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  1. Hi, I found a place close to campus, and I'm looking for a female roommate who is clean and tidy. Please message me if interested!
  2. as an incoming student, what can I do to mentally/emotionally/academically prepare? I feel like everyone telling me that it's a big change, and a lot of work (can anyone clarify on why? other than workload, readings?) thanks!
  3. Yeah, I applied from a science program! I kind of applied to both med and law, and I got rejected from med. So I guess maybe it worked out in the end? Maybe I'm more suited for law afterall
  4. Accepted: March 6th French Interview: March 3rd GPA: ~3.8/4 No LSAT Only law school applied to EC: very science based (was planning on med school) Fourth year of undergrad Letter of EC: submitted (to account for one term without full course load) Hope this information helps! This is crazy! Still can't believe it, I guess it might be meant to be?
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