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  1. Are you only applying to U of T? Or other places as well?
  2. svln

    What are my chances?

    Thanks for your help! Do you think my stats are good enough to get into UDM
  3. svln

    Chances? (CGPA 3.6/4.0)

    If its the only school, id try the LSAT but u have a good chance I think! good idea on the French class, which one did you take might I ask? Any reasons you didn't apply to any French civil law schools or other law schools outside of Quebec? did you submit any proof for your volunteer work? What was your PS about?
  4. svln

    What are my chances?

    http://www.unhcr.org/ke/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2018/05/15-April-Dadaab-Bi-weekly-Operational-Update.pdf http://cce.umontreal.ca/exigence_admission.html Says I need to get 605+ to be conditionally admitted for UQAM and UDM but should aim for 785. For udem
  5. svln

    What are my chances?

    Thanks for your help! I'm going to take a French course next semester at McGill and listen to the French radio and read LaPress like you said! I've also been practicing the practice tests. Its not bad I just wanna make sure I pass. When did you take your TIF test? Before or after you were admitted? I'm thinking of writing it on December or January but I want it done by Feb/March by the deadline What GPA did you get in with UdeM?
  6. svln

    What are my chances?

    Thanks again for your help! I hope I get into at least one law school. I was told that my CV and PS are pretty good (Btw when you applied to McGill, what was the format you picked for your CV and personal statement, also did you include the hours you worked overall or per week for your job and/our volunteer work). Since I always worked part-time, I wrote down 15-20 hours peer week but I wrote down the overall hours I volunteered since I didn't do it on a weekly basis. Did you submit any proof that you did volunteer work? I have letters signed by my managres but McGill told me its not necessary to send them in. I just want to make sure. The first school that takes me in I'm happy hahah :D
  7. svln

    What are my chances?

    @lawgic1 Thanks for your help, a few questions. 1. How did you prepare for the french tests? I know I will have to take it because I went to an English Cegep and University. I read books and speak to people in public in french often to practice. 2. What happens if I do poorly (would you know the grade) on the french tests for UQAM and UDM. 3. Do you think UQAM and UDM will value me because I studied at Mcgill and did fairly ok (3.47 gpa ON 4)? My fields were generally directed towards social services, human rights, and I know that UQAm really values this. 4. What do you think about McGill?I woudl like them to accept me but they are so random in their process of selection.
  8. svln

    Anglophone at UQAM

    Did u do the exam for french and if so, how did you study for it?
  9. svln

    What are my chances?

    oh wow thank you! I really hope either UQAM or UDM accept me although I would be very happy with McGIll
  10. svln

    What are my chances?

    I wish I could leave my province but I'm not going to leave my family and my boyfriend behind unfortunately don't have the money
  11. svln

    What are my chances?

    Your Gpa is much higher than mine at a 3.47/4.00
  12. svln

    What are my chances?

    Any tips on preparing? I read a lot of french literature and have taken french courses at McGill
  13. svln

    What are my chances?

    I have my reasons to go but the application process really beats you down!
  14. svln

    What are my chances?

    McGill was my first choice for so long but now I really don't mind! It's just so hard to get into law school. If I could get into McGill I'd be happy, but applying to Sherbrooke, UQAM, and UDM is much more easier and less time-consuming!