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  1. Does anyone know when they will know how much they will receive? Or has anyone received a scholarship with the amount confirmed? I was given an 'at least' number on my offer letter and that I will be told exactly how much when the final class is made. I thought I'd post this here to see if anyone who got an entrance scholarship heard back yet.
  2. Waitlisted just know but asked to be removed as I had accepted an offer elsewhere. cGPA 3.23 LSAT 151 (Dec 2017) and 148 (Jan 2020). Strong softs. Please look at my other posts if you’re curious about more detailed stats. Good luck to those waiting!
  3. Loving these posts. I’m happy to write that I got the email this morning telling me to look at Uozone. My OLSAS cgpa is 3.23 and my lsat is 151 (Dec 2017) and 148 (Jan 2020). This is my second time applying to Ottawa, the first was in 2018, and I was rejected. I applied via the discretionary category this time though... so that might’ve made a difference + the 2 years work experience. I will be rejecting in favour of uvic, as I got into their JD/JID program. Best of luck to those still waiting, your time will come, as long as you keep working towards it!
  4. I am 24 years old. I worked for 2 years after undergrad. I had very strong extracurriculars. I also had unique life circumstances, allowing me to apply through the discretionary category. I applied through the regular category the first time I applied to law school right after undergrad, and I was waitlisted at TRU, but ultimately did not make the cut. I was rejected from uofa, uofc, usask, ottawa, and osgoode. My cGPA is 3.23 and my last 60 credits is 3.5. I had an LSAT score of 151 in Dec 2017, and 148 in January 2020. I took the LSAT 4 times from Sept 2017 to Jan 2020. I think you have a strong chance at a school like uVic. I think the experience that you have already makes you a strong applicant, even with a low LSAT mark like mine. Obviously, shoot for the moon and try to score as high as possible. During this cycle, I got into Ryerson and uVic, with uVic being my first choice. I withdrew my other applications, but in addition to these schools, I think Dal, Windsor, Calgary, TRU, and MAYBE Ottawa are your best bet. I only mention Calgary here because *I heard* they have a thing for mature students. I accepted my offer to Uvic for the upcoming fall semester, and I even received an entrance scholarship of at least $2000.00. On that note, out of all the applications I did, uVic was the most intense. I invested so much time in my personal statement, JID statement, and the discretionary form. In addition to the reference letters, I had to secure other documents to back-up everything I was saying. Uvic's application process was very comforting in that they appreciate/encourage providing this kind of information. I did my best to show how all of these "softs" speak to my ability to succeed in law school and how it will add to the faculty and legal profession. So be sure to milk the shit out of your softs and use it to your advantage. This worked in my favour, because it gave me a chance to build a solid case for myself. I would take advantage of the "additional documents" section of any application to give the admission's committee as much context as possible. Best of luck in your journey, you got this!
  5. Literally sent my deposit the day of lol
  6. I agree, thanks for starting this thread! I’ve accepted my offer into the JD/JID program as well. Looking forward to meeting everyone :)
  7. I got the call today as well for the JD/JID program. I’m so honoured and so grateful to be apart of this program. It was also my top choice and will definitely be accepting. I’m a first time applicant to uvic but this is my second cycle applying to law school. OLSAS CGPA: 3.23, with drops maybe like 3.4 or less I’m not too sure I did not check. I went on exchange in my 3rd year. Took me 5 years to complete degree. L2: 3.5 LSAT: 151 (Dec 2017), 148 (Jan 2020) Discretionary applicant. It’s really personal and so I don’t feel comfortable sharing more about that. From the prairies. Non-Indigenous applicant. 2 years work experience in the non profit sector after graduation. I also had very strong community involvement since high school. Worked part time throughout university while going through school full time. First generation student. Very strong PS and ECs. Decent to kinda strong LORs. NEVER. GIVE. UP.
  8. Same 🤣 I got an email from dal telling me they’re now considering my application, and honestly I didn’t really care lol. I’ve been looking into Ryerson a lot more since getting my acceptance and honestly I’d be happy to attend it. It’s downtown Toronto, it’s really holistic so I know it will have a vibrant student body with rich experiences and perspectives, the fact that they have a lecturer and a practitioner co-teaching classes sounds amazing, and I love cheesy things like the marshmallow activity I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed that lol. At the end of the day, it’s an accredited JD law school. If a firm rejects an applicant because they studied at Ryerson, then I’m sure that applicant would be happy not to work there anyway! Anyone with work experience knows it’s about the connections and networks you build that has the most influence in not only getting a job but getting a job in an area of law that you are passionate about. All this negative energy towards Ryerson is bs 🙄 I’m out 🎤
  9. I’m very happy to be accepted. Found out today after getting an email inviting me to Welcome Day, then checked RAMSS and found the letter/email is dated Feb 7th. cGPA: 3.23 L2: 3.5 lsat: 151 (Dec 2017) and 148 (Jan 2020) Alberta Resident. Very strong EC’s and PS. Graduated in 2018 and then work experience in the non profit sector for 2 years. I was very casual/nervous in my interview. I stuttered, took long pauses, laughed at myself, etc, I thought I blew it. I applied to law schools in the 2018 cycle, I was waitlisted at TRU and rejected everywhere else. This is the first school to get back to me in this cycle. I will most likely be accepting. Never give up/lose hope!
  10. I know this is so last minute, and not sure if we all have the same scenerio for part b, but is my suspicion that the group member is plagiarizing or that they simply forgot to cite their sources? lol THANKS in advance.
  11. Hey, Does anyone know how in-depth we need to be when listing community, employment experiences, and achievements/awards in Part B? I am thinking of putting the organization name, my position title, and the year/time of involvement. Do you think I should include a brief description (1-2 sentences) of what my role entailed? For achievements/awards, I will list the award name, organization name, the year awarded, and the amount. Should I also offer a brief description of the award? Thanks in advance!
  12. I just spoke with Leanne and she said I am #28 on the waitlist, which is “not great but not bad.” I was #41 when I called June 19-ish. She said she will be going through a bunch of emails today so maybe that number could change. She also said she does not plan on cutting the waitlist and she was very certain about that. My stats for those wondering is LSAT 151 L2: 3.6 ~ L3: 3.48 ~ CGPA: 3.3 ~ Thought I had really strong ECS and LORS. Hoping for the best for all of us still waiting.
  13. Thanks everyone, apparently I signed up as a special applicant. It was my bad so I asked them to transfer me over to the regular category. Thanks!
  14. Also got rejected CGPA: 3.24 L2: 3.7 CGPA: 151 I thought I had strong LORs and ECs
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