at UdeM

    This is so helpful for me! Thanks alot
  10. svln


    I’m supposed to be writing my TIF in feb and I’m still a little bit nervous about passing it. Just have a few questions for those who have done it? A) how did you prepared? I prepared myself by reading a lot in French and practicing 3 tif exam prep booklets, but I still feel uncertain about my grammar. b) did you find it difficult? C) what grades did you get and what school are you in? I’m applying for UDem, Sherbrooke, Uqam, and ulaval? d) is it worth taking the test in April instead now of February?
  11. All universities are shady imo lol
  12. Masters is Plan B. Plan C is the certificate.
  13. A lot of people do useless undergraduates that won’t get them a job in that field unless they persue graduate studies (anything in arts) it doesn’t necessarily mean their degree is useless. Like I said this would be my last plan if I don’t get accepted anywhere. And I can eventually use it to apply for law schools.
  14. You know you can use the certificate to apply for law school.