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  1. vdl

    Course aux stages 2019

    Justice Canada vient de m'envoyer un courriel avec les informations relatives à l'examen écrit. McGill 3.0, candidature axée litige fiscal, lettres de recommendations fortes.
  2. vdl

    Course aux stages 2019

    Smart & Biggar n'a toujours pas donné de nouvelles à personne?
  3. vdl

    Course aux stages 2019

    Pour fixer l'entrevue téléphonique. Aha, je vais stats dans chaque message à partir de maintenant, ce sera plus simple. 3.0 McGill, études supérieures en STEM. J'ai appliqué en même temps que pour les cabinets signataires, mercredi dernier. Un collègue m'a dit qu'ils respectaient à peu près les dates de l'entente, cela dit l'entrevue est pour le 22 février.
  4. vdl

    Course aux stages 2019

    Robic vient de répondre par courriel.
  5. vdl

    Course aux stages 2019

    3.0 McGill, études supérieures en STEM. Lettre de présentation fortement orientée PI.
  6. vdl

    Course aux stages 2019

    Ils viennent tout juste de m'appeler.
  7. vdl

    Course aux stages 2019

    Bereskin & Parr vient tout juste d'appeler. 3.0 McGill, études supérieures en STEM.
  8. vdl

    Course aux stages 2019

    Norton également. 3.0 McGill, études supérieures en STEM.
  9. Last year I was a university applicant and they also made me wait until mid-June. I am pretty sure they were waiting to see my final transcript before making a decision. I ended up sending the transcript to them on 30 May, and they made me an offer on 12 June. Maybe it's the same for you? Check when they have/will have received your final cegep transcript, and factor in two additional weeks for an answer. Your mileage may vary.
  10. vdl

    First year readings

    I'm a tad late to the party. Just wanted to contribute a few decisions that are likely to be assigned and are only available in French: Tardif c Ouellette, [2000] RJQ 1386. Hydro-Québec c Girard, [1987] RRA 80. Churchill Falls c Hydro-Québec, 2016 QCCA 1229. You might also be assigned Roncarelli v Duplessis, [1959] SCR 121, which is partly in French. Those are the ones that come to mind right now.
  11. vdl

    Accepted at McGill 2018

    Mature applicants would normally go through an interview with two professors. There might have been other dates, but last year I am only aware of such interviews being held in late March, with decisions being taken a few weeks after.
  12. There is a Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/502964336489804/
  13. vdl

    Assigned group for registration

    I suppose they changed their policy. Personally I've wanted to take torts with Saumier (English) and ended up with Janda (French) because Saumier's section was full, and wanted to take foundations with Weinstock (French) and ended up with Niezen (English) for the same reason. I'd read somewhere that French sections never filled up and so I thought I'd be OK registering at 8 PM, ten hours after registration opened, but from what I gather online Weinstock's section was full less than one hour after registration opened.
  14. vdl

    Assigned group for registration

    The way I understand it, you'll have to register to the French section. I suppose all professors and most students in French sections will speak and understand English very well, so you should be all right. Also I reckon most torts readings will be in English and most responsabilité civile readings will be in French regardless.
  15. I clicked the little gear icon, then "Paramètres", then "Comptes et importations", then "Ajouter un compte de messagerie" (near the bottom). I input my email address and it presented me with a suggested configuration which happened to be spot on, only had to input my password. If somehow you need to configure it by hand, the answer to all Gmail's questions is available through Outlook by clicking the gear icon, then "Options", then "Comptes", then "POP et IMAP".