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  1. apply, talk about in your cover letter. can get in with low gpa
  2. just tell them, get a note from your academic advisor or program director or whatever
  3. I did it you're all good to finish in the summer
  4. agree with mootqueenJD69 option 2 is better. i had a W and now I here
  5. they don't care about cgpa, i had only good last 2 yearz
  6. average incoming gpa does not mean it's not holistic
  7. I'd imagine would be fine i did 4 and was admitted places. talk about it in your personal statement
  8. accepted with condition after mediocre french interview 3.4x +Masters good lsat though
  9. Thanks Where can I see what courses were offered in a specific year? (i assume Not all those courses are offered every year)
  10. Hi, does anyone know where I can find a list of all courses offered?
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