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  1. Bruh trust, the last thing you want to be doing right now is worrying about law school before it even begins... take a chill by the beach and maybe you can start doing some schoolwork first week of september... you're not going to miss any courses, believe me
  2. With that LSAT score and that GPA, you'd have to disclose that you're a serial killer to the admissions committee and maybe also slap one of them directly in the face to not be admitted.
  3. A friend of mine did this two summers ago with a Bay Street firm, though it wasn't through the OCI process.
  4. I know someone that did this two summers ago at a prominent Bay Street firm -- while it's unlikely, by no means impossible (would have to do outside of OCI process)
  5. Take business associations with Forbes. Hands down the best course I’ve taken at Osgoode. Extremely foundational and has helped me a LOT with my job this summer. I feel like I’m miles ahead of everyone else who took bus as with other profs...he is so succinct and clear, almost surgical honestly. Tells you everything you need to know with crystal clarity, while still leaving time at the end to discuss more advanced stuff like m&a and takeover bids. And still finished a week early!! what an OG. if you want his course though make sure you put your priority for it as “A” during course selection otherwise there’s pretty much no chance you’ll get in
  6. Depends on your L2, but you have a good shot regardless
  7. Interesting....Maybe that's the case in Ottawa but that is 100% not the case in Toronto -- several firms last year and this year are planning on sending ITCs just before call day (i.e., 1 or 2 days before the 26th).
  8. 100% agree. https://www.made2measureclothing.com may be $200-300 more than DKNY or Indochino, but ultimately the suit will probably last 5-6 more years and is overall much more bang for your buck. The materials used by M2M Bespoke are top-notch; it's merely multiple hundreds of dollars cheaper than Armani or Prada because you don't have the name attached to it. Also I agree you can definitely find half-decent suits at places like Banana Republic, but you have to luck out -- they often don't have great colours or fits that "suit" you. The advantage of going bespoke with these guys is that you can choose everything, right down to the colour and style of the buttons.
  9. I know this is extremely late, but M2M Bespoke makes the best suits in Canada pretty much. They are 100% bespoke -- made exactly to your body's dimensions, you choose the fabric, lapel, lining, buttons, fit-style, colour, pockets, etc. They dress one of the characters on the TV show Suits, and they recently made the honorary Toronto Raptors varsity jackets, which historic players of the Toronto Raptors like Tracy McGrady, Antonio Davis, and Charles Oakley wore to the 20th anniversary inaugural season game. They have over 48 reviews on Google that are all 5 stars. I know it seems to good to be true but I'm telling you they are the shit! And for $650 for law students, you really can't get a better deal (and there's def no reason to go to suit supply over them since it's the same price and suit supply in my experience has been very mediocre). Just ordered my second suit from M2M as well and I'm.....uh......really excited
  10. What is best effort day? This is the first I've heard of this.
  11. I only applied to the 2L ip spots and have received merely an application acknowledgment from Osler. Does anyone know based on previous years when interview offers go out? Is it before or after Toronto call day?
  12. Was wondering this as well -- in previous years it appears ITCs have been sent out in batches by certain firms but because U of T OCIs are a week later than Oz this year for the first time, I imagine timing has changed a bit. If someone could confirm this i'd appreciate
  13. Cassels ITCs out at Oz Stikes ITCs out at Oz
  14. You're probably in at Osgoode and probably pretty early. I don't know about December but I would expect you will hear back relatively early as you have excellent stats. U of T also a possibility although LSAT is considerably below their median (165, I believe). I would not suggest you use U of T as a backup school, as it is the most difficult school to get into in Canada other than UBC. Consider applying to Western or Ottawa as well. Your stats are almost certainly good enough for Osgoode and are basically a shoo-in for Queens, but, I still think the extra security of one more school is worth it. I applied to 7 schools and I don't regret it (even though I got my #2 choice, Oz). Don't think it's necessary to write your LSAT again unless you're gunning for U of T, in which case a 160 is low. Oz however is full of people with 160s -- including myself (and I had a significantly lower GPA than you).
  15. All schools accept the January LSAT, IIRC. I got into Oz (and most other schools I applied to) off my January score, so go for it. You have nothing to lose. Applying again the year following would only demonstrate, in my opinion, continued commitment and interest. If you don't do well enough on the January LSAT to get in, try again and apply again in Fall next year.
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