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  1. If you got accepted to Law School #1 and you have applications pending at Law Schools #2, #3, etc. Can Law School #1 find out about the other applications or is it kept private?
  2. I'm a little late posting this but I am so excited to be going to the UofC this fall!!! Waitlisted February 2nd, Admitted February 24 CGPA: 3.48 GPA for last 20 courses: 3.55 LSAT: 161 (October 2015) Work Experience: a few part-time jobs throughout undergrad Volunteer: UofC Students' Union volunteer for 2 years where I worked with lawyers from the Calgary community References: One really good one from a prof I knew really well throughout my undergrad and another from a prof that I did lots of papers and personal work in the class (so she could speak to my writing ability) Don't know if it makes a difference or not, but I did all four years of my undergrad at UofC and am graduating from there this June
  3. I am super excited that I was offered admission for the full time JD program with a September 2017 start and I know the schedule doesn't come out until mid-summer. Does anyone know what the first year schedule looks like? The only one I can find online is: http://law.ucalgary.ca/currentstudents/incoming1L under the "course timetables" heading. Are the only classes that first years from Fall 2016 had to take or is it not the same schedule for everyone? Do you have to take electives on top of this schedule? Do you have to take 5 classes each semester to fulfill the "full time" status requirement or can you take 3 classes? (I'm currently doing my undergrad at UofC and "full time" status means 3-5 classes a semester.) I'm trying to get a feel for how many hours per week we will be in lectures and what a typical day schedule would look like...
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