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  1. LackOfPatience666

    2019/2020 Toronto Articling Recruit (ITC Emails for Interviews)

    did anyone receive a confirmation email for receipt of application from Ombudsmans Ontario?
  2. LackOfPatience666

    Deciding not to article?

    Oh really?
  3. LackOfPatience666

    Deciding not to article?

    Sorry for hijacking this thread but do people think that this hiring restraint is going to affect the MAG positions posted for the Toronto articling recruitment? Can't imagine articling students being viewed as "essential positions"...
  4. LackOfPatience666

    Advice for finding articling before/during 3L

    You should for sure still apply in Toronto. All you need is one, and there's more firms participating in Toronto articling than elsewhere, although of course more applicants as well. But still, if you're looking for a position and willing to go to Ontario, then definitely apply. The time spent will be worth it if something comes of it, and even if it doesn't, at least you won't be left wondering if you could've secured an articling position if you had only just applied.
  5. LackOfPatience666

    Articling with the DOJ in Toronto

    I'm wondering if anyone can provide details on how the articling rotations at the DOJ work in Toronto. I know people who have articled with the DOJ in Ottawa, and they apparently were able to choose from a ton of different government agencies and areas to spend each rotation. Does the Toronto office work similarly, where articling students rotate around, possibly to other offices or federal government agencies? If so, do articling students in Toronto have the sames choices as those in Ottawa (assuming they're willing to travel to another city for a rotation)? Or are you just within the DOJ in Toronto with no outside rotations?
  6. LackOfPatience666

    pay in gov vs pay in private firm

    To add onto OPs question, can anyone speak to the difference in the working hours for an articling student/new call at MAG vs at Bay St firms? I know hours at Bay St firms are generally quite heavy for articling students, so I am wondering if MAG is comparable or if, because its government, there actually is more of the coveted "work life balance"
  7. LackOfPatience666

    Justice Canada Internship Option

    uOttawa has a lot of great internship opportunities that you can do in 2L and 3L, DOJ being one of them. They also have internships with Global Affairs which you might be interested if you're interested in international law (I think CAILS has an international law component?). The work is generally research based, but it's a really great way to make connections and it looks great on a resume. Aside from DOJ and Global Affairs, there's also internships with various federal tribunals and working with judges in the Ontario Court of Justice, among other things. I think that is one of the really strong features Ottawa has to offer over other schools who aren't in big cities and therefore don't have the same sort of internship opportunities (but that's just my opinion)! If you want to work for the government, or at least try it out during school, Ottawa is definitely a great place for that. Feel free to PM me if you have other specific question.
  8. LackOfPatience666

    Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    Thanks! Was anyone who interviewed with the Trade Law Bureau told a date about when they expect a decision to be made about first round of interviews? Just wondering how it will go with Ottawa firm decisions.
  9. LackOfPatience666

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Has anyone heard from Cavalluzzo?
  10. LackOfPatience666

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Did you hear from Cavalluzzo as well?
  11. LackOfPatience666

    Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    Had anyone heard from the Trade Law Bureau (JLT) or Conlin Bedard yet?
  12. LackOfPatience666

    2018 2L Recruitment

    Has anyone heard from IMAX also?
  13. LackOfPatience666

    Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    Still nothing on my end. Starting to get worried because it was due 2.5 weeks ago. But maybe government is just slow? Who knows...
  14. LackOfPatience666

    Dean's List and Class Rankings

    Thanks! Am I correct in understanding that Dean's List is awarded per semester? Or do you have to have the 7.5 average for the year?
  15. LackOfPatience666

    Dean's List and Class Rankings

    Does anyone know approximately what % of a class makes Dean's List in each year? Is 10% pretty accurate?