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  1. Hey Guys! I was just accepted off the waitlist on Monday!! Stats: l2: 3.9 cgpa: 3.3 lsat: 157
  2. That's weird, I didn't receive an email/ update either. I guess maybe they are doing it in batches?
  3. Does anyone know if they have begun cutting the waitlist?
  4. I haven't heard or seen anything either so I assume the class is still full. It sucks that we're all stuck waiting, but hopefully some spots open up and we hear good news soon!
  5. Trust me, the entire cycle has been pretty painful for many of us on the waitlist. I'm currently waitlisted at 2 other schools along with Windsor, but not knowing where you are on the waitlist kills because you could have no real chance, or you could be the next one in line. I guess we all have to hope some spots open up!
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