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  1. Rolivera

    Chances? 3.95 153

    Tough to say, it's pretty late in the cycle. If there's a chance it'll be off the waitlist, which is unpredictable.
  2. Rolivera

    Windsor Rejected 2018

    Rejected off the waitlist moments ago via e-mail.
  3. Rolivera

    Rejected from Western 2018

    Yeah you'd be surprised.. I'd say I have above average ECs and a decent amount of work experience, and Windsor still waitlisted me... cGPA 3.34 L2 3.84 MA LSAT 157 159... ...and a Social Justice-oriented application to boot, seeing as all of my ECs revolved around SJ.
  4. Received an e-mail from Rose the morning of my acceptance, my portal was updated a few days after.
  5. Rolivera

    Should I give up?

    With all due respect, OP, I think you exercised poor judgement when writing the 2nd time without preparation. I can appreciate the feeling of desperation when it seems time is of the essence, but the second write is typically where one improves (at least marginally) and I reckon admission committees would be hard pressed to disregard two consecutive low scores, especially scores in the mid-140s. Admission committees (to the best of my knowledge) look for improvements in candidates - for instance, a strong upward-swing in GPA, graduate degrees, or an improved LSAT score when writing additional times, etc. THAT BEING SAID - all hope is not lost (in my opinion) - this coming from someone who worked very hard to improve their GPA in their latter 2 years and re-wrote the LSAT white pursuing a graduate degree to make themselves more competitive. BUT -- I think that in order to have a realistic shot at admission, you have to aim for the high 150s AT THE VERY LEAST, while managing your expectations as to where exactly you'd like to attend law school. I wish you the best. I too once thought that I'd never go to law school, so I can empathize with you there.
  6. Rolivera

    Chances? 3.95 153

    Currently waitlisted. In at DAL, thank God.
  7. Rolivera

    Chances? 3.95 153

    Trust me, been there. I was waitlisted at Western with a 3.34 cGPA, 3.84 L2 and a 159.
  8. Rolivera

    Chances? 3.95 153

    I've seen many people on this thread get admitted with sub-160 LSATs, these admissions just typically come later in the cycle.
  9. Rolivera

    Chances? 3.95 153

    Oh yeah, certainly! Just bump that LSAT up to a 157 or higher and you should have no issues.
  10. Rolivera

    Chances? 3.95 153

    Have you not heard back at all yet?
  11. Rolivera

    What are the chances?

    I think you have a shot somewhere, but I'd manage your expectations. Your cumulative and your L2 aren't necessarily competitive, so you'll have to score quite well on the LSAT to make up for that. My guess is that you'd need anywhere from a 164 and upwards to make yourself a competitive candidate. Where exactly are you planning on applying? Alternatively, you could also return to school and do an MA degree, it would certainly make your application more competitive. Unfortunately, extracurriculars can only take you so far, and they typically serve more as an asset than as a replacement for competitive grades. Best of luck nonetheless! Was rejected from Ottawa and wait listed at Western last year with a cGPA of 3.34, an L2 of 3.84 and a 157 LSAT. Went back to do my MA, rewrote the LSAT and scored a 159. This year I've been admitted to DAL and waitlisted at Western and Windsor. I'd also say I had above-average ECs, so just to give you an idea. EDIT: If you haven't written the LSAT yet, I'd do a diagnostic just to see where you're at. People commenting which LSAT would make you competitive is moot if you haven't written the test for yourself. Feel it out, see which areas you need to improve on.
  12. I blind-reviewed in conjunction with the PowerScore LR bible, I thought it gave some clear and concise explanations for all the possible question types you may encounter on the test.
  13. Rolivera

    Waitlist 2018

    Yes, the attachment should be to the immediate right of your application status (in your case, 'Waitlist Accepted'). If it is not there, I'd e-mail Danielle, she can easily e-mail the letter to you.
  14. Rolivera

    Waitlist 2018

    Yes, it basically just thanks you for applying, says that offers off the waitlist are unpredictable, that the waitlist is not ranked and decisions are made based on the needs of the class. Also gives you the option to send them a one-page addendum to your autobiographical sketch to cover your activities between November 1st and the receipt of the letter. Also says that if an offer has not been made to you by Labour Day it means you will not be receiving one. You can phone or e-mail Danielle, she's quite responsive. 519-661-3356 / [email protected] Best of luck.